Thursday, 21 May 2015

Creative Expressions Thursday

Hi folks

Thanks for stopping by yesterday to see my little travel/theme Visible Image Inkiness and today as the title suggests haha is the turn of Creative Expressions of course.
This one looks easier than yesterday as I am really am into my inks, paints etc but it took quite a while.
Those of you that are following the blog will know over the last few weeks I have been playing a little with stitching paper for some of the designs just to add a little extra zing as it were to my creations, I don't like things looking really flat and do not feel that clean and simple is really my forte as it were, so I do like to play with embellishments and extras.
Anyway I have a tutorial for you  on today's card too for those who don't like so much ink etc.

This card actually has a lot of components so bare with me as we go along.

Here I took a piece of paper from the Romantic Garden Couture Creations paper pad and this is actually the back of it, I stitched all around the edge in a simple hand stitched running stitch, I do not have a machine as I said last time but what I do is make lots of hole in a straight line and then stitch through them it keeps the line straighter. I also distresses the edges with the little Tim Holtz distressing tool but scissors will do the same job, just be careful. Then I used the Bundled Sage Distress Ink and used it all over the edges and the stitching, so the cotton picks up the colour too.

 I then took the middle circle from the Spellbinders Royal circle set of 3 dies and cut out this circle , I then used the bundled sage again all over the edges I also decided that as some of the Fleur de lis were breaking off I would nick ever  other one out so I could add something else into those space but I didn't end up doing that stage til later.

I thought I would use the negative piece I cut the circle from and inked through it just subtly with the same Ink, for a little added interest.

 I decided to cut the die cut in half and add it to each side of the central panel and I used my cosmic shimmer glue for that.

I then added a layer of milk card under that piece and a layer of soft gold card too. I then thought the circles needed something to make them stand out a little so I cut a piece of black and adhered each to the back of the die cuts and cut around the edge to make sure it was hidden other than the little windows. I took a larger piece of milk card and attached that across the entire back , I cut out a strip of burlap and frayed it, I stuck it down to the left hand centre panel and added a strip of Green ribbon to the top of that.

I added a few more mats here in this picture, a black one then some foam and another soft gold one to tie in all the colours. This is our base completed .

 Using Perfect medium embossing ink and Bright gold embossing powder from Cosmic shimmer I used Phil Martin's Decadent Damask inspirational Phrases stamps  and created the main sentiment below.

I inked the edges with the same ink of course and gave it a very small matching black mat.

I also added lots of tiny glue dots all around the edge and used The Glitter Jewels Diamond sprinkles which is my fav glitter from Cosmic Shimmer actually.
I made another mat from the back of some paper again in a similar pattern but Gingham this time, it was  one that would blend well anyway  I did a double line of stitching and inked it around the edges a lot I also  mounted it onto a piece of milk slightly larger and added it on an angle to the base we made earlier using foam to raise it up.

 This is what it currently looked like with all the elements so far other than the sentiment we have ready to go.

Here is a close up of the double row of stitching on this last piece and I took the decadent damask  Corners and icons stamp (the mid size) also from and just before I added the centre panel I stamped it on the top right and bottom left of the centre edging. I used a quickie glue pen and the same glitter  which I added a little colour to with distress inks and added that to the design, I snipped out the Fleur de lis as set out before and snipped  every other little flower  circles , I also did the same to the bottom left too.

You can see the pattern on the bottom left poking out as you see it here and I added a small bow in green ribbon like usual. I then took one of the small flower cameos from Creative expressions and added some wax to the high points of the pattern. I also added a little bow out of the same ribbon.

I added a blob of glue and a piece of wide burlap which I gave a small frayed edge  I pushed in  4 pearl string trimmings in white then I took one of our White satin flowers and added it to finish this corner. I also added a 5mm pearl to each of  gaps in the circle die cuts on both piece.

I added a little pearl in each corner and the centre of the little bow and lastly I added 3 tiny fabric roses to the top right corner and then glued a little pearl in the centre of each of them too.
So that was it all finished.

Oh except....  some glitter , I used some more of the diamond Sprinkles on each of the round pieces, just subtly on the dots rather than all over , I never like to go too far and try to keep things tasteful rather then gaudy ( If you know what I mean). ( Oh and I am quite sure I should stop far quicker than I do sometimes haha)

So that's today's post folks , I hope you liked it and even if green isn't your colour you could do this in any colour and it would be great for an inspirational gift for a friend , It actually isn't too raised so it still fits into an envelope this one which will hel with postage etc.
Thanks for all the comments yesterday on here and on facebook , and a huge welcome to the new subscribers , I am sure they sniffed out the cinnamon haha ( you will know what I mean if you looked at yesterday's post guys.)
I absolutely appreciation every comment whether you comment once in a while or once each post  I also love your input and ideas so if you can come follow on here or on facebook and we will keep building this blog together as it is our blog my Internet friends and family.

