Sunday, 19 October 2014

Winners Announcement.

Good Evening all my Internet family.

Well I finally have all the winners chosen and can let you know so I can get the addresses off you all for prize posting.

So I did a number of drawings from Post 1 which was the one you were all leaving comments on for the 200 follower giveaway and as a surprise I thought I would choose three more winners from post 2 to win a card and something made from me.

So these are the winners from Post 1. (Day 1)

Post 1 Main Prize WINNER  PAT S WITNEY. Comment Number 13.
Post 1, 2nd Prize WINNER JO. Comment number 4.
Post 1, 3rd Prize WINNER BRIDGET CG.Comment number 3.
Post 1, 4th Prize WINNER  MRS B.Comment number 16.
Post1, 5th Prize WINNER  LANCASHIRE STEPH. Comment number 19.

****  Prize 1, Main prize wins the donated goodies from CE and lots of goodies from me. (lucky thing)
***  Prizes 2-5 are all goodies from me to you. Still fabulous gifts from me to you.

Winners from Post 2. (Day 2)

1.Patricia Howarth  Comment 10
2. Carol Edwards Comment 4
3. Jan Sharp Comment 9.

Ladies you all win a card and a little something from me too.

Ok well tomorrow I will gather up all the goodies to photograph before sending and I will need you all to email me on to give me your addresses so I can get these prizes out to you.
Congratulations to all the winners which have all been chosen on, I do have all the pictures but am still trying to import them all over but I will email them to anyone who would like to see a copy of them if needed.
I hope you didn't mind me not putting up the pictures of the goodies before we chose the winners , my thinking was it is nice for all the ladies on here regulars and ones joined to have a chance to win but as we publish on lots of social media sites , people would see the prize and simply join for that. I love having new followers as much as I do all the people that have been here from day 1 but some people never come back after scooping a big prize so I thought Id leave pictures til after, and you get a nice spruce too. Those who saw my last giveaways know I am very generous too..... woo hoo .....

Ok I am keeping this one short as it is just to announce the winners 
So send me your addresses ladies asap and I will get the prize info and pics and most importantly The Prize out to you.

Well done everyone and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here with  me and being fantastic blogglies..

and love.


200 Blogglies and a giveaway continued...

Hi folks

Well thank you is certainly a huge  huge word in my vocabulary to you lovely blogglies , I am humbled by the lovely lovely kind words you have given me regarding yesterdays post and all the older art work.Bless you all.
I thought I'd give everyone a chance as some of the regulars hadn't popped on yet to get there votes in for the drawing so I am going to draw the winner this afternoon and have a 2nd post today wooo hooo can you believe that then... so make sure you come back.
Anyone arriving from any other social media site, welcome , please have a good look round and become a subscriber and then leave a comment on yesterdays post (link here) then you will also be involved in the huge giveaway that will be chosen by this afternoon.

So to continue yesterday's story of reminiscing through Art.

We had gotten to some small part of the artwork created during my time at Heartfelt on the team. Next I showed them some of my own drawings and they asked me to join them as one of their contributing artists and since then I have contributed art for several collections including this one

I also drew some others that haven't been released yet so I cannot show you just yet but the latest collection out is called All Geared Up and 7of this collection  was hand drawn by myself  and you can view it here . It is very different in that my brief was to do some more masculine but feminine cogs and flowers , hmmmm you say well I think I managed, some of the drawings were very detailed and took ageeeesss, like this one.
I hope you will have a peep at them as although they aren't everyonescuppa, you can all appreciate the hard work gone into them I am sure.. There are pages on Pinterest also dedicated to this collection worth looking at  to see what the designers created.

So back to the journey , at this stage I was also designing cards for a team called Memory Maze lazor cuts in Australia  which was a 6 month term and they had the most intricate little chippie pieces to include in creations, below is a few of the cards I created for them during my term Feb-July 2013 , I carried on until Aug-Sept actually. So here is some of the work I created for them during my term.

I used their intricate chippie pieces for the feathers and best wishes on this one.

Alot of my cards were of a masculine theme for some reason then too as I liked some of the bold sentiments in chipboard , I also stamped with the chippie into melted utee for the effect in the centre.

