Thursday, 30 October 2014

Creative Expressions Thursday

Hi lovelies

Even though I am a couple of days before the end of the month with the permission of my pal's at Creative Expressions to save a little time as I am rushing for some show prep for the 3rd Nov I have started the next months DT items which for me is a Christmas theme with whatever stamps we have that are christmassy, we could have chosen the silhouette dancers also but I thought as I made all them lovely samples for Christmas for the show just gone i would show some of them over this month.

Ramble over haha so to begin...
I have actually two cards for you today as really this  first one which is my favourite, as it all wintery white and christmassy but really only has one stamp on it which is the sentiment, the rest is done with glitter, a mask and die cuts and as Creative expressions is all about stamping on the team I feel this one wouldn't be fair as much as I love it.

 I love the classy elegance of this colour scheme, it is so timeless and will work for all Christmas times till the end of days(slightly dramatic but hey) . It was created using the products I took onto C&C this week, the 6x6 mask with hanging baubles and Sue's two tone of glitter technique which I love, I also adore these new white flowers which as you saw take the spritzes so well also.

 Here is a close up and you can see the pin branch die from Couture Creations here with lots of white glitter added from the glitter jewels diamond snow. Some pearl bead string sets it off too.

The sentiment was from the Just rite signs of Christmas sentiment set and is perfect here in gold embossing to match the polished silk glitters.

Card number two in this Christmassy twofer is using the fabulous Applique Christmas labels one stamp set from Just Rite. Using the funky ginger bread person ( must be technically correct hey lol).

 I created this one by first stamped out the stitched stars background from Just rite which is so hard to see on camera but for once look how it picked up the glitter lol this was soooo gorgeous and sparkly.
I stamped out my candy canes and ginger bread image and I used the heart buttons to stamp on the tummy and colour all with distress markers.

 I also stamped out the gorgeous cute Poinsettia and kept it single as I wanted to show the shading and of course the little die cuts underneath for on the show. I also used the sentiment from the same Just rite set. The ribbon is the bright red crinkle edge although it looks a little orange on screen as it is against a darker red on the card but in person it is phone box red ( well old phone boxes haha)

 I tried every thing to get the red stamping on the background to show up but you can only just see it on here but I assure you it is there . Arrgggg.

Anyway I hope you like today's two Christmas cards and I look forward as always to reading your thoughts and comments which is always something at the end of the day I look forward too very much.
Today is back to the rain and cold as I am typing this (wed) so I am hoping we have a little more of that lovely sunshine from the weekend as it certainly helps to see the sun in the sky doesn't it.

Have a great day and see you with more info soon.


Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Visible Image Wednesday

Hi Folks

Wow Huge thank yous to all who watched, emailed into the C&C shows I did Monday and all the facebook, twitter, and emails I got too. I am so proud to have you all as my Internet friends and although the demos were all easy quick ones for this Christmas show I felt like you were all there right with me so thank you so very much. Your all so incredibly generous and kind. I am Thankful for YOU.

Now today is my Visible Image posting day of course and as gas has been a bit thin on the ground this week I think I was feeling a little chilly and the autumnal feel of my card for today maybe gives it away haha. I just love the colours on this one and love this seasons texture in cards if not the cold .

 Here is today's card with one of my favourite sentiments, I just love the font and the gorgeousness of the curls and simplicity of the words too. Perfect.

 So using the new Poinsettia set from fabby Visible Image I used the large leaf and clear embossing powder on a 4" by 6" piece of white card.

 I stamped the leaf randomly using Perfect medium embossing ink and the clear powder and heat set.

I then chose all these colours from Lord Holtz of Ranger city. Here we Have Dried Marigold, Rusty Hinge, peacock feathers, vintage photo and walnut stain. I used all of them in two layers in the usual way I ink with the pattern I have used many times here on the blog.

