Thursday, 5 June 2014

Creative Expressions Thursday

Hi Everyone

So sorry to all that looked for me this last week , I am still really recovering from this op of mine as far as It decides to swell and play up from time to time and so I have been resting and doing prep for Saturday's shows.

I have of course got some new design team stamps to start off  for June and so I chose to start with one of Sam's stamps called Lighthouse and as it is fathers day for those of you that are lucky enough to have your pops still and you will be celebrating, it will be with us soon so I went down the male theme for today's card. Hope you like it.
Thank you to all the lovelies emailing to see if I was ok too I really do appreciate it and am only just getting round to answering the emails so thanks so much.

Here's today's card.
 I used Sue's Galicia Die from the Spanish collection and Sam's Lighthouse and verse stamp for this project.I also used some Burlap and some string plus some Calico material which I rolled up into a rose but kept it more masculine.
 I stamped  the image with Potting soil Archival ink from Wendy Vechi for Ranger and coloured it with Distress markers and a water brush but kept it extremely simple.

Here is the verse again stamped in  archival ink and cut using a simple rectangle die. I tucked the verse just under the 2 little sections on the die cut which is stunning. The focal image is sitting on a faux  mat created simply by turning the die over and tracing it on the plum card and fussy cutting by hand to get the same look.
                                         This is the stamp set. Lighthouse by Sam Poole.

So then while I was resting last week with my foot I got to playing with some fabrics and making some more bits for the little gifts to go out soon as promised and I made a whole heap of Ribbon and or Calico fabrics.Here they are.

                                                                          Pretty ?

So for those of you that didn't know my  shows are on Create and craft this Saturday at 10 a.m and 4pm I really am looking forward to bringing you a sewing themed stamping show and I really am looking forward to it so much.
Will you be joining me? If so will you email in to the show and let me know you are there, I will of course be giving away cards on the show and over the next week.

Have a great Thursday ,we had torrential rain all night but the sky is clear and blue this morning which always helps doesn't it?

Lots of love





  1. Morning dear
    So sorry you are still suffering, but you are in our thoughts and prayers.
    I am so looking forward to Saturday to seeing you on C & C and also cannot
    believe you have made all those pretty flowers - can't wait
    Carol x

  2. What gorgeous flowers Kim and will try to watch on Saturday as I am looking forward to seeing what you get up to on C & C. The lighthouse looks lovely with that die of Sue's, and the hessian in the background goes really well. x

  3. Hi Kim I'm sorry to hear that you are still feeling poorly. You are right to take care of yourself your body tells you when you need to rest. I'm hoping to see your shows on Saturday. BTW I am on Sam Poole's Design team and we have made a few cards using these stamps. The nautical stamps are so adaptable no two of us has come up with the same design. Hugs to you. Jackie

  4. Hi Kim, I've been so worried about you, as I checked in every day and you've not been there, I'm so looking forward to watching you on Saturday, even though I'm not a regular watcher of Create and Craft, I Love Today's Card I Love all the elements you've used and I'm beginning to understand more with The help from yourself with The Tips and Techniques, Today's Card is Fabulous, and I so love those Flowers, you've made. Do you know Create and Craft e-mail address as I've never e-mailed in and would love to, the e-mail address I've tried just keeps getting thrown back for some reason and I can't see it anywhere on there Web Page.
    Take Great Care Kim I'm Thinking Of You
    Love and Hugs
    From Sam x

    1. Hi Sam, the email address is -
      hope this helps.
      Lots of love from Patricia xx

  5. Hello Kim
    I'm so sorry that the op is still causing problems, but at least you can enjoy some Sunshine when it decides to come out.
    No hurry... take your time..... your body is saying stop..that's why its swelling and painful!
    Take care Kim
    Love Marg

  6. Hi Kim
    So sorry your ankle is still giving you problems, rest up and take care of yourself.
    Look forward to watching on Saturday but like Sam have never emailed C&C before and don't know the email address.
    Love today's card and all those lovely flowers you've made
    Best wishes, Pat

  7. Hi Kim,
    I gathered you'd had problems with your ankle hence no blog. Please do take care of yourself and don't jeopardise your recovery by doing things too soon.
    Will certainly record the morning session on C&C and watch the pm one. Looking forward to it.
    Oh yes, nearly forgot - love the card, composition and colours. I have virtually all of Sue's Spanish stamps but the Galicia one is missing. However, will be keeping my pennies until I see what she has produced for us in a little while.
    Take care, and no dancing down the garden path!
    Hugs, Rose

  8. Hi Kim
    Sorry to hear that your ankle is still playing up. Please take care that you don't over do it. Love today's card thank you for sharing your talent with us. Will be recording your shows on Saturday.

