Thursday, 16 April 2015

Creative Expressions Thursday

Hi Folks

Happy Thursday,

Today I have been using one of my favourite colour combinations in card stock, Yes you all know it cream and plum. It doesn't seem to matter how many pieces of Card stock I use to make these cards I always still love the Plum and Coconut white or milk foundations card together the most.

So today's DT card for Creative Expressions is using the Elements Lotus flower stamps by John Lockwood. It also is using the new coloured Cosmic shimmer glitter glue and embossing powder Lustre in Decadent Grape as part of the Phil Martin Line of colours. I have also thrown in some gorgeous Guipure lace and some white Satin ribbon in two thicknesses as you can buy these days which makes this card a feminine one for today.

So for this little number, well mine are rarely little to be honest, this is about 8X7inches haha....

 So I cut a piece of plum card and wiped over with my anti static pad first, I then used one of the tony stamps in the set to stamp a pattern around the edge of the page and used the Decadent Grape embossing Lustre powder and heat set it.

 Here is how it ended up it is a shame I didn't have a mirror image swirl so I could have used it for more of a flow but once the rest of the card is together you will not notice it,  I chose the Grape Lustre embossing Powder to use on plum card because although it doesn't show up the same as say using it on a light card tone on tone is really pretty especially in the Lustre colours , when you turn it in the light and you catch the colours shining through it is so pretty.

This image below shows the sparkle a little from the light taps of glitter glue I added to the petals after I coloured them.                                                                                                                                

Next I took a small piece of Milk card and stamped one of the lotus images and again heat set in the same Lustre EP which shows up a lovely pale shade on Milk card and I used my black archival ink to stamp one of the sentiments from the same Lotus elements set.
To colour the image I took 2 green and three purple shades of Distress water colour markers and blended the colours into each other on the petals. I blasted with the heat gun to set it all and then went in with the coloured Cosmic shimmer glitter glue in the same Decadent Grape colour chosen by Mr Martin. I trimmed the card to size and used cut and dry foam and some Dusty Concorde Distress ink to colour the edges with a fairly light hand.

I matted a larger piece of Milk card on Plum and then down both sides added some Guipure lace in an Ivory/cream colour and used a fairly thick , about 18mm I think of Ivory white Satin ribbon to run down the sides too. I added thick foam to the back and layered that onto a double mat of the same milk card with foam in between to create the piece below, ready for our front section to be added to it with the trimmings which make a cart pretty and complete.

 I always love how elegant this looks as a card backing at this stage it could easily be the start of a wedding card or engagement even, the plm card could be switched to red and it could then be a ruby anniversary, well as you all know the list is actually endless in how a card could go from here.

But this is the way I chose to go, I added my middle section that we stamped and embossed earlier onto the base we just created. I also then added the Main image piece that was left at this stage for this very simple card was to tie a triple bow in matching thin coloured

I zoomed in a little so You can see how the mid section looks once in its permanent home as it were haha.

 Here is the Triple bow with very thin maybe 6mm matching Satin ribbon and the last steps were a large 8mm pearl in each corner on the satin ribbon, I used the normal cosmic shimmer glue to hold the pearls to the ribbon which it did with no effort at all.

This angle shows the mat and layering perfectly for this one and how feminine the lace makes it feel.

Here again is the last view  for this one in all its glory, I went back and using tiny tapping motions and barely squeezing the glitter glue bottle I added some tiny dots on the plum card around the swirls we stamped to give a nice sparkle.

I hope you liked today's card , it was a much simpler card then yesterday's technique card but that is how I love to blog so that you can see a total variety of styles and tutorials so you can recreate it however you choose and at any level you are there will be something for you.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

In my town centre the last two days they have been filming a zombie film with some of the Game of Thrones actors the last couple of days and coming out of work has definitely been interesting and good fun, this is the second film they have used our town centre for, The first one was with Simon peg and Nick Frost a couple of years back called , The World's End. I am unsure what this new film is called but I look forward to catching it when it is released and seeing images that I recognise.

Have a wonderful Thursday lovely friends and I will see you all very soon.

Love as always to all.


