Sunday, 10 February 2013

Valentine's Day Style.

Hello everyone,

It is Saturday evening (late) lol as usual and I have just finished doing my blogpost for Craftwork Cards.   They have been having a really busy week as they are opening a retail outlet at their factory in Leeds. I so wish I lived nearer so I could run workshops etc., but I hope to do some in the summer at least, so if you live in that area and would like to go along, they are so lovely and are having a opening night and weekend this week. 

In honour of Valentine's day this week, I thought some of you might be in the mood for some lurvvvvving... haha so I created a box in my style using some Craftwork products of course, so here goes...
This is the view from above and you can see how I matted and Layered some pretty paper etc. before cutting out some shapes and adding them to each end. I then began making the large flower to the top left.

These are the sides of the box with letters inked and mounted onto black card, cut out and added on top of a piece of crochet ribbon, and then seem binding in a subtle pink shade.

This is one end of the box with the little jewel hanging from a jump ring pierced into the flower I made.
And here is the same seem binding tied into a messy bow with a small heart and key added.
This of course is the last end with a little heart key attached to the crochet and it swings as the box is moved. Of course, anything can be added to the box, chocolates or bubble bath fizzers of notelets, pot pourri, anything really, just to show you care so much, but of course everyday is for that not just Valentine's day!

On this theme I want to say that I appreciate everyone stopping by and really do enjoy reading your comments and having interaction with you all. So, it seemed a good time to leave my links to my facebook, twitter etc. so you can chat to me anytime should you want to say hi or even ask how to create anything you have seen. So links will all be below at the end of this post.

I have just heard form the lovely Linda at Memory Maze Design that our boxes of goodies are all ready to be shipped! So, of course I will be showing you all what I can create with their chip board shapes too; I don't think I have ever seen such detailed chip board anywhere! And we can also design our own pieces and Sally the owner will cut them digitally, so that means you will be seeing some really intricate and fab detailed work coming through, so keep popping back and of course I will let you know the dates to go peep at the site too but, as I say, below are all the Addy's. 

Have a great weekend and I hope to post again tomorrow.

Crafty Hugs


Craftwork cards
Memory maze


Sunday, 3 February 2013

Autumn or summer? you choose...

Good evening, everyone!

Well, it is Sunday evening at 9pm and I have had a lovely weekend, just the right mix of relaxing but not too much. I have done some shopping and got a nice bargain or two for my daughter to take on holiday soon.

I managed to get some boots with a huuuuuge discount for me too, so I am a happy bunny. I have caught up with friends and a few chores and then in the middle of all that a little of my favourite thing... a lovely card for you all to see. How about you, did you have a good weekend? Are you still enjoying it or are you relaxing in bed after preparing for the next round of rat racing back to work?
If you crafted what did you make? I'm feeling a little inquisitive I think, haha... Well without further ado... Here is my little bit of the opulent I think:

So pretty and girly too...
My backing card was a blank from Craftwork of course as they are so very sturdy and definitely would never buckle like Bambi legs while standing proudly displaying itself oh nooooooo there surely isn't much worse than trying to stand a card and it just sliding down like a drunken sailor down a wall. hmmm random... 
  • I took some milk card and die cut the matching Grand label 1 spellbinder.
  • Repeated with my Beautiful Creamy Craftwork paper with swirls foiled in gold... (very strokeable) in the next nesting spellbinder. Matted and layered then down with my Collall multi use glue. Seems to give strength and stability to the card front.
  • I then took a co-ordinating paper in a more latte tone and tore around three edges and inked them with Lord Tims (ahhhhhhhhh) Distress. I also took a water brush and made the raw pieces slightly wet so I could roll it easily around the edge of a brush but you could use anything tweezers a ball tool absolutely anything you are familiar with using. I adhered this to the right opening side of the card, which I forgot to say is 8x8.
  • I took a thin strip of gold mirri which has a leaf pattern embossed into it and ran it down the middle edge of this paper. Not sure why other than I liked it and it called to me.
  • Then die cut a D-lite pattern and added it on the left in latte card, also a circle from the same mirri and a CWC sentiment which was mounted on foam to raise it a little. 
  • I took some ribbon form Crafter's companion with a ruffled crinkly edge in a champagne colourway which looks so pretty, I made a bow added stick pins and a decorative clay element to the middle, those of you who know me know I just cannot leave a bow naked, I do like to add something and on top of that I added a Candi. I set that aside to dry out while I made a start on cutting my flowers for the bottom.
  • I took the same shades of papers and cut some spirals with my Grand Caliber and then sat making them up and curling them, gluing them and getting them to look how full I wanted them. I also cut some random circles out of my ribbon, some medium some small, and stood them on my craft mat, holding them with a metal pokey tool I added heat until the ribbon buckled and melted  a little making it look sooo pretty and then added a sparkly brad in the centre to hold them together. Now, I must thank the amazingly talented and super nice Sue Wilson for this I saw her demo it on Create and Craft and dived right in to try it, it's fab so Thanks Sue. Lastly, for this section I took my Mirri and cut out the leaf pattern by hand just randomly and cut two leaves for either side and mounted it on foam just in the middle for a little shaping, I also added a Candi on each.
My dressed bow .

