Friday, 11 October 2013

Heartfelt Creations Sweet Juliet Collection.

Hello everyone.

Well I got up today and who , I repeat who had nicked the warm weather, I mean I know it hasn't been summer for a while now and I know the nights are getting miserably darker much sooner etc but ... Oh my goodness. I thought I was going to have icicle drips from the corners of my eyes and nose by time I had walked from the car park into work... what is going on... Winter you say... Oh no I will not be robbed of Autumn with its rich golds and oranges, with its cascading leaves and children kicking them as they walk by and the steady sound of the leaves gently brushing the windows as they fall from the trees. So I refuse to have these cold and frosty morns until another month of glorious early mornings with pink tinged Sky's and trees shaking off their coats and letting me photograph them in the noddy silhouetted against the pinky orangy sky, the last remaining stubborn leaves clinging hard to be the only one connected to the boughs. ( ooo look at me all writeresque today, I feel all inspired to pen a novel (well a blog page at least haha)
I am a bit late but I want to share with you my gorgeous cards using the wonderful Sweet Juliet Collection from the Wonderful Heartfelt Creations.

First in true Autumn shades is My postcard in bloom.

 The Postcard precut set
Here you can see the lovely little Sweet Juliet flowers made by die cutting and threading the centre hole onto a brad and then threading each loop on to the Brad and then opening the legs to set it. You can see the gleam on the flower and this was ultra tick embossing added over an embossing pen, there is a couple of layers to create the thick random effect in the picture , I used soft gold card for the flower also.

Next I have a beautiful Spring/Summer looking Sweet Juliet.

 I wish you could see all the sparkle all over the flowers here on this card.
 A bit closer, you can see the lovely little white velvet bows on each stem of the flowers too.
One of the flowers on a matching lilac brad, sooo pretty, over the lace, 2 shades here.

I coloured both these cards with distress Ink on a tile using a water colour brush and blended them , I also used cut and dry foam with the colours to blend into each other and over the edge.
I thought I would add The lovely Emma lou Beechy The creative director for Heartfelt Creations     video link here to the You tube for the Sweet Juliet Collection as I really do find these video inspiring and give you ideas sometimes you may not have thought of and if you subscribe you will automatically receive all the new links and Design team calls etc

I hope you like this Collection, I feel truly inspired when I look through the galleries on Heartfelt Creations web site or on the blog , I have been working with some truly wonderful artists over the last 6 months, so don't forget to vote and keep the artists you feel have entertained and inspired you the most and also vote in the new ladies we certainly have some amazingly talented ladies apply this time. Thanks to each of those for entering and good luck to my team mates and potential team mates should we all stay.

Have a truly great day and take care 

happy crafting




  1. Gorgeous cards! I voted for you and my good friend Kristie Taylor to stay on the team, hope you both do!!

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous Kim - so talented.

  3. Bless you Tina, I appreciate that so much. wooo blushes hehe xx