 Once I added the colours I ran some vintage photo around the edge and used the Poinsettia in the corresponding colours to stamp onto the background so it would just have a layer in between the leaves which are now resisting any inks because of the embossed leaves. I also spritzed some drips of water and dabbed it off with a tissue leaving some large blobs and then I had a white paint marker which i flicked at the card too. I then heat set all and mounted onto turquoise and the white card and added some frayed burlap to the left side.

I had a small chippie piece which I got the other week when I went to see Pauline on the team and our lovely Hazel in Hazels shop Dragon Paper crafts in Rugby a few weeks ago and we all went to the local pound shop and I got a couple of these sets and thought it would go nice in rusty hinge on this project so I inked it randomly before adding to the card.
 I also added some Rusty hinge and some Vintage photo to the edge of the Sentiment that I stamped onto a small tag for the card.
 Next I took them same inks and used again the leaf and stamped it n mixed colours  and began cutting them out just randomly , it does not have to be perfect as nature is not perfect and no two leaves will be the same.
 I also decided to emboss one of the sheets of stamped leaves in clear embossing powder to give some of them a shiny look while still allowing them to be manipulated into shape.
At this stage I also added some string around the burlap and added 2 corner pieces in chipboard to and adhered the fancy strip I inked earlier I also added some small string pieces in sections with a small knot to each just for a little added interest. I went around all the leaves after cutting them out to ink the white edges and laid them all out in the colours to make sure a good blend. I added the sentiment onto some foam and laid it onto the card on the burlap on a slight angle.

Once added I started laying down the leaves some flat but a little curled edges etc, and some on foam to raise a little. I added the colours randomly without putting two the same next to each other too much. Once done I simply added a chocolate backing piece and some sparkly brown bling in a few places.
Here is the card totally finished.

I also then found a little charm that says live your dreams on it and thought it would go well with the gorgeous sentiment so added this too.

 Here are two slightly different pieces so  I thought I'd share them both so I hope you like them.

   I think you can just see the poinsettia in the background but in person you can see it very clearly.      
Here are the stamps I used for this one.  

                     Just making memories.                                    Poinsettia stamp set.
  If any of  you like to do scrapbook layouts of the project life things and like to add sentiments etc wouldn't this one be a great one to add to the top of journalling tags etc or as the focal point to the bottom of an image say a picture of you with the babies or grand babies. Lovely. The poinsettia is stunning too with a modern twist on the classic Flower of Christmas time. 

Thank you again to all for being with me Monday and hope you will be with me again on the 3rd November for the next shows on C&C too. I am already starting to pull together some of the samples so keep your eye out for sneaky pics on the channel very soon.

Love to all and see you tomorrow.


Sunday, 26 October 2014

Visible Image day

Hello all my lovelies

Ohhh I know you have all been wondering what I have been up to and the answer is prepping for Mondays shows on C&C, 9a.m and 2pm, so I hope you can join me and email in as you know I love hearing all your thoughts and its so good knowing I have my Internet family watching.

I have been meaning to catch up with all the winners and comments all week but I just seemed to run out of time, all parcels will be posted out on Tuesday this week so look out for posties, I also have no gas at present so been a little chilly its definitely been one of thoseeeee weeks but I have been prepping for Monday's shows and getting another show together fast for the 3rd November so anyway one of the lovely Visible image team , Sam stepped in and covered me on Wednesday and so I am doing today so Huge thanks to her for helping me out.
I thought I'd use my gorgeous Enchanting Snowflake stamps from Visible Image this week and teamed it with a classically timeless sentiment and keep it pretty and fairly simple with mica powders and embossing, well I hope you like it.

I used two different tonal purples here in cardstock and used ivory embossing powder rather than white  to blend in the the ivory paper. I stamped out the smaller snowflake around the backing edge of the frame piece of card with Versamark and used an interference colour Mica which looks silver in certain lights and a bluey/lilac in other, very pretty. I also used the same mica on the edges of the flowers too.