Have a lovely Thursday and I will see you very soon.

Love to all


Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Visible Image Wednesday

Hello lovely blog family folk

Every week I think the same thing as I start to type this for you all , wow Its Wednesday already, How fast it seems to shoot by doesn't it.  I have my lovely son home from Uni this week and Its my girls birthday in a short while so he gave her a special present he got her today which is so nice isn't it, to see your children so close and being  friends as well as siblings. It really does warm my soul to see that they get on so well and enjoy each others company.
Well I have no idea what the season thinks it is at the moment, we can go from lovely warm and sunny to almost gale force winds and cold to thunder and lightning and winter cold with torrential rain then back to sunny in a matter of hours lately... so weird... and yet all the blossom is on the trees looking beautiful and lots of flowers have popped up, communal walkways are bursting with crocus, daffs and tulips. I wish it would just stay nice for more than a few hours or a day , I am looking forward to days like that anyway. (Here's hoping anyway... ).

Right today's card is a little different, definitely a little masculine, hints of a travel theme, hints of inspirational quotes etc.
So here is today's card.

  So the back ground for this one is the Mystical map stamped several times to make it bigger and give the crease in the map and I used it to my advantage and tore the card on that line and then rolled the edges back as if it was supposed to be there all the time.
I was really pleased how it came out this time as I was trying out my new distress ink spritzer thingy and used a few different distress markers to spritz some colour into the depth of the map.

 So to start I stamped out the map 4 times to fit in the shape I had cut out of card. I used antique linen distress ink as I wanted a really soft focus old look.


I then took my Walnut stain distress ink and started to blend in some of that deep brown into the paper I lightly spritzed it with water and rolled back the tear at the top,you don't have to do that but it does make the curl back much more permanent as it dries into its new shape.Once the first layer of brown was on I came back in with a second layer to really deepen the edge sand catch all the little torn pieces  that I distressed just a little on this one I wanted it to have the huge tear and just a light look of wear this time. I took a distress ink marker in one of the new colours Fossilised amber and added it in a few places really randomly on a few of the mountainy areas.

 I cut out the middle circle with the royal spellbinders circles with its lovely little Fleur de lis pattern stamping out the take risks sentiment in black archival ink from the be happy set of phrases. I snipped out the central at the top little Fleur and I added some of the Bundled sage distress ink and a little of the walnut stain in a dabbing motion as not to break the other shades off.
Once it was done I adhered it in the roll back rip on the map so you can see it peaking through.

I then added some of the bundled sage ink to the map too.

 This is the new little puffer tool , I am sure you all saw it come out at the beginning of the year it is fab, you can spritz little puffs of your markers onto your work its great, so I set to work adding some bright colours but really subtly onto the map too.

 Once I was happy with the colours I matted it onto another piece of milk card and then used some treasure gold, oooo I love this stuff . I use it on my finger as it is easy to spread and shine after with a buffing cloth of some sort.

I then added a couple more layers up on foam to finish the edge off and set aside for now.

 I thought I would add a little square of burlap to the bottom of the map piece so I cut and frayed a small piece and added it with glue to let it really dry on there.

I am huge fan of finding things that really work on the items we make that are natural and a while ago I discovered cinnamon, well I don't mean .... Eureka , this brown substance I have found is to be called Cinnamon lol I mean that I was looking for something to make a little bottle look rusty and with the right things used with it it can really work like a charm so in my stash I keep this little bottle I got from the supermarket for days where texture or rust or dirty looks are key on the project for that day. So this time I used it like you would with your quickie glue and glitter and tipped off the excess, once dried into place I added the tiniest dab of the treasure gold classic gold colour to the Cinnamon and it highlights the texture just enough and smells good too haha...
I stamped on a random piece of spare milk care some words from the dream inspire imagine set but I just inked the main words not the descriptive part. Once they were all stamped I cut them out and inked the edges added foam to the back and added them to the card too.
Next was just to decide what to add as finishing touches, I chose metal Tim Holtz flowers and bolt tops , also I have lots of tiny watch parts which I chose several pieces to add along with a sparkle piece for the top of the royal circle where I snipped out the Fleur DE lis and a couple more metallic sparkles for the centre of a cog and a flower.