These two can only be classed as cutesy cards and , Memory maze also had some items they call, "Stackums", which to us is Decoupage , so I created a box and added some decoupage to the top and some Easter goodies inside and a cutesy 'It's a boy' card.

I made a little easel card for this one , the chippie pieces were huge , the lantern clock and the dancers etc. I used some gorgeous Prima papers called Engraver for this one, I love those and still 'stroke'them from time to time haha. ( don't make out you don't all do it lol).

I was well and truly designing lots of cards for Craftwork Cards over on their blog all the way through the above and here are just a few of those designs too.

 Something a little different .

The art of paper floristry wreath, which was photographed and went into the booklet for the collection also.
This was a really vintage Christmas collection.

I used one of their 6x6 boxes and decorated it here in my own way.

A large box frame and the botanica collection.
As you can imagine there was many many more .

So then , I went to Aly Paly for the first time at their craft show and I met the lovely Helen and Mark from Visible Image. We had a lovely chat and I got in touch with them as soon as I saw they were having a Design team call and tried out for the team. Lucky enough I got through and the rest as they say is history, You have all seen many many of the creations but here is just a few of my favourites.

This was one of the first Canvases I created for Visible Image and I still love it lots.

 Thinking of you.

I loved the colours in this one.
                                                     From the Saucy Corset image.

                                                  To layering embossed backgrounds.
                                             And of course the Canvas from 2 weeks back
I loooooove this one.

I was also waiting for Creative Expressions to have a Team call for around 6 Months and finally they had a call in Oct 2013 and I entered and got chosen to be on the team. I also was asked to do some tv work by our Sue which was a great day for me, I had never thought of doing tv things I just knew I wanted to teach and inspire and have a few ways to interact with lots of lovely crafters. So I am well on my way. 

I will share more items on the 2nd post later this afternoon , I am only leaving the drawing a little longer to give all the regulars a chance to get on and be involved and also any new people who would like to come and join our family. 

so good luck to everyone don't forget subscribe and leave a comment on yesterdays post to be in with a chance to pick up some super fabby prizes..

Hugs to all


Saturday, 18 October 2014

200 lovely blogglies.....and a GIVEAWAY....

WOW...Hi Folks

We made it  and goodness me it seemed to take forever to get the last five didn't it haha but we are here and I am very thankful to you all for being on this crafting journey with me. Huge hugs and thank you's for all your amazing comments and congrats too. I congratulate you too as without your support on this OUR blog I wouldn't be here with you all.
I am always humbled by your kindness.
Who'd have thought that its been 2  years and 2 months since my lovely son said to me one day, Mum... Mum have you thought about having a blog or something with all your cards and stuff ? hmm... the seed was planted  At that time though I was watching other people on blogs and not knowing how to blog myself so one weekend home from Uni he helped me set it up and for a few months kept an eye on the posts I put up and checked for mistakes etc but then once it was up and running he got mega mega busy in the land of study and teachville so left me to it and I soon picked up  on how to, as it were. I know he still pops in every now and then though so I am very grateful for that.
I thought we could get a little Nostalgic today looking back on a few favourites and do my competition/giveaway then tomorrow I can announce the winner and continue with a few older pics and do a How to tutorial with a what basics we need as we discussed this week.
Sound good?
good.... haha
I thought id go back and show you some of my personal fav's from older posts. This was the first card I ever posted back on August 25th 2012.

I was clearly in the Autumnal moment using the rich warm browns and inking with all the Vintage Photo. I still love the textures on this one.

Next on the 29th August 2012  I was trying stamping into some frantage embossing and rocking that Vintage vibe even back then .

The pictures are not great quality as back then I was using my phone only to take the photo and no editing to trim them down etc and make them all straight like now.

The next thing I'd like to show was on the 13/Sept 2012, I was asked to do a few cards for Stamp addicts tv show and I loved the little dragon they sent me and enjoyed colouring him and making him have a back ground from simply shading. Take a look.

I was still using mirror card back then haha, I am not so keen on it now unless its very distressed or and antique feel.
I then was starting to do the odd piece of work for Craft work cards and once piece that was featured a lot was a card I entitled Lace.

Even then I was using Creative Expressions lace and glue haha. This was Sept 30th 2012.

