Thursday 28 May 2015

Creative Expressions Thursday

Hi My lovlies

Here I am back again and this time I have another card made from our Phil's Decadent Damask collection, this is my last card with this collection this month as next month sees another set of goodies to make with ..

Next month.... gosh we will soon be in June, can you believe how fast this year has gone, I am stunned by how quick time seems to dash at the moment.

Today is My lovely daughter Mandy's 25th Birthday and I hope you will all join us in wishing her a Happy Birthday. She has grown up into a very fine young lady , smart , intelligent and beautiful and kind, what more could I ever wish for, Happy Birthday my baby, I am so so proud of you... xxx

Now moving on to today's card, I went for the Happy Anniversary sentiment in the Occasions sentiments pack of stamps and decided to do a little tone on tone embossing I hope you like it,

Something very different from yesterday again isn't it?. I thought it looks very elegant and regal even and as the name suggests these colours really do look very Decadent.
I have a little step by step for my lovlies today so keep reading to catch this little how to.

So to start I took a piece of red Foundations card and ran over it with my anti static pad, I rested it on top of another piece of scrap card as we are going to stamp off the edge , it always looks prettier than finishing the pattern before the edge and certainly more professional in my opinion.

I took the largest icon in the decadently Damask Icons and Corners little pack of our Phil's stamps
this time and used my perfect medium ink pad and Clear detail embossing powder from Cosmic shimmer of course as it brings up every detail and really looks good tone on tone on any of the card we use.

Begin off the page as I said and work your way across, you can do it super even if you want that regimented wall paper look or just wing it as it were, I did the later as I know Id be adding extra things atop it and some of the pattern would be covered. Once they are all stamped out with the sticky embossing ink dunk it in the detail embossing ink and heat set and this is what it should look like, You can do whatever coloured card you choose (for instance gold or silver for a wedding anniversary or a particular favourite colour card for say a purple lover etc, Once done I wanted to add a ribbon around the ends of the card and I chose black seam binding for this one.

I ran a strip of double sided  strong tape over and around the back of the card, attached the ribbon at the back of one side and then began ruching the seam binding, it is so easy with this ribbon as it is so thin and pliable and also sticks very easily being so slim. Once you get to the end wrap the ribbon around the back and you are left with lots of little loops which stand up from the backing so we need to stick them down, I did that with a tiny dot of cosmic shimmer on the underside of each tiny loop and holding it to grab for just a second or two.

Mount this piece onto some black card with a very thin border to show from the front.

I decided as I have not done this in a long time to have a double milk mat and layer of card and pierce the edges of the smaller piece as it always finishes a card and gives that elegant feel that goes with this Damask print so very well.

This is how it looks at the moment , at this stage it could even be turned into several hanging chandeliers I think for a themed card and in these colours it could even be a theatre invite or something with a hidden treat even.
Set aside for now then as the base is complete.

I looked through my spellbinders dies and found this gorgeous little piece with the raised embossing
with just a couple of cut outs too, so I cut out two one in black and one in milk card., I used some Worn lipstick distress ink and a very light hand too on the raised areas to highlight the pretty pattern too I added the black one below the white one and offset it just slightly so you can see  a tiny part of the black but enough to make it look elegant without crowding it.
I also had these small square pieces with the inverted cut out corners so I stamped my sentiment and embossed it quickly with the clear detail embossing powder again and then heat set. I again used a little of the worn lipstick Distress ink on the edges very subtly but enough to add a flush on the card. i added the double mat I cut out first with one layer of foam , what you cant see here is there is actually a  hole in the centre of that first piece so I added three layers of foam to the back of our sentiment piece and added it to the card, and it raised the centre just the perfect amount.

After adding the sentiment piece to te base , I decided to keep the rest pretty simple and do a triple bow and maybe some pearls and of course it all had to match.

The bow I kept quite large and added a red dazzler to and I used 8mm earls in black for the corner and stopped there haha. ( walk away)  sometimes that is the hardest part... well for me anyway lol..

The finished card again.