 Here are all the added piece I thought looked appropriate on this card. You can see the mini Eiffel Tower along with the burlap also some random stamping with the same stamps over the map with Walnut stain, I held the stamps just flexibly in my hand on no blocks so I could capture images of the stamp and not the full stamp.

 The top left with its little cog and sparkle with the watch parts.

Here is the top right with the close up on the tear which I added ink and treasure gold too, I also added some drops of sepia ink and some of white ink heated and made bubbly so I can again added the treasure gold to the texture ( not heavily just enough to bring it to life) also some random stamping again in places, mostly 2nd generation stamping though to keep the faded effects.

So here again is the finished card, I hope you like it, the background did take a fair bit of work but you just build slowly in layers and stop when you like it. Remember to STOP lol don't decide to introduce a new colour at this stage you will spoil it, Honestly you do I know lol lol...
The last item I added was a silver circle on the bottom right with North,South,East and West on it as you would have somewhere on a map, as most of the embellishments are gold I used my treasure gold again to change the silver to gold let it dry and buffed it a little.

Ok the fabby stamps used on this one were just three sets this time.

So there you go the three stamps used to make an entire card/picture. This is one of my favourite things to do, allow yourself just a few stamps and walk away , your not allowed to add anymore and make a card with those and what comes to mind. I find I have so many more ideas that way then if I am handed a whole file of stamps and I can use as many as I like , it can be a  little over whelming. Especially with Visible Image cos they are all so very

Ok folks thank you so much for answering last weeks question in your comments I really enjoyed reading your answers it was lovely to see so many of you still here  I hope you are having a good week leading up to Bank Holiday, what are you all doing for this one?
I am enjoying having us three together and having this week off work  which is just fabulous.

See you all tomorrow

Love as always


Thursday, 14 May 2015

Creative Expressions Thursday

Hi folks

Here we are Thursday again already , it seems the weeks truly fly by don't they lately, 5 months into what still feels like a new year to me already and my brothers wife told me she has started her Christmas shopping already, I cannot possibly repeat the words that came out of my lips gals but I can say the air went a feint shade of blue for just a moment... haha what would you have said haha.....

A) Oh yes I started mine this early too
B) Ouch, I cant consider Xmas shopping just yet.
C) Oh how wonderful I wish I was so organised.
Or My choice which was....
D) Helll Nooooo, oh my god... do not say another word ... I refusssssssssse to talk about the C word even a second longer lol (or added blue words that stresses the same point haha....) .

Add your Letter choice into your comment below for a giggle so I can let her know the result from my fabby blog folk... all in a bit of fun of course.

Right then
On to today's Creative Expression's DT card for this week..

So I wanted to expand a little on my flower tutorial from last week as lots of you commented and sent messages asking for more in depth how too so I made up a simple but elegant card using Blush and Milk Foundations card with a simple die cut aperture , to show off the flower and embossing.. Of course your card can be as elegant as wanted but for this week I chose to show you understated and elegant.

So again this month we have some of Phil Martins Decadent Damask stamp sets to use so I used the Occasions sentiment stamps to create the 2 corners and the flower petals.

So to begin...

I started with a piece of milk card and stamped Phil's Decadent Damask Occasions sentiment thinking of you from the afore mentioned pack of stamps I like this one as it is simple and straight to the point. I stamped in the top right of the paper so that I could have an aperture in the embossed card for the stamp to sow through.
I matted that piece onto a layer of Blush card. I then took another piece of white card and cut it to size marking exactly wher I needed the aperture to be then talking Spellbinders nestibilities  Royal circles I cut the middle die in the pack , it actually has little Fleur De lye's around the centre of the circle that I trimmed off as they were interfering with the sentiment below as lovely as they are.
Then I used Sues embossing folder I believe called cascading hearts and embossed that entire piece .

I added another Mat of blush card raised on foam and inked the edges of the  piece we just embossed with tattered lace distress ink gently as you can see in this close up shot.

 I also inked the edges of the aperture we cut out around the sentiment for a subtle pop of colour near the writing too.

Next I took Phil's Decadent Damask corners and icons stamps and used the smallest corner and stamped it out twice in the same Tattered lace distress ink and hand cut them out to the size needed for the top left and bottom right corner of the card, raised up on foam.,

 So to make the rose. Stamp out lots of the small decadent Damask shapes from Icons and corners,

 Cut them out as it says on the tin lol
 Use a ball tool on some foam and push on each piece and rub it round and round til it cups as above.

