Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Visible Image Wednesday

Hi Lovelies

Today as you can tell by the title is of course Visible Image Wednesday and I have a lovely little clean and simple card tutorial for you which utilises some masking with the stamping using the fabulous Visible Image stamps of course and some colouring in with Promarkers and a little glittering too. This one is very clean and simple so should be great for beginners to intermediate levels although could easily be taken to the next level with extra wings or lace used to give another layer of wing, You could add more dimension with decoupage on the heart or even splitting the heart and adding some cogs emerging from the tear. You could add a zip to act like a body to the butterfly looking wings and have the sentiment poking out, you are limited only by your own imaginations and thought process so without further ado let me show you today's card.

 Very clean images for me, I am taking things back a little so we can start the series of techniques we were all talking about a few posts back so today is a simple masking technique.

 I took an A4 piece of white card and stamped my sentiment on the bottom of the page and heat set. At this point I really was not sure if I was going to stamp all my images and cut them out to use separately on a card or to stamp it whole but as You will see I decided to stamp it all and colour it and keep as is, as I hardly ever do this.

I stamped the heart first once on this card and heat set it. Then again on a scrap piece of card which I also set to stop it smudging all over while I cut it out. I took some small scissors and cut out my heart including the winding key and any of the lines that were raised etc., After I did this I took my first wing and placed my heart mask over the heart on the page and then inked and stamped the wing on the page, I left the heart in place and stamped wing number two which left me this beautiful image of the heart with the wings behind to colour.

I used three blues to give depth, I used shale brown to build some brown/purple in the shading on the wings along with white for highlights. I used grey around the image to make it stand from the page and I used 3 greys in the heart and 3 browns on the cogs on the heart too.

I also stamped the little oil can from the OZ tin man set and drew in a drip over "the" in the sentiment I also drew a very loose puddle under the sentiment and coloured , shaded and highlighted the items.
 Here is another view and you can see the mats and layers I then added under the first image along with a ribbon and bow with a sparkly stone to finish the card off but just before the end I thought this card needed some sparkle. Whats the point in having gorgeous wings like that if they don't sparkle so I set about with some Vintage white opalescent glitter and my quickie glue pen, all over the wings and the oil and drip on the sentiments etc, plus a few shadows.

Here is the long view I always show so you can see the layers properly with dimension and my last pictures I tried to show some of the sparkle, but as you know glitter is extremely hard to catch on camera unfortunately but hope you can see it.

Just a tiny bit on the left hand side maybe
 A close up and you can see some glitter through the sentiment and under the puddle here too.

So here are the three stamp sets I used to create this one for today.

                           Live the life.                                                    Fae hope set.

Aren't they gorgeous, I feel very lucky to have them all as part of my collection for sure.

Rumour has it there is an amazing new launch of gorgeous and amazing stamps coming very soon from our lovely Helen and Mark the brilliant team behind Visible Image too so keep your eyes open won't you as they sell so amazingly quick once they launch. Congrats to them also for a fabulous show at the NEC  unfortunately I wasn't there in the end with my mum taking bad etc that weekend either but Mark and Helen did get to meet some of you and had a fabulous  and very busy show. Yayyy.


Some of you have been emailing me re my mum which is very lovely of you all but this last two weeks I have struggled to answer any messages , blog posts  etc so I am so sorry for this as I hate to miss your letters etc, You are all very special to me and I would hate you to think I wasn't going to reply but with mum on ICU this time I have been at the hospital from early until late everyday and have missed everything including shops etc so I am so very sorry about that. You will be pleased she has opened her eyes again now and is starting to have some tubes removed day by day but is still very poorly of course so it s really a case of making her as comfy as possible for as long as we can and hope she can go home again for a while ( they did warn us when she was in last time that she would have spells in and out of hospital and that she had 6 to18months at most when she left hospital last time, although when she went in they told us she would not make it last time, shes a fighter for sure but is very confused now too. We nearly lost her several times last week but today they took her feeding tube out and she had a mouthful of real food so that's progress hey guys.


I have a huge mahoooosive apology to make to all my winners from the last giveaway to especially the ladies who have emailed as I really did just glance at my mail today and saw Id missed Pat and Mrs B's emails asking if there prezzies had been lost on royal mail , NOooooooo I am hugely enormously grovel grovel sorry but I hadn't got time in the last weeks as promised to actually get to the post office to queue to get the parcels weighed to post as I have around 8 to go off to you all. I have been picking my brother up each day and driving to Barnet (40 mins away) to sit with my mum everyday including the weekend and I have also had meetings with work about returning now my foot is settling a little more so its been crazy this past 3 weeks but you will all be glad to hear I am actually not at the hospital until today around 2 so I will be queueing at said post office and getting the parcels to you before the end of this week, I only hope when you see your gorgeousness arrive you can forgive me for the delays.
I truly am sorry Lovely blogglies its just it is only me who does it all here I don't have anyone posting for me or anything so am thankfully I was ahead with the actual blog posts. I hope you all understand and I'm sorry for any worry or concern caused , two of the nights we were called to hospital too so am pretty zonked just now but at least this time she is pulling through again. Sorry again guys for the delay.

