Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Visible Image Wednesday.

Hello folks

How are you all? I hope everyone is doing ok and enjoying a Little sunshine and warmth. I am glad to be back last week blogger just would not let me upload anything which was very frustrating but after couple days of probs it seems ok again now.
I managed to hurt my back this week , unsure how exactly but the chair I sit at at my desk at work has steadily made it worse all week. I do not suffer from back issues generally apart from the odd aches from having big old boobies ( over share?  lol too much  I think so lol oh well)
but this has been horrible in that every time I move even slightly it sends a spasm in the mid section of my back  not even the lumbar section where I'd expect it to ache if I had over reached or picked up something too heavy so who knows exactly what happened but it has been a long week,
However, now it is starting to slowly feel less painful I can see the funny side of me trying a different chair from around the office each day and using a cushion one day and trying a backrest etc but seriously you lovlies that have back issues I feel that I have a greater understanding of what you go through now too  my husband had a chronic back issue as does my son so I really feel like, not that I know what you are all going through cos in no way can this compare but that I have empathy for those who suffer as it is very debilitating as this week I felt like even with this I could not do my usual things and routines that we all do without my back twitching and hurting. Anyway enough chit chat haha
I have another card from the fab Visible Image's new launch of stamps last week  and I really hope you like it.

I went for the clean look again on this one. Well ish... for me anyway haha But I love the spring out with the old, fresh start vibe to this one.

I started with a square of white card and black archival ink. I stamped the Bronte Border stamp several times in ascending order on the left side .

I then initially stamped my flower head and blotted a lot of the ink off the flower stamp and went around the edge of the flower head again using just the tips of the flower very pale just enough to cast this shadow effect.

The fabulous sentiment from the new launch , so crisp and clean  stamps like a dream some polymer stamps can be too squishy I know you know what I mean haha so that if you press too hard the image blurs and does not look clean anymore, never so with Visible Image. They are an absolutely spot on image.

So using the flower head still I used grey inks and black and the tips of the flower to create this 2nd and 3rd generation stamping border which has the impression of movement on the card.

For a little added interest on the left side I decided to take a small piece of the same white card and stamp the matching part of the border all over it, I mounted that onto a small piece of the same blue card with just a tiny border  I added a little white velvet bow and foam on the back to raise this piece up from the card but as I used the matching piece of the writing you can hardly tell it is there until you zoom in

Here again is the finished image, I was really pleased how this one turned out although is is pretty clean there is actually a lot of stamping gone into this and I just love these techniques.

The stamps I used on this one were.

Time to be happy

Bronte script

Thank you flower set

I hope you managed to see all the fabulous new sentiment and phrase stamps launched recently from Mark and Helen with Visible Image, they are just adorable and I cant wait to get my hands on all of them  There simply is something for everyone and every occasion. Take a look if you haven't seen them yet here on the new launch page.

Ok friends I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday and I look forward to catching up with you all later today.

Huge Crafty Hugs



  1. Morning Kim
    Just back from two very hot weeks in Turkey - bought the sunshine back fro you
    Looked at all the cards whilst we have been away and they are all stunning
    Carol x

  2. I love this black and white with the blue and the way you have spot layered over the script and the shadow stamping on the flower Kim. So sorry you are having back pain at the moment so debilitating! Hope it soon gets better.

  3. Evening Kim, sorry to hear about your back problems, I suffered a bad back earlier this year caused, I think, by carrying my Granddaughter, but it does get better, eventually. Love the card, clever idea with the script panel.

  4. Really like this card Kim, love the colours and the stamping.
    Sorry to hear about your back , I have had many bad episodes of back pain over the years so you have my sympathies.
    It will improve but do listen to your body and don't do too much too soon .
    Glad you are back to crafting,

  5. So sorry to hear about our back injury, sometimes we do that and then don't know what caused it. Hope you'll be recovering every day a bit (or even a lot :-) ) more.
    Love your card - it's so clean.
    Hugs, Rose

  6. Hi Kim, Sorry you have been having back problems, I can empathise, I had to use a back support on my chair at work for a number of years, when working at a desk for long periods of time we all tend to hold ourselves in an unnatural way which puts our spine out of balance. My problem is on my left hand side and since retiring, my back problem shows itself whilst gardening and each year it gets worse. I hope your problem gets progressively better for you.
    I'm loving your card, beautiful stamping.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  7. These stamps are beautiful kim what you have created is just lovely thank you for sharing
    I know how you feel with your back pain I have terrible back problems just now I have been weeks in agony I go to a hydro pool every week that seems to help a little. It's at the hospital hope your soon pain free hun love always nanna June xxxx

  8. Hi Kim,A beautiful card.
    Sorry you are having back problems. Hope you feel better soon.