 One piece roll into a cone and glue , next two piece glue together like two cups facing each other and curl the tops back then glue the first piece the little cone into the middle.

 Keep adding petals, overlapping the next onto the bud and wrapping the top back until it is about the size above on left , I added four extra petals to get that size. then punch or cut out a 1inch circle to work on and cover in glue. start adding the petals one by one slightly overlapping as above bottom right. Once you have once complete row use the ball tool again and foam to really push down in the centre so you have a deep cup which also pulls the petals up again instead of looking a little flat now. add a big blog of glue and some cheesecloth that you have frayed and scrunch it up in the centre, Mae room for two more petals opposite each other and glue them on top of the cheesecloth
Let set a little and with again a big blob of fast grab glue, I used our cosmic shimmer one of course glue in your bud. there it is a completely hand cut handmade rose from Phil's damask shape stamp.
 The completes rose can be spritzed with some glitter or ink anything just as normal and looks really pretty and no die cut to be seen haha.

Here it is in situ in the corner on the finished card too.

The last thing I added for some finishing touches is everyone nowadays seem to be adding x's and o's onto letters and cards which apparently means hugs and kisses so I thought for this one I would play along
I tucked them near the rose and finished the whole card with some tiny  seriously tiny diamante stones on the xo and the corners we cut out earlier.

So I hope you like this one totally different again from yesterdays piece.
Please let me know your feedback and if you like the tutorial.

Lots of love to all

Kim xxxxx

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Visible Image Wednesday

Hi Folks

How are you all. ?
Thank you so much for last weeks kind words and Love love comments they really cheer your heart up when you have a rough day at work and come home and see such kindness. Huge hugs to all..

Today I have another card using the fab Visible Image stamps.
It is something quite different, I wanted to use the amazing Vision Inkognito stamp in this one and this is what popped into my head..

I started with the broken wall, I stamped the Brick wall background and cut out the left hand piece .

 I used some prima inks in varying brick/ reddy and brown shades to create my wall. This fab little stamp repeats so you can create a wall any size.

 Once it was done I went over the mortar with a Dusky rose Promarker  I then added some red ink splats with the ink splats set and some red ink later I also used some purple gelly pen to add some more of the splat shapes to the wall

 Once dried I stamped in Perfect medium on the wall with the sentiment Where dreams take you in white embossing powder and heat set.

 I cut out the wall at this point a note to remember when I was doing the mortar in this wall with my promarker I also decided the way the light would catch the wall and I also added the direction of the 3D aspect to the top and side of the wall.  I added two layers of foam to the back to raise it up away from the eye peeking out from behind it .

I then  stamped out the amazing  Vision INKognito eye and added some blues to the Iris and some feint brown to the white and some white in for the highlights and to catch the tiny lines in the iris also.
This is the colour of my daughters eyes actually almost to a tee.

 I added a little more wall to the Right hand side and painted in a window frame to the centre behind the eye.

I used a grey and a pale blue to add into each window pane and just literally drew around the edge of each panel with it. I added my left hand piece of wall raised up on foam so the eye peeped from behind it. I also mounted the whole piece onto a black mat at this stage, I left a gap on the right by the window as I want to add some flowers climbing the wall.

 I stamped out my second sentiment and inked the edges I also used some blue flexmarker to add under the words to pull then forward.

 I added foam to the back of the sentiment and placed it above the window leaving room on the right for the leaves and flowers to grow up around the window.

I drew in some little wisteria type flowers hanging on the wall before I started adding the leaves and little wire stems twisted into little spring shapes I also added some little stamen s which I used upside down to look like little hanging flowers.

I used some pink stickles on the hanging flowers and the inside of the little frosted flowers and on the card in varying places too.
So I took this angle shot so you can see which parts were raised and which were flat, lots of dimension, very different too.

Here is the complete picture again.
 So if anyone saw this post earlier you know that the section on which stamps I used etc was missing and I promised to come back and change that tonight so I am here to show the photos etc. I used five really great stamps for this one so here they are.

So If you popped by earlier I hope you managed to pop back to see the finished and added stamps as they truly are such gorgeous little pieces of art , each and every one of them.

I particularly enjoy this font as it really is right up my ally , from the swirls to the slight grunge in the broken swirls etc, very very cool.  Every single one is very versatile and I can really see them on mens cards too which is unusual for swirly writing as it usually is trly feminine but this seems to straddle the lines of masculine and feminine in a modern feel very very well.
Good job guys...

So what are you all working on rigt now?

Have a great night and I will see you tomorrow.
Hugs to all..

Love KIM