Sunday, 29 December 2013

Discover your wings tutorial.

Hello lovelies

Well I hope you have all had a lovely few days over Christmas relaxing chatting and well lets face it eating haha. I certainly have,  my son's home from University and so Both the kids and I are all together, well until Monday and my special son will be off again. I can get used to him being at home that's for sure and it doesn't matter how many times he leaves and goes back its just as horrible as the first time (soppy mum).
Right enough of that today I have The card for you from Sue Wilson's show on C&C as I had promised a number of ladies a step by step and haven't had chance until now so here we have the card to look at finished to refer to.

 Discover your wings.

So here we go we are working with the gorgeous Taylored Expressions stamps called, 'Discover your wings'.
  • Hold the large stamp in your hand and hold your finger over the head of one of the dandelion clock heads. dip it into your perfect medium and stamp it randomly onto white card , Mine is A5 and I wiped an anti static bag over first to stop finger prints and other problems occurring.
  • Take your time as the perfect medium is just a sticky ink and takes a while to dry, pour over the clear embossing powder and heat with heat gun until all  melted

So choose your colours, you can see I chose 2 shades of 2 colours and black soot.
I have Faded jeans and Chipped Sapphire in the blues and Wild honey and Rusty hinge in the oranges. Have also 2 largish piece's of cut and dry foam or 2 blending tools at the ready too.

Remember this first layer of Ink that goes down will be patchy which does not matter.... This is where folks give up but try to ignore it and just keep circular motions going and get the ink down and damp so you can move it round well. If you manage to get a corner or tool mark then use that spot to place one of your butterflies when we get there and do not worry about it. If it really doesn't work all you lose is a bit of card. Start again, make tea, grumble but don't give up. (not on my watch girls lol).

  • So just to explain as I did on the show I always work with the two corners and a side rule, now in no way do you have to do this but for me it always works if I do but as long as the colours are random it will work, However if you try to make it all neat for some reason it will not look right, I suppose because nature is random and certainly isn't perfect and even just beautiful.
  • You can see the white of the card showing through the clear embossing from the flower heads that we did earlier and now you can see the 4 colours that I have emphasised around the those embossed parts which is a basic resist technique. ( I will be starting some simple videos very soon on how to do all these things so you can save them and follow along)
  • Next take the smaller butterfly from the set and stamp about 2 of each colour and stay with in its own colour eg. used wild honey and stamp 2 butterflies randomly in the orange section, then take faded jeans and stamp 2 randomly in the blue section.
  • You can see those butterflies now in the background and some depth is needed so use some black archival ink (or versafne) and stamp the same butterfly around 3 times once in the grass and a couple times higher up, leaving room for 2 white dragonflies too. 
  • Take your largest stamp and wipe the perfect medium off the dandelion clock and dry then use the same Archival(versafine) and stamp the long grassy border to the bottom of the card, it does not matter one jot if you miss a bit or it doesn't reach the bottom cos we can take a black pen and fill it in or use some black ink to create little black half circles like in the bottom of the grass above.
  • Next take some of the inspirational words like Dream or Beautiful , pursue happiness etc and stamp them in black randomly also. This is the time to just very lightly go round the edge of the card with your black soot with a very light hand. Now take a cloth or a semi dry baby wipe and clean off the resist clock heads done in step one and just buff them up with a bit of kitchen paper to remove the ink off the resist and make them shine up.
  • Stand back and admire what you have achieved so far.. little tap on back me thinks.. well done guys.. now you have depth, colour composition, a resist technique with inks and perfect stamping too. yay
  • Next layer. 

