Sunday, 19 October 2014

200 Blogglies and a giveaway continued...

Hi folks

Well thank you is certainly a huge  huge word in my vocabulary to you lovely blogglies , I am humbled by the lovely lovely kind words you have given me regarding yesterdays post and all the older art work.Bless you all.
I thought I'd give everyone a chance as some of the regulars hadn't popped on yet to get there votes in for the drawing so I am going to draw the winner this afternoon and have a 2nd post today wooo hooo can you believe that then... so make sure you come back.
Anyone arriving from any other social media site, welcome , please have a good look round and become a subscriber and then leave a comment on yesterdays post (link here) then you will also be involved in the huge giveaway that will be chosen by this afternoon.

So to continue yesterday's story of reminiscing through Art.

We had gotten to some small part of the artwork created during my time at Heartfelt on the team. Next I showed them some of my own drawings and they asked me to join them as one of their contributing artists and since then I have contributed art for several collections including this one

I also drew some others that haven't been released yet so I cannot show you just yet but the latest collection out is called All Geared Up and 7of this collection  was hand drawn by myself  and you can view it here . It is very different in that my brief was to do some more masculine but feminine cogs and flowers , hmmmm you say well I think I managed, some of the drawings were very detailed and took ageeeesss, like this one.
I hope you will have a peep at them as although they aren't everyonescuppa, you can all appreciate the hard work gone into them I am sure.. There are pages on Pinterest also dedicated to this collection worth looking at  to see what the designers created.

So back to the journey , at this stage I was also designing cards for a team called Memory Maze lazor cuts in Australia  which was a 6 month term and they had the most intricate little chippie pieces to include in creations, below is a few of the cards I created for them during my term Feb-July 2013 , I carried on until Aug-Sept actually. So here is some of the work I created for them during my term.

I used their intricate chippie pieces for the feathers and best wishes on this one.

Alot of my cards were of a masculine theme for some reason then too as I liked some of the bold sentiments in chipboard , I also stamped with the chippie into melted utee for the effect in the centre.

These two can only be classed as cutesy cards and , Memory maze also had some items they call, "Stackums", which to us is Decoupage , so I created a box and added some decoupage to the top and some Easter goodies inside and a cutesy 'It's a boy' card.

I made a little easel card for this one , the chippie pieces were huge , the lantern clock and the dancers etc. I used some gorgeous Prima papers called Engraver for this one, I love those and still 'stroke'them from time to time haha. ( don't make out you don't all do it lol).

I was well and truly designing lots of cards for Craftwork Cards over on their blog all the way through the above and here are just a few of those designs too.

 Something a little different .

The art of paper floristry wreath, which was photographed and went into the booklet for the collection also.
This was a really vintage Christmas collection.

I used one of their 6x6 boxes and decorated it here in my own way.

A large box frame and the botanica collection.
As you can imagine there was many many more .

So then , I went to Aly Paly for the first time at their craft show and I met the lovely Helen and Mark from Visible Image. We had a lovely chat and I got in touch with them as soon as I saw they were having a Design team call and tried out for the team. Lucky enough I got through and the rest as they say is history, You have all seen many many of the creations but here is just a few of my favourites.

This was one of the first Canvases I created for Visible Image and I still love it lots.

 Thinking of you.

I loved the colours in this one.
                                                     From the Saucy Corset image.

                                                  To layering embossed backgrounds.
                                             And of course the Canvas from 2 weeks back
I loooooove this one.

I was also waiting for Creative Expressions to have a Team call for around 6 Months and finally they had a call in Oct 2013 and I entered and got chosen to be on the team. I also was asked to do some tv work by our Sue which was a great day for me, I had never thought of doing tv things I just knew I wanted to teach and inspire and have a few ways to interact with lots of lovely crafters. So I am well on my way. 

I will share more items on the 2nd post later this afternoon , I am only leaving the drawing a little longer to give all the regulars a chance to get on and be involved and also any new people who would like to come and join our family. 

so good luck to everyone don't forget subscribe and leave a comment on yesterdays post to be in with a chance to pick up some super fabby prizes..