  9. Evening Kim, You really should be taking it easy !!! I bet you have been doing too much, you naughty !!! I hope you are feeling much better now. I am on my second week of being ill, I don't know where all the mucus is coming from !! my hubby has a lot to answer for haha, his lasted 2 weeks and mine is doing the same.
    I love your card, love the colours, love the die-cuts, love the hessian, love the flower and absolutely adore the stamping and colouring, a beautiful compilation.
    I'm really looking forward to your Shows on Saturday, but please take it easy and don't be standing up for too long at a time.
    I love your piccie of your 'plethora' of flowers, my !! you have been a busy little bee, they are gorgeous.
    Take care.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  10. Hi Kim, sorry to hear you are still not 100% but these things do take time to recover from and best not to rush. Card is great and so are those flowers. I'll be recording on Saturday, it's my Dad's 90th birthday so we have a party to prepare for but I'll be watching as soon as I can.

  11. So glad to see you back Kim, I thought perhaps you had underestimated your recovery period!
    Have had foot surgery myself and know how these things can go.
    Do take care and don't overdo things.
    Looking forward to your shows !
    Put your foot up,in between !
    Card great as always,

  12. Hi Kim,
    You've obviously been trying to do too much....please take care and look after yourself as you are sorely missed when you don' come on your blog.
    Today's card is a cracker of a man's card, love the colurs and the the stamps and dies. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful creations with us.
    I'll miss your shows live on Saturday as I'm off to a craft show but will definitey do a catch up later on. Good luck Kim and hope the ankle wont cause to too much pain.

    Love Sheila xx

  13. Hi Kim,sorry to hear you are still having problems. Will they let you sit tomorrow during your shows? I'll be recording both of your shows. Take care.
    Hugs Beryl xx

  14. Sorry Kim, Love today's card. I have that stamp.

  15. Hi Kim, If I still had my dad this is just the kind of card i'd give him. Do listen to your body when it says stop! We are made so amazingly and you will heal in time, it can be frustrating I know! Can't wait to see your shows on Saturday, I will certainly be watching. Take care, love Sarah

  16. Lovely card and the flowers are gorgeous I will be recoring shows because Saturday is the 1st anniversary of my lovely mum passing away and my equally lovely daughter is taking me to her grave to lay flowers for both her and my younger sister She's then taking me out for lunch and a bit of retail therapy I expect

  17. Meant to say Take care I don't go onto my Google account very often but I think of you and wish you well

  18. Hi Kim, glad to see you back, you obviously needed to rest up especially with your scheduled Create & Craft shows coming up!.
    Won't be able to watch live tomorrow as its our demo day with Julia in the shop but I have set to record your shows so will catch up over the weekend.
    This card is so different to all the other samples I've seen using this stamp. I really like what you've created. Great flowers too.
    Good luck for your shows tomorrow, I'm sure everyone will love your demos.
    Amy x

  19. Hi Kim. Sorry to hear that your ankle is playing up. You must listen to your body now, then you will recover quicker. I know how it feels, I had surgery on one of my feet and it swelled and ached for ages if I tried to do too much!
    Todays card is beautiful, the deep purple is fantastic, the card and the group too actually : ) lol.
    I will be recording both shows and hopefully watching you live. Can't wait to see what gorgeous goodies you have lined up for us : ) Will certainly email the show if I am able to watch you live ( sorry to be a bit vague but I don't know quite what I am doing yet. Have to go clothes shopping with my daughter, for her new job which starts on 1st July, either tomorrow or Sunday, but I won't know which until the morning when she gets home) Please try and rest that foot as much as possible, have a safe journey to the studio and back home, and enjoy yourself : ) Take care.

  20. Hi Kim, looked for you a few times and thought you'd be back when you could be, I hope you get fully fit soon but I suppose it takes time.
    Re the sewing shows i'll be watching today, pleased you're back and have set record, as I imagine the demos and samples will be super.
    Sewing is one of my favourite craft themes for cards although I don't hand or machine sew, gosh I wish I did now with how popular it's become. I love patchwork too, should have tried harder in needlework at school ! ha
    I can just about sew a button on something if needed and I do like cross stich
    and bunting and home made bags and cosmetic purses so I think these shows will be up my street. I like the idea of textiles on cards for textures.
    Your flowers look great.
    I bought the Couture Creations paper pad yesterday it looks... sew fantastic! xx
    Have a great time all your blog friends are with you. x

    The lighthouse card is absolutely gorgeous! x

  21. Hi Kim

    This is a lovely card; I love lighthouses. Thank you for getting back with the information I asked for. I had never thought to source them in that category I had been on ebay but they were all too big. In the interim I have made some out of silver necklace wire but I prefer the wooden look ones as they would be more in-keeping with the image I need them for a time when they were only made of wood!

    Legs and feet take a long time to recover. This is my field and the only thing you can do is keep applying ice packs and resting. I hope it improves soon.

    Take care
    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

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