  • Dry all your layers of ink , make a cuppa tea. (2 sugars please) Blast the whole thing with a heat gun( careful over the embossed bits though) then rub over the whole thing with your anti static pad again. If you do not, the next step is  more heat embossing to pull out your front layer with the dimension aspect but if the ink isn't dried then the powder will stick to the inks and you will have white powder all over everywhere and it will look mottled. So do the drying and this is why I make a cuppa at that point as you won't be tempted to play too soon.
  • So stamp each dragon fly from the set , tip on the white embossing powder, I use the True white from Creative Expressions but you use what you have.
  • Melt it on with your heat gun. If you keep a dry old paintbrush handy  before you melt it on you can brush off any strays (hairs not dragons or flies u understand).
  • At this point I took a black pen with a tiny point and went around the dragonfly patterns inside the wings and around the tail and outside of body too, it just makes it stand out a little.
  • I also used a white pen, just a few dots on the plants and grasses, butterflies etc for some Highlights.
  • I ran a thin strip of double sided tape along the bottom of the card and tipped on Iced snow which is a chunkier glitter and really pressed it onto the tape well.
  • Now I took a glue quickie pen or you can use a fine nib glue applicator or anything and I used diamond sprinkles a white iridescent glitter very fine and sparkly , I dotted it all over the silhouette flowers and dandelion heads and up the grasses on the wings and anywhere really, you want lots of sparkle but classy sparkle.
  • So next matt your picture ( once dry) onto some blue then custard card stock. measure out a larger piece of white and stamp in the corner, 'Discover your wings ' from the set and layer this once dry onto a piece of blue as your last mat.
  • You could add a ribbon to hang up the art or put it into a frame or even a box frame would look good around it. I chose to make a felt flower in the off white that was on our lovely Sue's show in the vintage I added glue and dipped in sparkly and added a large 8mm pearl in the centre, I also stamped water coloured and cut out some of the Heartfelt Creations classic leaves dies. 
So voila there it is guys all done. This week I have a project for Visible image to complete  using a similar technique and so we can get a bit more practise in I will take a lot more pictures and steps for you to see, I will also start to get to grips with some video's for you. I also have the other tutorial to do for the baby card I did on air so I will do that in the next coupld days too.

I also have another of the cards from the show to put on today for you to comment on and let me know what you think, I loved this set I must admit and water colouring it was really easy. let me know anyway and have a great Sunday lovelies.

Sunny Days.

Well there you go , I will get round also to answering all the questions that are left and I do try to answer the messages you leave me too when I can and there isn't too many as I think it's nice to try to get to know you all too.

Lots of love for Sunday and see you soon


Thursday, 26 December 2013

Creative Expressions Boxing day.

Hi Folks, Happy boxing day

Hope you had a lovely day Yesterday and you are enjoying spending time with loved ones and having a lovely Xmas break,
Today I have another card made using the Henna range of singles stamps from Creative expressions.

Something a little different I think.

'You are a fabulous friend'

I have lots of pictures with this one and a step by step guide so you can easily join in and make it with me, if you would like to.
 It features the Henna Mosaic single stamp.
1. I took some light Kraft card and stamped the Mosaic 3 times with Perfect medium and embossed with True white embossing powder. I then hand cut the centre of 2 of the pieces out and used a gold circle die to cut out the largest piece. I also stamped out my sentiment from the Cathedral Lace stamp set and cut out using a spellbinders label.

2. I cut out 2 of the largest shapes from the Delicate doilies spellbinder set from ivory card.

3. I took another piece of Kraft card and stamped and embossed again with True white powder  and perfect medium to create my backing piece.

4. I then used Vintage photo Distress Ink to go around the outer edge of every piece you have cut out already.

5. I then cut another piece of Kraft and used The Creative Expressions piercing ruler to go round the edge of this piece. Once complete mat onto Ivory card with a small edge.Set aside.

6. I wrapped 3 pieces of natural raffia around the bottom of the backing piece of card that we stamped earlier and a smaller piece I tied around all 3 pulling them together at one end.
I then matted it onto a piece of Ivory card.

 7. I used a white pen with flowing ink and drew some white faux stitching and dots around the edges of each piece too.

8. Take the piece you matted earlier and add some dimensional foam to the back to raise it up from the backing card just a little, then add it to the backing pieces from earlier.

9. Adhere your 2 doilies to the top area of the card with cosmic shimmer glue as these need to be flush to the card.Then add foam to each of the Henna pieces and add the first to the card.

10. Build your other two pieces on top. Then tie a bow with more raffia and add this to the card. Then I wrapped a piece of jute cord and threaded the sentiment onto it and added that on top of the bow. I then added the ribbon rose.

11.Lastly, I added some large 8mm pearls to the Ribbon rose and the centre of the Henna centre piece.I also added smaller 5mm pearls to the Doilies as you will see in the last two pictures.