 Here is a closer look and you can now see the backing a little better and the lilac on the mica more.
I love purple and ivory or cream , I used those colours for my daughters bedroom and she still loves it. I have never really been a Christmas red and green colour person but to me this is just gorgeous in these colours and the snowflakes are so crisp but still have that vintage feel to them. Gorgeous.

Here is a close up on the first little cluster with the bow and you can see the stem I cut off the little flowers I twisted around a pokey tool to create a little curly q to add to the flower and some other little stamens just to make it a little more interesting.
 I snapped this little corner so you can see the mica on the stamps in the backing here. soo Pretty and sparkly in real life. The cameras just never seem to pick up sparkle well unless it full on bling.

 This was the 2nd little bunch in the top right of the card, you can also see the two colours in the card used on the layers in this one a little better.

Finally here is the longer shot to show the layers etc. I hope you like this one, the font is so clear and sharp to stamp with , perfect image for Visible Image.haha

Ok so here are the stamps I used on this one.

                               Enchanting Snowflakes                    Christmas and New year.

Aren't they pretty , I can also imagine then used with all the gorgeous colours of metal flakes out there now lovely.

Anyway my lovelies thank you to all those who sent me their addresses so I can send your prizes out and don't forget to watch on Monday and email in to the show so you have the chance of getting more cards and goodies. I really do read them all even if we aren't allowed to keep them now.

Thanks again to our Sam for helping me on Wednesday and I look forward to catching up with you all very soon .

Lots and lots of love to all



Sunday, 19 October 2014

Winners Announcement.

Good Evening all my Internet family.

Well I finally have all the winners chosen and can let you know so I can get the addresses off you all for prize posting.

So I did a number of drawings from Post 1 which was the one you were all leaving comments on for the 200 follower giveaway and as a surprise I thought I would choose three more winners from post 2 to win a card and something made from me.

So these are the winners from Post 1. (Day 1)

Post 1 Main Prize WINNER  PAT S WITNEY. Comment Number 13.
Post 1, 2nd Prize WINNER JO. Comment number 4.
Post 1, 3rd Prize WINNER BRIDGET CG.Comment number 3.
Post 1, 4th Prize WINNER  MRS B.Comment number 16.
Post1, 5th Prize WINNER  LANCASHIRE STEPH. Comment number 19.

****  Prize 1, Main prize wins the donated goodies from CE and lots of goodies from me. (lucky thing)
***  Prizes 2-5 are all goodies from me to you. Still fabulous gifts from me to you.

Winners from Post 2. (Day 2)

1.Patricia Howarth  Comment 10
2. Carol Edwards Comment 4
3. Jan Sharp Comment 9.

Ladies you all win a card and a little something from me too.

Ok well tomorrow I will gather up all the goodies to photograph before sending and I will need you all to email me on to give me your addresses so I can get these prizes out to you.
Congratulations to all the winners which have all been chosen on, I do have all the pictures but am still trying to import them all over but I will email them to anyone who would like to see a copy of them if needed.
I hope you didn't mind me not putting up the pictures of the goodies before we chose the winners , my thinking was it is nice for all the ladies on here regulars and ones joined to have a chance to win but as we publish on lots of social media sites , people would see the prize and simply join for that. I love having new followers as much as I do all the people that have been here from day 1 but some people never come back after scooping a big prize so I thought Id leave pictures til after, and you get a nice spruce too. Those who saw my last giveaways know I am very generous too..... woo hoo .....

Ok I am keeping this one short as it is just to announce the winners 
So send me your addresses ladies asap and I will get the prize info and pics and most importantly The Prize out to you.

Well done everyone and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here with  me and being fantastic blogglies..

and love.


200 Blogglies and a giveaway continued...

Hi folks

Well thank you is certainly a huge  huge word in my vocabulary to you lovely blogglies , I am humbled by the lovely lovely kind words you have given me regarding yesterdays post and all the older art work.Bless you all.
I thought I'd give everyone a chance as some of the regulars hadn't popped on yet to get there votes in for the drawing so I am going to draw the winner this afternoon and have a 2nd post today wooo hooo can you believe that then... so make sure you come back.
Anyone arriving from any other social media site, welcome , please have a good look round and become a subscriber and then leave a comment on yesterdays post (link here) then you will also be involved in the huge giveaway that will be chosen by this afternoon.

So to continue yesterday's story of reminiscing through Art.

We had gotten to some small part of the artwork created during my time at Heartfelt on the team. Next I showed them some of my own drawings and they asked me to join them as one of their contributing artists and since then I have contributed art for several collections including this one

I also drew some others that haven't been released yet so I cannot show you just yet but the latest collection out is called All Geared Up and 7of this collection  was hand drawn by myself  and you can view it here . It is very different in that my brief was to do some more masculine but feminine cogs and flowers , hmmmm you say well I think I managed, some of the drawings were very detailed and took ageeeesss, like this one.
I hope you will have a peep at them as although they aren't everyonescuppa, you can all appreciate the hard work gone into them I am sure.. There are pages on Pinterest also dedicated to this collection worth looking at  to see what the designers created.

So back to the journey , at this stage I was also designing cards for a team called Memory Maze lazor cuts in Australia  which was a 6 month term and they had the most intricate little chippie pieces to include in creations, below is a few of the cards I created for them during my term Feb-July 2013 , I carried on until Aug-Sept actually. So here is some of the work I created for them during my term.

I used their intricate chippie pieces for the feathers and best wishes on this one.

Alot of my cards were of a masculine theme for some reason then too as I liked some of the bold sentiments in chipboard , I also stamped with the chippie into melted utee for the effect in the centre.

These two can only be classed as cutesy cards and , Memory maze also had some items they call, "Stackums", which to us is Decoupage , so I created a box and added some decoupage to the top and some Easter goodies inside and a cutesy 'It's a boy' card.

I made a little easel card for this one , the chippie pieces were huge , the lantern clock and the dancers etc. I used some gorgeous Prima papers called Engraver for this one, I love those and still 'stroke'them from time to time haha. ( don't make out you don't all do it lol).

I was well and truly designing lots of cards for Craftwork Cards over on their blog all the way through the above and here are just a few of those designs too.

 Something a little different .

The art of paper floristry wreath, which was photographed and went into the booklet for the collection also.
This was a really vintage Christmas collection.

I used one of their 6x6 boxes and decorated it here in my own way.

A large box frame and the botanica collection.
As you can imagine there was many many more .

So then , I went to Aly Paly for the first time at their craft show and I met the lovely Helen and Mark from Visible Image. We had a lovely chat and I got in touch with them as soon as I saw they were having a Design team call and tried out for the team. Lucky enough I got through and the rest as they say is history, You have all seen many many of the creations but here is just a few of my favourites.

This was one of the first Canvases I created for Visible Image and I still love it lots.

 Thinking of you.

I loved the colours in this one.
                                                     From the Saucy Corset image.

                                                  To layering embossed backgrounds.
                                             And of course the Canvas from 2 weeks back
I loooooove this one.

I was also waiting for Creative Expressions to have a Team call for around 6 Months and finally they had a call in Oct 2013 and I entered and got chosen to be on the team. I also was asked to do some tv work by our Sue which was a great day for me, I had never thought of doing tv things I just knew I wanted to teach and inspire and have a few ways to interact with lots of lovely crafters. So I am well on my way. 

I will share more items on the 2nd post later this afternoon , I am only leaving the drawing a little longer to give all the regulars a chance to get on and be involved and also any new people who would like to come and join our family. 

so good luck to everyone don't forget subscribe and leave a comment on yesterdays post to be in with a chance to pick up some super fabby prizes..

Hugs to all