P.S   Thank you as always for my lovely comments  I really do appreciate every word you take time to write me. Your a wonderful bunch of ladies and couple of gents I think haha  xxxx

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Visible Image Wednesday

Hi Folks

Today I have something a little different in that it is a technique within a step by step as it were. I said a long time ago I would show you how to used embossing powder to stamp  into without having to get out your melt pots etc.
 I also thought what better stamps to demo this with than my lovely friends at Visible Image's stamps so I chose a few to use on this card and some inks of course and got started.

Here is the image for today

Last night I had to pick my daughter up from the train station and while I was waiting it was a nice warm evening with a cool breeze coming in the window and I had the radio playing and it was old summer type feel good songs and it really helped me to choose todays images I think. I have always loved music and been around music with people in bands my whole life , My husband was a bass guitar playing and both my kids now play and my brother is a lead guitarist so its always been in the family along with art and I was in the choir at school well into senior school from little. So as the sentiment says ' Music soothes the soul ' and it truly does. What music do my lovly internet friends like? comment and let me know.

So here is this weeks tutorial.

 I started with clear embossing powder versamark ink , my Music Background stamp from Visible Image ( its only red cos it is stained with ink from a past tutorial haha) I took some off white card and stamped the background across the bottom third of the card one and a half times or however many fit across the bottom of your card size. I tipped on the embossing powder and heat set of course.

 These are the colour distress inks I chose for this card, dried marigold and rusty hinge , shabby shutters and peeled paint.

 I coloured the card in the usual way with the lighter colours and then spray with water, some fine drops and some larger waited a second or two and then dabbed the water away and dried leaving the speckled backing, I then deepened the edges with the darker shades of distress and dried well. Set aside for now.

 Ok take another piece of card I used off white but at this stage it doesn't really matter, use ultra thick embossing powder here as we want nice thick liquid to stamp into. Add some Versamark ink from a pad or dabber in a nice big section, big enough to take the stamp you have decided to use and a bit more room to tear and ink the edge of the card. Pour on the embossing granules and tip off the excess, do not tap the card, just let it naturally fall off, ok heat set from below ( if you try to heat from above at this stage all the powder will probably blow away too leaving you with no more than a disappointed look on your face hehe...
Once this layer is melted go ahead and wait a moment and then add some more versamark on top of the same piece of melted powder and tip on the next layer. Heat set again and get everything ready to heat the third layer just as we have done the first two.

For this layer tap lots of versamark onto the stamp you are going to use as this will be needed to help the stamp release from the hot melted embossing powder. ( Please remember this will be extremely hot and will burn you if you put your finger in it once melted so do not test the embossing with your pinkies.) Ok go ahead and melt layer three, once it is melted lay it on your heat protection mat  ( not the table) and heat from directly above to rewarm from stopping to lay it down , Once you can see it molten again turn off gun and very quickly pick up your stamp and press it into the melted embossing powder , push in quite firm but be careful it can slide. leave for just a little while, around 30 seconds or so and then lift out your stamp while peeling away the card from the underneath.

It will release very easily cos of the versamark on the stamp that was our release agent as it were.
You will be left with a perfect image this is great for making signs and is how I made the bullet holes in past tutorials and signs etc. This Inkognito Heart was a very large image to use but I wanted to try it as I love all the melting effect along the bottom.

 I used some black archival ink to darken the edges of the heart and some walnut stain distress and black to go over the edges I tore away from the melted heart in a very random pattern.

I then added some treasure gold furniture wax onto the raised edges of the heart and torn pieces too, It really brought the sunken image to life, I just love this treasure gold it is so quick drying and is smooth in the pot and smells divine to me.

I then went back to my first piece that I had set aside and matted it onto another off white piece of card and my Image from The Soul Music set of two stamps and typed just part of the image a couple times and embossed it in normal embossing powder not utee, on the top right of the card.

 I stamped out the sentiment for the Soul Music set and cut it apart  I then inked the edges in Walnut Stain, I used the small squares of foam and added them to the back of the words ready to add to card.

 This is the bottom right of the card and you can see most of the sentiment on its foam, the Music word is above the heart.

 I added the music word here above the heart and a little metal charm in the form of a treble clef in the centre of the heart I also added one to the top right and bottom left of the card for finishing touchs too.I also added some more layers for a more complete look to the card, I personally think the more layers it has looks more finished and more professional looking.

Here is the finished image again .

This technique always looks so impressive on a card and people always wonder how you have made it but really it is pretty simple you just have to be super careful not to burn yourself or your table etc.