 A different angle before the pearls were added.

 A finished look at the card made from Kraft and Ivory card stock and white embossing for a different look.

I hope you enjoyed this step by step look at making this fairly simple card and hope you will join me for more tutorials so if there is anything you would like to see then please do not hesitate to drop me a line and I will of course add the pictures on to the blog.

Have a great Boxing day and I will be back really soon.



Saturday, 21 December 2013

Competition winner and more.

Hi All
Hope your all having a great week so far. I still cannot believe we are at December at all let alone Christmas, where does the time go, My old dad used to say that once you hit 21 all the years after seem to just fly by but I tell you they seem to really gain some speed after 30 then 40 hit... gosh where is this locomotion speeding off to now haha.
Right as promised we have a winner for the 100 follower competition and that was 33 Miss Louise please step forward and claim your prize.
 I used to pick out the number and this is your prize, it is a Spellbinder die set, a Just Rite sentiment stamp set.2 Wendy Vechi adornments and a card of mine signed from the show Sunday.
I am going to make a regular competition a feature of the blog so watch out for that everyone.

Now I have so many thanks to send out to you all for your wonderful support and comments not only here but also on Create and Craft via emails into the show I read them all and was over whelmed by your generous welcomes and lovely words also on facebook and those seeking out my blog to follow after the show had finished.
I have had several queries left in the comments so here are the answers.

Karen asked if I could do a tutorial for the card I did with the inks 'Discover your Wing's when hers arrive she can follow it so yes Karen of course I will do that for you this week in stages for you to follow.

I was also asked if I could start a you tube channel and add some video tutorials and the answer to that is definitely I will look into doing that for you guys and getting some things up soon.

Pat also asked about what the backing stamp was in the last card I did, well It was The Rose Background and I have linked it here so you can have a look at it.

This week I also created a little piece of art for Heartfelt Creations which I thought you may want to see so here it is.
 Live in the moment.

Hope you like it, it will be winging its way to America as soon as possible so I thought it was quite cute with its pretty sweet Juliet flowers.

I will also this week be showing all the card samples that I made for Sues show Sunday so you will get to see them much closer , I will continue to blog over Christmas so please stop by.
Also if you would like to see how anything is done or something specific feel free to let me know in the comments and I will get it done for you.

Welcome again to all my new lovely followers and Thank you all again  for your over whelming support and kindness, I look forward to being back on C&C in January and with more competitions too. Louise please email within 5 days for your prize and it will be yours if not I will re do the number generator if unclaimed.

Have a great Saturday lovelies and will see you all later with that card tutorial for Karen and everyone who was lucky enough to get the discover your wings set from Tailored expressions.



Thursday, 19 December 2013

Creative Expressions Thursday.

Hi Everyone.
Creative Expressions Thursday and so I created this little number.
I just love how it turned out and love all the plum card, just cant get enough of this colour lately. I used the wonderful Henna range of singles stamps for December design team work .
I also used the tattered floral dies from heartfelt creations to create the flower and the rose buds in the top corner.

Hope everyone is leaving messages still on the competition post from Monday as tomorrow is your last day to enter to win, I have over 100 followers now so this is in aid of this and to thank all my lovely followers for being on this journey with me.
Have a great day 



Monday, 16 December 2013

Competition time.

Woo hoo

Well. I'd like to thank everyone who emailed into the show on Create and Craft  yesterday, I was making my debut on the lovely Sue Wilson's show also everyone who sent me personal messages etc and with all the new followers I have now reached my 100 so all the promises of a competition when I get to 100 has happened so for everyone following the blog and leaving me a comment below between now and Friday night at 5 I will pick a  winner with and they will win a lovely prize, I not saying what it is yet but it will be worth around £30 yay and a little thank you from me for being here on this journey with me.
I had a lovely time at the show and everyone was so lovely and really helped me there and this really is the start of something special so my thanks to all you guys, and on facebook all the amazing notes of support.
I thought I would show the card that I created on The Tool Shed at 12 yesterday first With The discover your wings collection from The New Taylored Expressions line now sold at Creative Expressions.

Then later on the 5pm show I loved Sue's black and white card wasn't it just gorgeous. I did the pink girly version of the blue baby card with The bundle of joy stamp set.