Of course there was many posts in between all these cards my bloggy family but I am picking which ones I find slightly more arty and exciting.

At this stage I was working on getting noticed by a design team etc...and then on the 29/12/2012
I was asked by Craftwork Cards if I would like to be on the team. So although I had made a number of items for them for different shows etc this was the first card I made for them officially being on the team.
You can still see those CE products along side the Craftwork paper can't you here haha.

I hope your enjoying this little Kim blog history haha....

On 10 March 2013 I announced I had been chosen to be on the Diesire team for Crafters companion which was good news at that time.
Here was some things  I made for them during my 6 months term.

 A wall hanging, i am so pleased I have grown since then with paint and texture.

 This was a box I made which I loved, its so spring and lots of flower layers from the original quilled flowers they first brought out.
Here you see the dimension.
Here was another wall hanging which really does not show all the effort that went into this piece so I am going to show you each compartment briefly before we move on .
 This started as a brown paper mache piece from the Range I believe and I used paper artsy paints to pull it together, check the cracks at the top right on the frame, doesn't it look like wood!.

 Sorry for the blurry phone pics lol , I had also gotten into air dry paper clay from Martha Stewart back then too, so the letters at the top and corner pieces I moulded and used Treasure gold gilding wax on.

On the 17th April 2013 I decided to enter The Heartfelt Creations DT comp and these were the items I entered with as I got to the semi's with some old blog stuff.

 A card using the Vintage floret flower dies and stamps and Timeless amour collection.
 A chipboard mini album using the same collection, it has many page inside , If you would like to see more of each item feel free to ask and I will at links etc to the original posts.
Lastly I altered a box which I loved, I think this shows my shabby chiq influences even back then.

On the 2nd May 2013 I found out I had made it onto the team and many many projects followed for them after that. Here is just a couple of my favs.

This was first shown on the blog on 19/june/2013, I loved this mixed media canvas , I still use this on my facebook home page now. Created with The Sun kissed Fleur collection of papers, flower dies and stamps and Paper artsy paints.
 Shown 5/March/2014 Raindrops on roses collection.

 Shown 11/10/2013 Sweet Juliet collection.

 Shown 8/January/2014. Floral key collection.

 Shown 16/October 2013.Sweet Juliet collection.

Shown 19/March/2014 Majestic Morning Collection.

Obviously I have many many more I could show over my time with Heartfelt Creations but I will break here from the pictures today and go on to the competition and pick up the "history" tomorrow when I announce the winners.

So.... I have lots of gifts to give away, One large one for the overall winner with lots of goodies from me and Some smaller ones for the next two winners and some of my creations after that. 
I also have kindly been donated a stamp set from Just Rite stamps and another from Heartfelt stamps from Lysanne at Creative Expressions because they also appreciate the support you give to us demonstrator/designers too.
The main prize includes , stamps, dies , mask, ribbon and more , I am not posting a picture of it all as I want to be fair to all, once we have the winners I will show pictures then.

Ok to enter ... all you need to be is a subscriber to this, my blog , (part of my Internet blogglie family that is.) Also leave just one comment on this post. Please make sure you only leave ONE comment so that it is easy when using tomorrow. I will not answer any of the comments on this post til after the competition to keep the numbers specifically for the competition. Easy hey... 
I will promote it several times through today on Twitter, facebook etc to remind anyone that forgot I was doing this today.

I hope you enjoyed some reminiscing with me going through some older pictures of art and cards and that you will enter the competition and be part of our family here if you are new , tomorrow I will go through a little more of the blog history and announce the winners.

Good luck everyone 

and hugs


Thursday, 16 October 2014

Creative Expressions Thursday.

Hi Everyone

Well I want to say another huge huge thank you to all you guys, you are so supportive of the art I do and I value you all and your opinions so very much. I love mixing it up and doing all different things and so today I have a card which still has a lot of texture but in beautiful natural colours using the Sew jo pad I love for the background paper and some scripted Kraft card , pearls flowers and a little dazzle too.
I hope you like it, It is of course using another of the new frame stamps Designed for Sue in the singles range we were sent for the design team goodies this month to play with. Werent we lucky. Creative Expressions really have some fantasic products don't they and some gorgeous things coming soon too. (I will be showing them in November hehe).Hinty hint.