Here is a close up on the heart now it is insitue as it were on the finished card.

Ok so the stamp sets I used for this one from the fabulous Visible Image Duo Of Mark and Helen are

                                                              Music Background

                                                                  Heart Inkognito.

Mark and Helen had the amazing stand and work from us on the team on it with them at Alexandra Palace at the weekend, did any of you manage to get ther this time?
I didn't get to go but I know they did well and were very very busy , I am so proud to be on their team and so pleased it all went well for them too.

Ok folks enjoy the sunshine I certainly enjoy walking to my car after work in the sunshine for a change in the early evening, much better than the usual wind and rain

Have a wonderful Wednesday and see you  tomorrow my friends.

Crafty Hugs


Thursday, 9 April 2015

Creative Expressions Thursday

Hi Folks

Happy Thursday, I am so glad this is a short week aren't you?
Although the sunshine is soooo good to see especially as I left work at 6pm... and the sun was still beautiful yesterday.
I wanted to pose a question to all my lovelies, when you are all looking at the blogs do you prefer to see lots of step by steps in photos or do you prefer a quick description of how a card was made?
I guess I was wondering if you find it helpful all the step by step pictures or if its overkill as it were and you may be thinking we don't want so many snaps, if you could let me know I would be very grateful folks.
So today is of course Creative Expressions day and I have been using some lovely spring colours to match the stamps for this month.
I really love this colour combo and the richness of the oranges, Orange used to be a colour I reached for last in my collection as I used to have a real adversity to it but this last year I have really started to enjoy it, Isn't it funny how our tastes change after years of not liking something.

So here is the little creation for today , see what you think?

I have combined clean and simple with the focal point with a really inky background for a bit of fun this week. This is how I made it.

 These are the coloured inks I used for this one. Wild honey,Rusty hinge and Salty Ocean.

 I took a piece of white card stock, The Butterfly dreams Striplet from the Stamps to die for range from John Lockwood and stamped it three times, in a row but hanging it off the edge of the card as I was avoiding getting the border in,  I also used Perfect medium and some clear embossing powder and heat set it just so it will resist the inks above wen we colour the background.

I coloured the background in my usual way , I love layering the inks too, so I begin with getting the first coat on the card which is always patchy with a few marks and edges in because your aim is to get the card damp at this stage so we can blend the inks so do not over think this layer , It will look messy but it will come together folks.
add the next layer of ink which starts to smooth the colours , then go back with the deeper colours or the same ink and deepen the edges to give depth and a nice graduated blend on the edges as you see above.

 Once colouring is dry decide what colour mat and layering you will do and add them to the backing too.

At this stage I used a little gold and blue paint for the inside of the little circles and also a white highlight on the larger ones  I think they look a bit like bubbles but that's just my interpretation. I then set this piece aside to work on the centre piece.

 I stamped out the Butterfly dreams square image from the Elements set also called Butterfly dreams by John. and coloured the bubbles to match the backing but I left the butterflies white. I cut out part of the frame as you see above , I placed it onto another piece of white card and positioned where my frame would fit the card and stamped the words through the frame. I then painted in the letters in gold.I also added a tiny bit of the blue to edge both pieces of card.

 Once dry I added the frame to the sentiment piece with foam in between, and added it to the back ground piece too. I thought it needed a little something as I knew I wasn't adding bows or other elements as I didn't want to cover all our ink work. I decided on some white pearl strings from the CE range and glued a little strip around the edges of the central piece. Bit fiddly but so worth it use tweezers if your fingers are getting in the way here . Pre measure and cut your strings , it does make life easier then trying to cut then while the glue is tacky.

This is what it looks like at this stage.

Here is another angle so you can see the image better. 

I decided it still needed something so I took the butterfly Image from the set and stamped it in black archival 6 times to make three double layered butterflies.

I coloured the little piece of card with matching inks in random patterns  well splodges really just so each butterfly had a small mix of colours. I then set to cutting them our by hand and I didn't do it super neat, once cut we don't want white edges so I took a piece of cut and dry foam and inked the edges to match and added a little Glue to the centre of the bottom layer and pinched up the wings on the second layer before adding to the lower one, as below.

