Monday, 16 December 2013

Competition time.

Woo hoo

Well. I'd like to thank everyone who emailed into the show on Create and Craft  yesterday, I was making my debut on the lovely Sue Wilson's show also everyone who sent me personal messages etc and with all the new followers I have now reached my 100 so all the promises of a competition when I get to 100 has happened so for everyone following the blog and leaving me a comment below between now and Friday night at 5 I will pick a  winner with and they will win a lovely prize, I not saying what it is yet but it will be worth around £30 yay and a little thank you from me for being here on this journey with me.
I had a lovely time at the show and everyone was so lovely and really helped me there and this really is the start of something special so my thanks to all you guys, and on facebook all the amazing notes of support.
I thought I would show the card that I created on The Tool Shed at 12 yesterday first With The discover your wings collection from The New Taylored Expressions line now sold at Creative Expressions.

Then later on the 5pm show I loved Sue's black and white card wasn't it just gorgeous. I did the pink girly version of the blue baby card with The bundle of joy stamp set.

I had so many welcoming emails and lovely comments it really is very touching to see the lovely support received and I appreciate every single one so a huge huge Thank you.

Right back to the competition, I will plug it all week so all you need is to be a follower and leave a comment, simples...and I will announce Friday at around 6 ish, P.s I will also send you one of my cards from the show with your gift.
So what are you waiting for. ?




  1. I thought you did great Kim, stunning cards and loved the products, hope to see you on TV again soon.

  2. Hi Kim. I just had to hunt you down after your debut show on CC yesterday, and congrats, you did a great job. Your demo's were just exquisit, delightful and so pretty. Im not lucky enough to be able to buy lots of craft goodies, and am in the process of saving for the e-bosser, reason being, I have bad arthritis in both hands (apart from other parts) but my Big Shot just hurts so bad I need something that doesn't cause me pain to use. So consquently Im limited to what I can do as card making has moved on with A4 folder's etc and I've stood still so to speak !
    Im really looking forward to browsing your blog now Ive found you and hopefully visit you everyday from here on.
    I know you will continue to wow all addicts of yourself, Sue, Julia and Nikki with every show you do and Im really looking forward to seeing you again on tv soon.
    Well done Kim.
    Love n Hugs.
    Lancashire Steph xx

  3. too bad I can't see the show here in The Netherlands but I love the card you posted. it's a true beauty :)) xxx

  4. Hi Kim
    Enjoyed your demonstrations yesterday especially your tip on colour blending, looking forward to following your blog
    Best wishes, Pat

  5. Well done, Kim!
    So happy to see all the good things happening for you...well deserved. Beautiful cards!

  6. Hi Kim,
    You did fantastically well on Cand C yesterday, there didn't seem to be any nerves and you demoed the cards beautifully I loved them both and it's great to see them up close today on your blog
    Hope to see more of you on C&C in the future.

    Sheila xx

  7. Hi Kim congrats on your debut show, something really different, I loved the blue and yellow card, really stunning. Found your blog and liked the sort of work you do, just ordered some stamps and so keen to get going.. Well done, and looking forward to more of the same.

  8. Hello Kim, I'm one of your new followers, and delighted to be one too. I watched you make this card yesterday and plan to give your technique a try - just as soon as I have a bit of free time. Love the effect you achieved with your inking and stamping. You did well on C&C - I'd be terrified and shaking like a leaf but you were as cool as cucumber - even the presenter remarked on how steady your hand was :) Look forward to seeing you demonstrate again. Elizabeth

  9. Hi Kim
    Just to say I enjoyed your demos at the weekend. Beautiful cards!
    Anne O

  10. Morning Kim, Wow !! Wow !! Wow !! I absolutely loved your shows on Sunday, and a huge welcome to you. I am one of your new followers, and I am absolutely loving all your samples and your demo's were gorgeous.
    I am 'over the moon' that you have showcased these two cards today, as I loved them so much that I ordered all the components and am eagerly awaiting delivery. I now have a visual piccie to go by, although I have already forgotten how you got to this end result haha, it's an 'age' thing haha, but I will definitely be giving these a try.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  11. Morning Kim Stunning just stunning, I have ordered the stamps you used as I think they will be very useful. I am one of your new followers and sat and watched both shows on Sunday - you make it look so easy

  12. Kim, your demo's were so good, and your samples were amazing. You showed and described everything so clearly, that I expect people who have not tried your techniques before, will have a go now. Here's to seeing more of your on our gogglebox, well done honey. Hugs P xxx

  13. Really enjoyed the show yesterday and loved your card. Look forward to seeing you more on Create and Craft.

  14. Hi Kim, I am also one of your new followers after watching you on C&C. I loved your samples especially the yellow and blue one. It must have been nerve racking especially with Martyn trying to rush you (which I thought was very rude) but i thought you're a natural. Look forward to seeing you again on tv.