I had so many welcoming emails and lovely comments it really is very touching to see the lovely support received and I appreciate every single one so a huge huge Thank you.

Right back to the competition, I will plug it all week so all you need is to be a follower and leave a comment, simples...and I will announce Friday at around 6 ish, P.s I will also send you one of my cards from the show with your gift.
So what are you waiting for. ?



Sunday, 15 December 2013

Visible Image Sunday

Hi Everyone

Today is my day to post for Visible image so I have done a very quick card as this week I have been a little on the crazy busy side with arty stuffs.
I hope you like it but it is a little less inky than usual, see what you think?

I used the Beauty is Art set and I love it.
  • I started by stamping the main image in black archival ink on a rectangle cut from a spellbinder rectangle that I inked and embossed with clear embossing powder he word beauty and used faded jeans Distress ink over it.
  • I took a larger piece of card and stamped thew words in faded jeans all around, I then cut a frame out from the dies and mounted that on foam about the artwork. I cut a flower from felt and added a pearl and some dazzlers to the frame. 
  • Lastly I cut a small oval, stamped the art word and added some metal legless brads to it and stuck it to the top of the frame, with a bow added with the flower to the bottom left.
Told you it was a quick one.
The reason is that today is my debut on Create and craft TV. I am on the tool shed with the fabulous Sue Wilson for Creative Expressions at 12-2pm and then again for another hour at 5pm.  I hope you can stop by and check out how it goes or even email in to the show at Studio@createand craft.TV to win a card made either by sue or me.
Thank you to everyone sending me their support and love  on facebook etc and I hope you will say hi during the show.
Welcome to all the new guys joining the blog too and yayy only a few more and it will be competition time wooo hoo.
here's some more pics of my card.

Have a great Sunday all and come and see me on the Tele box...



Thursday, 12 December 2013

Creative Expressions Thursday & some news.

Hi all.

Well who knew it could be so foggy , I looked out this morning and could not see a thing , silly me thinks wiping the window would make a difference haha, oh dear.

Anyway I have something a little different for you today, I have used the Henna Mandala stamp this time but I kinda think it has a Moroccan look, what do you think?

The background stamp is from an older set called Time and has a diamond print set over an old script which I stamped several times in black archival ink, I then added lots of Dusty Concord and Bundled sage inks , Then I made up some white acrylic paint wash and some lilac too and spritzed it onto the inked card. I blasted it with a heat gun to dry.

Next I ran it through The super powder puff Embossing folder to get the pattern and used a gold pen to highlight the pattern.I matted this piece onto Soft gold card and then Milk card.
I cut out 2 Spellbinders borders in soft gold too but inked with black soot to change it slightly, and added top and bottom on the background.

I stamped the Henna stamp onto Milk card and then coloured in with a mix of Cosmic shimmer water colour paints but very thickly and Gold pen and once it was dry I coated it in 2 coats of clear embossing powder over Perfect medium ink. I cut out the stamped image with the backing die from the Delicate doilies die from Spellbinders, and hand cut a milk matt from Milk card.

I also used a sentiment from the time set, simply 'Imagine' which I cut out with a banner die.
I had a cherub leaning on his arms button, so I cut the shank off the back and mounted it on the bottom of the card above the sentiment.

I added the coloured and embossed image onto the background using foam to raise it up a little.
I had a fancy flat Accoutrement in a bronze colour so I used The creative expressions waxes to change the colour and dded it to the centre.

So definitely a little different but I really like the result, what do you think, You cant see all the Mica and shine as well in the photos but it is very sparkly.

So I would like to share some news with you ,

 I  have been asked by Creative Expressions to do some shows on Create and Craft and my first appearance will be on the lovely Sue Wilson's show this coming  Sunday at 12 on The Tool Shed and again at 5pm so please join us if you can and if you would like to send me some emails live I would really love to hear from you ( might calm my nerves a little hey haha)
I am extremely excited and looking forward to bringing you some great shows with lots of goodies too, So a huge thanks to Sue for helping me prepare and to Tracey my friend who tirelessly send me all the goodies so I can get some samples done for the show too. Fingers crossed for me. Yayyyyy...

Have a great day everyone and see you soon with more blog [posts and on the Tele ... who knew lol