 I added just a little twinkle to each but didn't go over board with it as I wanted your eyes to see the background not just sparkly butterflies. I glued in a small piece of the pearl string to each one for the body. I then added them on the card.

I took some glossy accents and added a small drip to each of the little circles on the card to give it a raised droplet kind of effect , once dry they did drop a little but still looked lovely and very textures to almost make you want to run your fingers over the pattern.

So that completed the card and here is the main image again.

once last image shows you from side on how the bubbles are raised etc. 

If you didn't want to add the glue to the centre of the bubbles you could use your pearly glues like our Julia does on her cards or you could used some little pearls in different sizes with the same effect but more of an opaque silhouette rather than clear as I chose , I wanted the colour of the paint below to come through like a bubble I guess.

Okay lovely Internet friends I hope you liked this one and I will see you very soon, don't forget to let me know if all the pictures are more helpful than a worded description or if you would like to see both or how you would prefer it, I consider this our blog not just mine and what you prefer to see is not only helpful to me but Its nice for you all to have an input too. I like having the photos for my reference anyway but its whether they are helpful more than anything to you guys.

Ok have a lovely sunny Thursday.

Love to all.


Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Visible Image Wednesday

Hi Folks

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and got to see family etc , Maybe enjoyed a little chocolate egg or two hehe.
Isn't the sunshine soooo good to see , It was so cold and windy last week and now the sun is ablaze, our weather really is soooo indecisive but now its just not sure haha... but I will happily take a few more days like today with the big old blazing yellow ball in the sky.

Without further waffling I have a card I made for Visible Image today and I love the contrast between grey,black and white and the bright blue of the Inkognito flower... See what you think lovelies.

Here is today's Art.

Something a little different , still in keeping with my style of background though I think. What do you think, Is it me?
Ok I have a full step by step for you today so lets get started , I hope you will get out a piece of scrap white card and a few stamps and join in with me to practise  your backgrounds too.

 I took my anti static bag and ran it over some white card first. I then took the long stem stamp from the Inkognito flower set and with Perfect medium stamped a few random size images all differing heights and embossed them in clear embossing powder.

 You can see the few embossed pieces we just created at the top of the white card here. Next take the same stamp and use Versafine Black archival ink and again randomly stamp images on the paper coming in from the sides again in varying heights.

You can see the last stamping we did does not have to be perfect It will all come together. Next take some grey ink and the Bronte Border backing stamp and begin randomly stamping this also coming in from the sides .

 This is what we have so far, at this stage wipe off any ink from the heated and set embossing as it will stay wet on the embossed areas which is now resisting the colour. I also added another layer of bronte border clear embossing but over top of the black to add another layer in dimension on the backing.

  Here you can see it now has a very slight grey/blue hint I achieved this by using black soot distress ink on the very edges and bringing in just a tiny touch of Stormy sky Distress ink too to slightly tint the card. Right up to this stage I knew I wanted the backing grey/white/black but I had not decided what colour the flower would be I just knew I wanted a bright colour to really stand out of the grey/black backing.

I added the backing piece now complete to a white mat then a black layer and then another white mat and set aside.

Here is a section which I zoomed in on so you can try to see the layers in the stamping.

 I stamped my Inkognito flower in Salty ocean distress with a little stormy sky on the outer petals and then I went in with a white gel pen for the highlight etc and the blue stardust sparkle for the outlines on the petals . I also went around the flower with a very light grey Promarker to lift it off the page with a shadow. I also stamped my stamp from the Sunshine sentiment set. I cut this all out and again inked the edges.

 Here is the centre piece completed and edged to draw your eye into the picture. The flower is very sparkly and metallic but this light just does not do it justice I am afraid.

I took some wooden letters which are around  and Inch tall and inked them to match just on one side  I also went around the letters and filled in the outline of each in white. and to finish off I simply took a dry cloth and polished the surface of the metallic inks in the flower and the shine on the embossing to make it get really shiny and have that almost water look about it.

 Here you can see the letters really
The gorgeous sentiment comes from The sunshine Sentiment set and I stamped it in the black archival and heat set. I quickly went round the very edge in grey Promarker just as I did the flower image too to pull it forward with a little shadow.

Here are the sets I used today


Well I hope you like today's card using the fabulous Visible Image stamp sets I know I really enjoy them and they really fire up my imagination .

Have a wonderful day ladies ... and gents.

Love to you all