  15. Hi Kim, I'm yet another new follower after seeing your lovely card demo on C&C. Would love you to write a tutorial on how you made your card so that when my stamps arrive I can try and replicate. Looking forward to future demos. Karen

  16. Hi Kim, so glad to see your cards on here, I have just got to get the stamps, It was fabulous seeing different techniques. I will definitely follow your blog and will look out for your shows, Happy Crafting Jean x

  17. Dear Kim
    Fantastic card, the best I have seen for ages, I loved the colours and the layering you did - it was truly beautiful and lots of hard work to get it prepared for the show in all the stages.

    Lovely to get some new products and ideas, well done for your first show. Even my son thought the card was gorgeous

  18. Hi Kim,

    I really enjoyed your demo of the ' Discover your wings' set. I wasn't fortunate enough to get it so I hope it comes back into stock as I can't wait to have a go of this technique myself. I'm not all that good at blending but going to have a go all the same. I am going to watch both yours and Sues demos again to get some more tips and ideas. I must say you looked as though you had been a demo all your life, you were calm and natural despite working with Martin. I look forward to following your blog and seeing you again soon on C&C. TC crafty hugs Rachel x

  19. Hi Kim
    What wonderful shows on Sunday. I really enjoyed your relaxed, easy-going style of demos and you explained what you where doing very well. Your cards were stunning, both very different but with their own distinct style. I wish you well for the future...this is only the beginning
    Hugs Sharon Kirkwood x

  20. I think I already am a follower as I was on Memory Maze with you.And now I'm leaving a comment, LOL. These cards look amazing, like all your work.

  21. Hi Kim,
    what beautiful cards you made, I LOVE the dragonfly and butterflies one.
    Looking very much forward to seeing more of your creations.
    Hugs, Rose

  22. http://allthingsinky.blogspot.com18 December 2013 at 02:51

    Hi Kim Watched all the show on Sunday and enjoyed your discover your wings card i had to watch it again on the 5.0clock show, Stunning Card love the colours and the stamp set, cant wait to try this and also look forward to seeing more of your creations.

  23. Hi Kim. I am another new follower after seeing your great demos on C & C on Sunday. I loved both of your cards, I couldn't chose between them. Would just like to wish you good luck for 2014, I hope we get to see lots more of you, along with Sue. Take care.

  24. Hi Kim, yet another new follower after seeing you demo with Sue on C&C - although only saw the first demo. Loved the way you demoned and such a lovely card - and felt it was good telling people to have a go and how to correct if necessary. Looking forward to more of your creations.

  25. hi Kim
    Wonderful card with the butterflies and dragonflies - well done on your debut on C&C. Look forward to seeing you more with Sue & Julia!!

  26. Really enjoyed the show, you were wonderful and cant wait for the next show.
    Lin xxxx

  27. Great show on C and C. Nice to see some inky stuff! Love the card you made.

  28. Hi Kim just like to say well done on c&c hope to see you again soon
    Hugs. Lynda xx

  29. Hello Kim,
    I must say that I loved your card on C&C's Tool shed. All the beautiful layers, stamping and colours, it was really amazing and one I will have to try! Discover your wings is a beautiful stamp set and I will be waiting for it to come back into stock. Great tip about the colour blocking with the distress inks - two corners and one side - Thanks for the inspiration
    Joan B.

  30. I love this background Kim!! Gorgeous card.

  31. Well done on your debut on C and C - you're a natural. Your card is gorgeous, love the colourtones and design. Hope you will be back on our screens soon. In the meantime, have a fabulous Christmas and a Happy New Year xx

  32. Gorgeous cards, missed the Tool shed, but saw you creating the beautiful pink baby card, really beautiful work. Thank you for sharing your awesome creations with us.
    Happy Holiday

  33. Hi Kim, I watched your debut on C&C and I thought you did a wonderful job. You were so confident and demonstrated a fabulous card. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of you on TV.

  34. i missed your debut i had to go somewhere but great card is there a repeat or are you on youtube xxx

  35. Thank you so much to all that entered my little competition , I entered all the numbers into number generator to be fair and the number came back 33 so Louise you won, please contact me via here or facebook and Leave me a message with your addy so I can send you your gifts of a spellbinder die, a just rite stamp set and a couple of wendy vechi adornments and a card from the show on sunday of mine. Please contact within 5 days to request your prize. Thank you to everyone for all the wonderful comments and kind words of support, I will be on C&C again at the end of January and I am looking forward to it. I have several suprises coming and will be running regular competitions so please keep checking. Meanwhile I will do a post over the weekend with more of the shows cards and all the answers to all the questions you have left. Love Kim xxx