My Flower section.

Sentiment on Mirri and D-lite in Latte.
  • So, after this I glued my bow in place and my flowers too, I finished off with a few Candi but also some pearl swirls cut from one large group of swirls, which was enough to do three different areas of swirls peeping out from the bow etc.
  • My last piece of work was to stamp my beautiful personilised Clarity stamp on the back simply saying Designed by Kim. And to decorate the inside as all cards need that to complete them and make them look finished and professional. Below is the inside finished simply and elegantly with Craftwork card's gorgeous papers.

So lastly, I wanted to share some news with everyone, as you all know I am now designing proudly for Craftwork Cards in the UK and having a great time as the team have to be the nicest people I have ever met in craft so far and yesterday I did my first blog post for there blog which was great and very well recieved, it was the same as I posted yesterday on here but if you fancy a look over on their blog all are welcome.

Now, I was lucky enough to be chosen to also design for another company called Memory maze this week and I am so super excited. They are based in Australia, and the co-coordinator is Linda Thompson who is very talented with scrapbooking and they make the chipboard shapes used in scrapping and card making, altered art etc. and I can't wait to get started, we are planning for a March start by the time I get my pack so please watch this space, I am sure the eagle-eyed of you will have seen another badge go up on the blog anyway, haha...

Their blog is definitely worth peeping at too and is and there is a feature on me on the first page at the moment, yay!

I think this must be my longest post haha! Sorries if you got bored or yayyyy if you like long posts. Have a super fab Monday and hopefully I will be back Tuesday for more postiness.

Thanks to everyone who left me comments on my Craftwork blog and my facebook /twitter sites. I appreciate every word and will always answer you. Kind words take a moment but mean so very much.

Crafty hugs

Kim xxxx

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Sweet Pea Goodness.

Hello Everyone.

You may have seen my Christmas cards here on the blog but It's now time for me to take up my role as Design Team new girl for Craftwork cards and share some little cards I made using the Sweet Pea paper packs which are simply stunning and can be purchased over on 
I absolutely fell in love with the blue tone pad but this one is stunning too. 
If you look in the background you can see some gorgeous paisley embossed cardstock which also happens to be CWC. It came with my Recipe cards, of course you will see some cheeky little Candi in here too.

Some close up pictures to show off the layers of Paisley, Candi and Sweet Pea papers.
Why not have a look at the gorgeous Sweet delights goody bag here
They truly are sweet and yummy without the sins haha..
Here's my sentiment also from the pad ,I added some gold pen in dots, I thought it would look really pretty as if it wasn't pretty enough.
Lastly of course the inside just has to match and here I think you can see the paisley really well.
Now my little Vintage Sweet pea card.  The DT girls had a sneaky peaky on facebook this week. I love this card ,it just flowed so it was clearly meant to be. Do you love it too?
I would welcome your comments below and of course there are lots of gorgeous bargains in the sale section on the website so go have a look and snaggle  (hmm not sure that is a word but you no, I like it so I'm having it.. snaggle snaggle snaggle .. yup just rolls off haha)

I had this card on my blog this week and couldn't wait to share it with you all. The colours in the papers are simply stunning and go so well with all the Distress  Ink shades too and as soon as I opened the pad those colours jumped out ready to have Cut and Dry slathered all over the ink and tickling the corners of Miss vintage here to give it a little extra depth.
Here is a little close up of the sentiment from the pad.

And my little butterfly and flower alighting on the seam binding bow.
Lastly of course as always the inside to finish.
Well I hope you enjoyed this my first time out with the lovely team and I want to thank them and Julie and everyone at CWC for having me and also all the lovely visitors to the blog, I hope you managed to get yourself some bargains I know I will be and I look forward to seeing you all for another post on Sunday 10th Feb and as this wasn't my Official day Big hugs to Emma for letting me stand in for her. Thanks also so much to Karen Hayselden who helped me get started today even though she says I sound south haha, Thats so funny. Bless you Karen.  Mwaaa

Crafty Hugs to all