Love to all
Look after each other

See you tomorrow



  1. Hi Kim,
    First I wish to say, you should never have to apologise for anything, I'm sure your lovely Blog people understand.
    If your not careful youself, your going to be poorly, with all that your doing and I really don't wish for that to happen, and I know you like to spend as much time as possible with your fabulous Children so there's lots for you to do.
    Your Card Today Is Awesome I Love The Colours You've Chosen
    Take Great Care Kim I'm Thinking Of You!
    Love and Hugs
    From Sam xxx

  2. Morning Kim, Firstly, I'm so glad that your Mum is improving, albeit slightly, I'm praying that she gets to go home again. As always, my thoughts and prayers are with you and all your Mum's family.
    Your card today is CAS, I love it, the colours are gorgeous and you have shaded the stamping beautifully. CAS is NOT a description of any cards that I make hahaha, I have to 'stop' myself from putting more and more on hahaha !! very similar to my home which is also 'packed to the gunnels' hahahaha, it must be a 'me' thing !!
    I hope you manage to get a little R&R today, my thoughts are with you.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  3. Dear Kim, I am glad that your Mum is improving, and hope she will recover well. Having lived through 4 months of nearly daily, sometimes twice daily hospital visits (apart from when I was away for work), I know exactly how you are feeling. And we now have the added pressure of MIL being back home and trying to get out of bed at all hours even though she cannot walk, but because of the Alzheimers, even with constant reminding, we cannot get it through to her how dangerous it is. You must get time for yourself too, as it takes it's toll on your health and then you will be no good to your Mum. I am sure all your Blogglies understand the delay in the prizes, so no need to grovel at all. It will make the surprise all the better, having waited for it, much like a child at Christmas. Take care of yourself please, and thank you for this card, it is awe inspiring. Bx

  4. Hello Kim
    It would be lovely if your Mum could be home for fingers crossed that she continues to improve!
    Take time for you Kim you are just as important to your family!
    I love the wings on todays card ...beautiful!
    Take care Kim
    Love Marg

  5. Hello Dear Kim
    What a terrible time you have had, you do not need to apologise to any of us as we all love you and know what a caring person you are. I hope today your Mum has improved a little more. You must try and get some ME time for yourself. Myself and all your bloggers understand the situation you are in and we wish we lived nearer to give you a big hug.
    This card today is beautiful you must take care of yourself or you will be cracking up and that is not good.
    Carol xx

  6. Hi kim this card is beautiful love the colours you are so gifted. My prayer group at church continue to pray for your mum,I know how hard it is to manage life when someone you love is very poorly take care love always nanna June xxxxx

  7. Hi Kim
    First of all I'm very glad that your Mum is improving even if it's a small improvement. It's a step in the right direction. Make sure that you keep some time for yourself, as I know what it's like to be continually at the hospital. Like you I was trying to keep work and hospital visits to my partner. He was in ICU with Colon Cancer but pulled through. I just love today's card, with the hearted wings and I love the colours that you have used.

  8. Hi Kim,
    Firstly, no apologies needed at all. You are having a hell of a time and it's so distressing to see anyone, let alone your mother, deteriorate like that. Let's hope she recovers sufficiently to be discharged, if only for a short time.
    Love today's card, those wings are beautiful and you've coloured in beautifully, too.
    Hugs, Rose

  9. Dear Kim, your card is great, quite quirky !
    Re your mum, you must be very tired and I am sure everyone understands this.
    If you are maybe going back to work , try to cut down on things a bit if you can.
    Everyone on the blog wants you to take care and so don't worry about answering emails etc . Just take care and pace yourself,will be thinking of you and mum

  10. Hi Kim,
    I'm so keeping my fingers crossed that your Mum will improve enough to be able to go back to her own must be so worrying for you...but as you are haring around visiting your Mum, doing samples and other work please think about taking some time out for yourself as you need to charge your batteries. The bloggers (your friends ) all understand what you have been going through this last 12 months or so there is absolutely no need to apologise as you are such a caring person.
    I love your card today it's so very beautiful love the colours and the images and how you have used them.
    Take care and look after yourself too.

    Love Sheila xx

  11. This is a lovely card Kim and the design idea works beautifully. The colours and the colouring are gorgeous, especially with the added glitter. I'm glad there is a little improvement in your Mum's condition and hopefully that will continue. I'm sure we all understand that your bloglies time is non existent at the moment, and you obviously want to spend as much time as possible with your Mum, but do take care of yourself too. x

  12. Hi Kim firstly this card is beautiful, love the sentiment. I realised a few weeks ago how your life was in a total turmoil and wasn't expecting any post so there is absolutely no need to apologise. The greatest gift would be for you to get your mum home. Visiting ICU daily is a draining experience both emotionally and physically too. Your time at the moment is precious, so take good care of yourself x

  13. Hi Kim. Love todays card, an unususal stamp,the colours ayou have used are lovely. I am so glad that there is a little improvement in your Mum. I have been on that horrid roundabout of work, and hospital visits with my Gran, Grandma and Mum in Law at different times so I know how it is. It is important that you do grab just a few mins every day to yourself, to try and empty your mind of everything. I used to have some favourite music on and would sing very loudly while having my shower. It used to help me feel ready to jump back on that roundabout! Thinking of you and your Mum.Take care.

  14. Hi Kim.
    Please dont worry we do understand, I was just so concerned that the PO had lost my mail and thought it fair to you that I mentioned it.
    Thinking of you every dsy.
    Lancashire Steph xx