So here we go.

I used the singles stamp called Curled Frame, and I know you can cut the sentiment away and use the frame separately but I love how these two look together. Very natural I thought.

 Here is the Black and White image to make it easier to see.

I took a piece of kraft card with this image of script on it, it can easily be made in large batches if you do not own any pre made and stored for little occassions like this. ( A little tip, Most often you will not see the middle of the card or if you plan your cards out ( I have never ever planned a card haha) before you start and know where you will see on the backing don't waste time stamping the whole page, simply stamp the parts you will see, as this reduces the over lapped pieces or incorrect gaps etc.)
I mounted it on to Milk Foundations card from Creative Expressions of course. I then added a small thin piece of burlap to the left hand side which I frayed and allowed to hang over the ends slightly.

 Here I took a piece of corrugated card and dry brushed some warm white acrylic paint onto it but not alot , I still wanted to see the card through it a little. Once done I dried it and cut it to size, to sit next to the Burlap added to the card, I inked all the edges with Vintage Photo Distress Ink and mounted it onto the card with my cosmic shimmer glue. I took three pieces of Blue seam binding ribbon and wraped it around the card top to vertically over the corrugated piece and over lapping each other slightly, to tie the colour of the bow in also.

I then took my perfect medium and True white embossing powder and after running over the paper with an anti static pad I stamped out my image and tipped on my powder, tipping off the excess into the jar and heat set, I straightened the edges before mounting onto a piece of Milk card. I added that to the front of the card with  1 layer of mounting tape in the centre and where it was further away from the card due to the corrugated piece I added two layers to keep it at the same level for viewing. I also added it on a jaunty angle.

Once it was in the correct place I thought I'd add some strips of pearl string to the valleys of the corrugated car stock at the top and the bottom of the piece for me pearls just scream elegance which really is what I love.
At this stage I took a large air force bluey piece of paper with brown stripes and like clothing patterns on it which looked perfect on this project. I used it from the 12x12 Sew Jo pad from Couture creations which I love from my show a while back now. It also had some random white spots which looked fab with this too.
I mounted it  onto 2 layers of milk card with foam in between for a little dimension and height to the card.

 I folded over a piece of burlap in matching tone to the peice on the main body of the card.I took a piece of blue seam binding and cut it in half lengthways and frayed it to make it look shabby and added that onto the Burlap. I tied a regular two layer bow to which I mounted a Dazzler in a lovely frosty blue which is very oppaque.

I used our Sue's stamps and Matching Poinsettia die to make these two Little leaves, and cut them out with the corrosponding Die and added three 10mm flowers from my stash just to tie in the sentiment really.

The finishing touches were simply three 8mm ivory pearls which I love in that size, it makes it so easy to stick them down onto a small bead of cosmic shimmer to hold it permanently.

So this is a fairly simple one for you to have a go at after yesterdays truly arty altered frame, I just love it all, isnt it nice to play with goodies.

So Yesterday saw us get to 200 finally on the blog and I could not be more pleased, Huge hugs to all who follow the blog and we stumbled over the fact I call you all lovelies and bloggers too so you ended up being Blogglies for all the new dolls to know who recently joined.

Come back at the weekend for a special post with goodies to be given away to those on the blog and who leave a comment on that post , it will be open for comment just for 1 day and at the end of it I will choose a winner with to keep it all fair to you all. I will also have some cards and Kim makes to give out as extra little prizes so more than one on that day too. It is so I can give something back to you all because I truly appreciate every single person who takes the time to leave a comment and to come back daily to check if I have posted and for being the kind lovely folks you all are. I am proud to call you all my "blogglies", my internet family.

I have been asked recently for several basic type tutorials ie the right paint, a beginners list of goodies, my ideal goodies lists. How to's for embossing and making flowers my way etc so I thought I'd start incorporating one a week if you are all happy with that as this is your blog too and I would really appreciate any ideas of what you would like to see so moving forward we can prepare for the videos I will be creating. So the post at the weekend will be an intro to some of the above and some other bits and bobbies hehe.

Have a lovely Thursday and huge huge thanks to you all.

Love and hugs