Hugs to all



  1. WOW Kim love them all you are so talented you have given me lots of inspiration especially for Men's Cards - you are simply the best
    Carol xx

  2. That last canvas is STUNNING, love it......thanks for the inspiration x

  3. Well done Kim on all of your creations , always inspiring,

  4. Well Kim these are absolutely wonderful. There is such a wonderful range of your talent and inspirational projects. I do love Heartfelt Creations too and the first stamp of the dress is so beautiful. What a clever lady you are.x

  5. I had no idea you did all this designing Kim. I realised you did a lot of design team work but had no idea of your involvement in the drawing side. Thanks for shosing us all this fabulous work. x

  6. Hello Kim, well, you have left so much to look at it may take a while to take in all the ideas. I will be back later, to see if I was lucky enough to have my name drawn. Good luck everyone. Bx

  7. Another lovely trip down memory lane for you and a chance for us to see the stuff that you like! Wonderful stuff, really enjoyed the last two days. Looking forward to many more blogs from you. Lots of love Sarah

  8. Like I said Kim, your artistic talent is amazing, your idea's just stun me into silence (which is a first) !! Lol. Its no wonder you have been asked by so many teams to join them, they sure know how to pick some of the most tallented crafters. You are SO lucky to be able to use so many world class products, it has to help. But having an imaginative mind must be a god send, I just look at my card blank, papers, dies, stamps and inks etc and think ' where now' !! I have no imagination what so ever and wonder sometimes why I ever started, then I go into my most fav blogs, then I realise why. I know I would be really lost without my daily dose of craft blogs, so thanks for sharing, the inspiration, and all the help you are willing to give.
    Good luck to all that enter Kims world this weekend.
    Lancashire Steph xx

  9. I hadn't realized that you had drawn and designed stamps and things, as well as being on design teams. Even more talented and famous than I knew!!! Thank you for sharing your skills and talents with us all. I learn such a lot from you. Jan x

  10. Afternoon Kim, Woweeeee !! we have been shown here lots that we have never seen before, all gorgeous, all well thought out, and all so different. My favourite of all time on this post is the canvas from 2 weeks ago, the silhouette lady with all the flowers for flowing hair, the colours are stunning, very muted and 'hauntingly fabulous'.
    I didn't know that you had done most of the artwork for the HC All Geared Up collection, the collection was quite masculine but with a feminine 'flair', and the drawing you show here with the collage of cogs is stunning.
    You have definitely been a 'busy bunnie', I don't know how you get the time or inspiration, but thankfully you do and you then pass on your enthusiasm down to us, of which we are eternally grateful.
    I went into my craft room this afternoon, the first time for weeks what with being ill etc etc, I started cutting out some dies, the papers weren't working properly and the intricate die-cuts kept ripping as they were coming out of the dies, I gave that up as a bad job and started to stamp some stuff for Christmas (I thought I had better start sometime !!!!) , and even that didn't give me any inspiration, so I came downstairs and made a cup of milky coffee and 2 slices of malt bread, and decided that tomorrow was another day hahahahah !!
    Enjoy the rest of your day.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

    1. Oh Patricia, it all sounds just like me ! Apart from the coffee and malt loaf as apitite not what it was, but my craft day has been identical (tomorrow is another day) xx
      Lancashire Steph x

    2. Morning Steph, how lovely of you to leave me a reply, I have days like that all the time, you see I don't have much imagination (in fact none at all haha), I am a 'copier', I can take inspiration from others and try and incorporate it into a card, but put me in front of a load of craft stuff and ask me to make something - mind goes blank hahahaha. I have seen various Blogs with easy Christmas cards for the batch making, and now I can't remember where it was !!! sometimes I tend to click on links in Blogs and never know where I will end up !!
      I also want to start making a quilt, so I am keeping hold of all my old clothes for cutting up into squares etc, but goodness knows when I will start that haha, there aren't enough hours in the day for me.
      I was so sorry to hear that your appetite hasn't been what it was, I'm sending you a huge hug and the hope that you will soon be feeling much better.
      Congratulations on wining a prize in Kim's giveaway, I won on day 2 too, so we are both very lucky bunnies !!
      Take care, and lots of love and huge hugs from Patricia xx

  11. Hi Kim all your creations are gorgeous. Thank you for giving us the chance to look back through your work. Hugs Jackie

  12. These are all gorgeous creations too...xx

  13. Hi Kim,
    Well there goes my plan about being in bed by pumpkin-time..... Still here and looking at Post 2 of your blog. More of your fantastic creations, didn't know you did artwork for HFC, you are so talented. And you've certainly been very busy, I haven't got that imagination to come up with all these things, so am very grateful that there are people like you around to give us inspiration.
    My favourites from this post: one of the first canvasses you created for Visible Image and the canvas from 2 weeks ago.