Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Heartfelt Creations entry.

Dear lovely Bloggers from the lovely blogland...

Sometimes I really wonder if at 43 I am like this, what just what will I be like in 10,20,30 years time haha probably a whole lot inkier and wrinklier I'd say lol...

Anywho, You all know I entered the Design Team call for Heartfelt Creations in the US well I thought I would post my creations today and let you all see what I have been making while quiet this last couple weeks, of course I had all my own DT commitments to make up and I had a lovely package arrive from Stamp addicts and it seems I made it to the semi's for their DT too so have some making to do this week.
The first  Item I made was a card. 
 Below is the inside of my card.

Close up on the dimension of the beautiful vintage floret flowers.
I do have all the instructions how I put these projects together but for today I thought I'd just show what I made, if anyone would like the instructions please just say and I will do another blog post with all the instructions included.

Next item... Think secret Garden.
 Even inside There is flowers and a heart, bling and all matching.
 This really shows the stunning paper , what you can't see is the gold guilding on the edges and the 3 layers of ribbon around the body of the box, it has metal embellie's too.

and lastly Heartfelt creations sent me a want to scrap album to decorate which took a while, with lots of pages so here it is...

I have used all sorts for this one, Air dry clay made the words and heart here with added gold gilt once dry.
Inside front covers.
Next there is room for some photo's , note the lovely cracks... 
Here with have some inspirational sayings on show and in small envelopes for interest plus of course more photo room. Coloured here with Sakura pens.
I am so in love with these papers, and all the dies and stamps match everything so beautifully. 
My last additions to this was some ribbons to help pretty up the rings holding it together and a charm that I made from my beady stash.
The little hand on the chain actually says hand made too which is nice. and it has little bells. The ribbons match well too.

Anyway guys I didn't realise there was lots of voting going on over on the Heartfelt blog or I would have said earlier especially as there was a prize but it has actually closed now and my entry has all been sent and the digital pics have been received so Please keep your fingers crossed for me and hope I get in.. I find out on May 1st so of course I will let you all know..  I would love to see what you think of my entry so feel free to leave me a comment and let me know. I really do read everything written here for me.
Have a great Wednesday and feel free to add my on facebook 
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or come see my Pintrest I have lots on there from My gorgeous DT Craftwork cards 

This weekend of course saw the Brrrilliant Alexandra Palace stamping and scrapbooking show that I first went to six months ago and what fun it was,  on Saturday I went and had company with my son and his young lady who is rapidly becoming a crafter.
It seems, the addiction is definitely a catching hobby haha.. then I went back again Sunday alone for a wander round and ended up on The Craftwork cards stand having a lovely chat with the gorgeous and special Julie Hickey (best hugs ever) and equally lovely Sue Taylor, Plotting the next things for you all to feast your eyes upon.
I ended up  giving an impromptu drawing session to show that 'YES' I can draw yay' haha I absolutely love it and still haven't given up on the dream of producing my own stamps one day.
Anyway this post has turned int  a mahusssive one so don't forget guys I need all that luck for the DT calls.

Big ol crafty hugs


Monday, 8 April 2013

Leibster Awards.

I was so surprised to receive this lovely award from a very special lady in the states who felt I was good enough to win this award. The word Liebster originates from Germany and means  sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome, so you can imagine how chuffed I was to actually get this 

This award was designed to promote blogs which have less than 200 followers. Once the award is accepted, the idea is to pay it forward to five other blogs you enjoy, encouraging others to visit, leave comments, and hopefully follow. 

To accept the award: 
Thank the person who gave it to you and link back to their blog. Post the award on your blog. Give the award to five other bloggers who have less than 200 followers.  
Write a comment on their blog letting them know they have been nominated.  The special lady I need to thank is  Greta and she regularly comes visiting my blog and always congratulates me on good news or just a card she has loved, she has pretty much been with me from the start,

 I don't really know how we found each other as we are so far away from each other but I am extremely happy we did, she makes fabulous cards and artwork and This is the link to her site please go have a look she is a fabulous lady and from the bottom of my heart thank you for thinking of me and sorry it took so long to collect it too. Bless you.

GG Creations

The next fun part is I get to nominate 5 others with less than 200 members.

One of which is a team member of mine called Lucy Ohanyan we have never met but we joined memory maze design  at the same time but her scrapbook layouts are simply gorgeous. I've loved looking at her work the last few months.  You can too here.

Next is sparkly Tina and she is on my Craftwork cards design team her blog is here , again we have yet to meet but I love her style and she is as her name suggests and when I first joined Craftwork cards she was the first to email and wish me such good wishes and of course all the girls did cos they are fabulous.

Here we have Sharm Nidyanandan and again she is from Memory maze and I chose her even though we haven't met or spoken very much its simply cos I love her craft style which is vintage and pretty , Sharm is from Malaysia  her blog is special too and worth a peep. 
Another fabulous team member for Craftwork cards is Linda Walmsley apart from being a lovely lady her style is just gorgeous and  I love it so I am choosing her too , check out her stunning work
here .

Lastly I am honouring Nikki Payne Nikki is new to my blog but she left me such a lovely comment and we had a little chat , I looked and joined her blog and we have a similar style  but above anything I was just inspired at how very lovely she was to a complete stranger bless you Nikki. You can see her craftiness  here.

so girlie's congratulations... please grab your badge at the top of this post and add it to your blogs and link me back here to show who was inspired by your work enough to award you the leibster this time.

The next part for me is to tell 11 things about me so here goes.

1. I am a North London girl originally In the UK.
2.I am obsessed with having a career in the Craft Industry some day.
3. I want my own stamp line from my artwork.
4. I want to start some college courses real soon
5. I am absolutely amazing at massage and want to get a qualification in this too.
6. I am a hairdresser originally .
7. I have 2 children who I worship.
8. I have had My tummy stapled and now have a band, I have lost over 16 stone!
9. lets be honest no one will read on after 8
10. Nope you are still thinking about number 8.
11. and still on 8... Just ask I am an open book.

Have a great day and congrats to all for their awards also xxx