Friday, 18 July 2014

Show cards.

Hello all my lovely blog family

Thank you for all your kind comments yesterday as always and I will answer them individually today. It is amazing how many people like a pink patterned paper but not really a bright pink on its own just as plain cardstock isn't it, I myself am not a bright pink person but |I love vintage and shabby pinks and baby pink too but not the cerise colours yet I love the Damask paper I used on some of the samples which is in bright pink hmm I'm an odd one.

Well I finally got round to playing back the shows from Sunday and gosh that top made me look chunky pheww lol well more chunky I should say that and standing to one side all the time trying to keep weight off the bad ankle. But I really had lots of fun however I must stop saying yea yea yea all the time in my North London accent oh dear ... I know we never like to watch ourselves but I did smile at some of the funnies in the afternoon show.

Anyway I have another couple of cards today to show so here we go with the 1ST.

 I chose this Thank you card as I always want to say that to all you lovely lot out there who takes time to check the blog and leave lovely kind messages and emails in to the shows , I am so lucky to have you all with me and always appreciate them all.
I chose a yellow and fine black pattern from the Damask Delight paper pad and used that on a black mat to set my colours I added that onto a double matt of coconut white card with foam in between.

You can see I also used one of the couture creations embossing folders for the back ground with a little inking with Adirondack Butterscotch also included in the ink packs. These inks are so pigmented but are dye based so  are very easy to blend or paint with or use with any tool you can think of really as they react with water just like distress inks.

Another angle to show all the mats and of course a yellow seem binding bow with pearls and more pearls haha.
I like this shot and always seem to take one on this angle as it really does give a view of every part of the card I think (or maybe I just like it haha).

Ok for card number two...

I thought I would put this one on as you saw me demo it and then you have a few pictures to work from if you choose to have a go or do a variation with whatever stamps you have similar of course.
Again I chose the gorgeous butterfly paper from the Pad and cut out just a quarter of one page and of course you have 2 of each design and they are all double sided so you can do your turn backs etc so easily too.
Here is a close up of the papillon stamps from Just Rite of course that were on the show and the Vintage labels three dies also Just Rite too. Just like the other card I mounted the paper onto a creamy milk coloured card before wrapping a ribbon around and giving it a think black mat then onto a double white mat with the top one pierced for added effect.

I coloured one of the butterflies in the pink tones of Adirondack on the show and the other I left white for the bow with some pearls strings of course.
You all watched me stamp out the Papillon word stamp if you saw the shows just for a little feature of interest also at the bottom of the card too.

Here again is another long view so you can see all as explained above in the long shot.

Hope you liked today's twofer and you have a lovely Friday whatever you are doing , I am so pleased it has cooled down here a Little after all last nights thunder and lightning storms, I must say it smelled so fresh and cool with all the windows open in the night even though I didn't sleep ( whats new about that my friends hey lol)

See you all tomorrow for more show cards . Lots of crafty hugs to you all.

Love always



  1. Rose in Chester18 July 2014 at 10:45

    Hi Kim,
    as you know, I was the very lucky lady to have won the second card which is now in my craft room in pride of place. It is gorgeous and has inspired me to make my own backing paper with butterflies as I have a lot of butterfly stamps in all sizes etc.
    The yellow card is lovely, too. I would just use another shape rather than the Spellbinders labels (is it 20?) - they remind me of Mick Jagger's lips when he was a young man (ugghh). I know I'm a bit strange that way, but we have to have our little foibles don't we?
    I love the black and yellow colour combo and the way you've shaded.
    Hugs, Rose.

  2. Hi Kim, I really Love both Cards you've Chosen to share with us today I just Love The papers you've chosen and The Colours on both of your Cards, I Love how you've picked out the Lemon in your first Card and all the wonderful Embellishments, the second Card I Love as I Love Beautiful Butterflies, I really Love The Sentiment from JustRite, talking of Butterfly Dies Sue's New Butterfly Collection is just Awesome so many Dies. I Love The Butterfly Backing Paper, I'm trying to combat Paper Piercing I'll do ok for so long then it goes wrong so I get very Cross with myself.
    Kim Take Great Care
    Love and Hugs
    From Sam x

  3. Two more beauties, Kim. Both of the colours mix well with the black. I love the butterscotch on the first toning with the paper and the added ribbon. I love the CC embossing folder too, and the second mainly monochrome apart from those little touches of pink and the pretty ribbons, pearls and butterflies. I love the JR label dies and sentiments which are prettily vintage. x

  4. Hi Kim
    You are spoiling us with another 2 lovely cards, love the yellow and black together and labels 20 is one of my favourite label dies..
    Have a lovely weekend and look after that ankle
    Best wishes, Pat

  5. Two lovely cards Kim , love the subtlety of the second and the lovely butterflies, but I think the first one just edges it for me -it's the colours, so pretty!
    Those backing papers are really great and I like the embossing.
    Kim, do not be critical of yourself , you are fine as you are and your shows are always good as you go into detail and show how to fix things!
    Take care and foot up lots in this hot weather,

  6. Both are lovely cards I need to catch up on the shows Unexpectedly went out dancing Sunday afternoon! I'm a lousy sleeper but managed to sleep through last nights thunder and lightening I didn't have a clue when I woke up this morning!

  7. PS Rosie's comment re Mick Jagger did make me smile AND you looked fine on Sunday You're being too critical Yea yea yea!

  8. Lovely cards, as ever. I've been doing several yellow and black cards. My dad is visually impaired and black on yellow is the best combination for him to pick out bold text or shapes. I actually made one using those label dies, then discarded it because they made me think of lips!!! (Not Mick Jagger's lips in particular though, Rose!)

    Thanks Kim. Take care, Jan

  9. Evening Kim, two really great classic cards here, I really couldn't choose a favourite they are equally nice. Must be difficult watching yourself on TV but only you notice the little things you mention, you always seem very confident and professional. The top looked lovely and didn't make you look "chunky" at all.

  10. Hi Kim. Thanks for the lovely Two-fers. I love both. The yellow and black is beautiful, I never them to put them together but will from now on, especially for an Aunt who's eyesight is not too good at all so thanks for that tip : ) The butterflies card is lovely, so pretty. Don't be so hard on yourself Kim! We all hate to see and hear ourselves but your top was lovely and you always sound fine to me, hadn't noticed that you say yea, yea, yea alot. I hope we see you on our screens again really soon. Are you going to be at Ally Pally in Sept? it would be great to meet you if you are : ) I hope you got some sleep last night, it rained really hard here but it is still rather muggy here this morning, did you get any sleep last night? Have a good day. Take care.

  11. Morning Kim
    Sorry I missed you yesterday, off visiting on old friend,
    These cards are both beautiful - I love them both. Thank you again for the
    wonderful demonstrations you did on the show - you are amazing - and you look lovely on the show and so professional dear
    Carol x

  12. Hi Kim, love both cards but the butterflies are my favourite. Thursday night and last night we had massive thunderstorms. At one stage it was overhead! My daughter hates thunder storms so sat with her(both nights) for a bit. Take care love Beryl xx

  13. Hi Kim, I seem to have missed this post somehow !!! Your cards are fabulous, as always, you always know what colours go with what.
    My Mum had storage underneath the stairs with a door, and she always had a chair inside, and when it was thunder and lightening, I would always find her in the cupboard under the stairs, she was petrified of it. We had thunder and lightening last night (during the night) and apparently I slept through it, Graham informed me this morning hahaha !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx