Tuesday 23 July 2013

Mini books !

Hi all well today I have a mini book fest for you all...

I Have 2 mini books very different in appearance but both as lovely I think. Hope you enjoy them.
So how are you enjoying the weather here in old blighty? well would you believe it could even be these temperatures after so many rubbish summers ? Today in places were 34 and in my office it was up to 35 at one point... tooo hot I cry, then almost immediately I get an instantaneous spasm of what can only be called.... GUILT.

           So this is using the fabulous Time flies collection from Craftwork cards.
This is all about butterflies and clocks , cogs , beautiful text etc. A stunning quality collection

Next I have 
Heartfelt Creations
As you can see, a totally different book made from stunning Heartfelt Creations Burst of spendor collection.
I love the romance of this  but which do you prefer?
So what have you all been crafting this week?
 Next month is rumbling ever closer and there are 2 shows  I like to go to, one is Stamperama at Stevenage and the other is the Big stamp and Scrapbook show at Alexandra Palace , I get to see thousands of goodies, all my lovely team mates and get out and about in the crafty world and this makes me very happy haha, so If you are in the UK and can pop down please do.

So for now please leave me a comment and let me know which of these mini books floats your boat and gets your vote.



Saturday 13 July 2013

Making Cards. Blooms in Abundance/Heartfelt Creations Competition time.

Hello to all the lovely blogland folks.

Well as you all can see by the front cover tucked neatly over there  (can you see where I am pointing) no? over on the right hand side and below ( I look like a traffic controller) you can see the front cover to Making cards magazine promo for the August edition 2013.

It took all my will power not to  buy all the 4 copies WH Smith had to offer and in the end I still bought two, one to show and one to keep shiny and new.

When I was told by the lovely Joanne Garwell from Making Cards that My cards may be able to feature in Making Cards I was so extremely happy and have been excited to see it for a while now but never in a million dreams did I think I would get the front cover. Ecstatic isn't the word for it my friends, I am extremely happy.

 As most of you no I am hoping and working hard for a career in this industry as I am very passionate about it, so I'd like to encourage you to have a look at the cover or if you live near somewhere you can see a copy with the 2 page feature please do have a look then pop back here and leave me a comment and let me know what you think.
Of course you will also see lots of cards made by my friends and also there are several competitions and different offers in the publication along with gorgeous free quality papers in the middle to pull out.

 August 2013 Edition.

Right over on Heartfelt Creations at the moment is the stunning new collection called Burst of Splendor and believe me it is gorgeous, and a joy to play with. They have a new launch worth around $150 Dollars every month when the new collections are out and all you need to do is comment on the collection to be in the competition. 
 Here was my box which you can see if you scroll
through the DT items on the Heartfelt Blog.

The official chat on the blog from our lovely Emma Lou Beechy, the creative director goes like this:
"This collection includes a Classic Leaf die that is the perfect botanical addition for every project you create. The Open, Classic and Bold Leaf stamps create depth and variety to your crafty projects. Pick up the Dahlia Cluster, Dahlia Bouquet and Blooming Dahlia stamps to create a stunning floral masterpiece. These background, accent and corner stamps will add a delightful classic touch to every project you create.The Burst of Splendor paper pack is loaded with saturated greens and purples and sprinkled with colourful dahlias and clusters of wildflowers. White and orange dahlias pop out from purple border, bouquet adorned pages. Olive green eggshell patterns, ornate octagons, and wildflower-laden iron gates are splashed with saturated beige's and roasted browns. Brightly coloured tags and journaling blocks complement the climbing ivies and plum hues. This paper pack will make your project even more eye-catching.
Leave a comment on the Heartfelt Creations blog by July 16th and you will be eligible to win the entire release valued at $150.00."

So If you live in America and even if you do not, go and enter and the name drawn after July 16th will win the amazing collection That is extremely generous of them and they do it every month. WOW hey!
 Here is the box open so you can see the lacework more clearly.

And of course a close up of the Dahlia here on the box corner to show how I cut into the flower with a craft knife and pushed up the petal from behind to give it a more raised appearance, just like a flower growing in nature would, more natural I believe.

Ok guys I have more tomorrow 
encourage your friends to come by and join if possible and
please leave any comments below, I love to hear from you all.

Crafty  hugs



Tuesday 9 July 2013

Time really does fly.. Doesnt it?

Hi everyone.

Wow time really does fly doesn't it.
I cant believe it is July already let alone, last week would have been my 25th wedding anniversary if we hadn't have lost our David 2 years ago in December coming. It's been a sad week for sure although I did get a flying visit from my lovely son ( have to say that, he checks my blog grammar lol ) no seriously  he is lovely and was good to have us all together all be it just the three now.

I digress. So without further ado I want to show you some of the things I have working on for my teams this week.

This was for Heartfelt Creations using their fabulous collection for June which was Gateway to the seasons and deliciously girlie in shades of pink etc.
 This is a close up to show you how I snipped into the gate to make it look a bit different, You can compare it to another card coming soon.
Here is The vintage floret die I used to make this rose and then glittered it using a spray varnish and tipping liberal amounts ( oodles and oodles to be precise) all over each flower.

Next I made a frame for Craftwork cards so I thought I would add this to today's post too.
This was made using Craftwork Cards gorgeous Tea Dance collection and I loved the little bows all die cut in the pad for ease of use. This was really fun to make using a doily or 2 and the brilliant Candi as always.
This month Craftwork has launched its amazing Time flies collection which I Have had my sticky mitts on so I will have some pieces up soon.
As always a close up so you can see the lovely paper, And the bow I mentioned , I mean how easy a bow from paper.

Lastly some news.. I had the honour of using Craftwork Cards Sweet pea collection from times past to create a project of cards which is to be published in Making Cards magazine for August. I am so very lucky to be now associated with them and feel honoured to have my work published , If you know me you will know this is another rung on a long ladder as I feel a career in the craft industry would be my ultimate goal. I hope if you in England you will get to see a copy it should be out very soon and it will be for August. Huge thank you to Joanne who liaises and books us for work as she has been extremely patient with her newbie and feel honoured to work with her. Yayyyy.

OK guys, more tomorrow.

Have a great Tuesday