Ok my lovlies I hope you have a really great Thursday , I can already see its gonna be a lovely day

all my love

Wednesday 27 May 2015

Visible Image Wednesday

Hi and good Morning my friends

I hope you are all having a great week I find myself wishing it was Friday already haha (at least it is a short week yay.
How is everyone?let me know how your bank Holiday weekend went and what you go up to below, I managed to get the last couple of posts comments answered again and I will be trying my best to get this weeks done too so if you get chance I have answered your comments so feel free to stop by  and catch up.
Today I have a card using the fab Visible Image stamps and I did some second gen stamping too, I love the result, it came out Looking vintage and Masculine just what I was looking for
I hope you like it too.

I raided my stash of old watch parts etc to get the tiny weeny little cogs that are spilling out from under the car picture haha. I look for things I can use all the time now whatever shop I am in I manage to be thinking whether or not something will work in my crafting ( I bet you are all the same ?) haha..

Ok so here we go on today's tutorial for this card entitled Remember good times.

So I started by using my old Tuxedo black Momento ink pad so that I could use alcohol markers on it too, I purposely took the ink that is drying out so it left this mottled light image so that following in with colour will mean it wills how through.

I wanted to use the technique our Sue calls Out of the box , I first saw it done on the Heartfelt creations website many moons ago and it is where you mark out the area you want to look like it is coming out of the die frame and you tuck the die under that gap as in the next picture

 Here you can see the little square die I used and tucked it under the front of the car which I fussy cut by hand so it would be able to lay just on top of the die, therefore not getting cut as it passes through the die cutter

Once it is cut out and while the frame is still in place I took my time and with a light hand used my Antique Linen Distress ink to add to the outside of the frame.

I choose some reds in my promarkers to go with the ink I have been using, I used Poppy, red and cardinal red to add depth to the car colour.

 This is the first layer and how bad it looks at this stage, I used the lighter reds and some white gelly roll pen and also a little of the gold stardust pen by sakura , don't give up, start to build on the colours you have already added.

This is the next layer and it is definitely starting to get a sheen on the high points and the darker areas are starting to look receded how we would expect too . I added another layer and set aside.

   I took  that same square die and cut out a frame from a piece of card stock and then simply cut it to look a bit like a Polaroid picture . I inked all the edges with the same distress ink too.

I took the Good times stamp from the loving 'No regrets' sentiment set and used Versafine black ink and embossed it quickly with clear embossing on the bottom part of this frame.

 I gave that a black mat to sit on also. I set this section aside as now we need to make the base for this piece and the car to sit upon.

 I used some Momento grey flannel ink and did the 2nd generation stamping at this stage too. So I kept a spare piece of card next to me and every time I inked my stamp I blotted 1 impression onto scrap paper first then went in and stamped the Vintage car and the Tyre marks and Bronte border script stamp too, just randomly over the areas that will be seen a little. I took a cool Grey promarker in number 2 and drew around the car and one side of the tyre marks and also randomly under darker areas of script, Casting little shadows like this really helps to lift things off the paper and stops them looking like a flat drawing.

I also added some of that random script adding to the top and sides of the little Polaroid shape and some grey and blue using promarkers

 I added some mats to the layers on this base portion of the card using black and red with the last layer being cream and then I started building the card together with all the elements we made along the way.

 Here are some of the elements I added , I love using metal onto t he card and these gears etc are just perfect.
So that's it so here is the finished card again.

 I hope you enjoyed making this one with me  and doing the step by steps too.

Here are the stamps I used from Visible Image for this card.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        I hope you like this masculine card for today and enjoyed putting it all together. leave me your comments and thoughts as always and I hope you are all well and enjoyed the bank holiday. 
Have a brilliant Wednesday and I look forward to reading your comments later.
Here are a few extra photos.

 You can see all the embellishments better in this one and the way I use grey and blue to add shadows even to the side and bottom of the central section.

 The car looks 3d in this image doesn't it, like its going to drive away haha.

 I added some glaze to the gar and sparkly wheels and here is me, turning it in the light so you Can see just how sparkly and shiny it is.

see you all tomorrow 

Huge hugs 


Thursday 21 May 2015

Creative Expressions Thursday

Hi folks

Thanks for stopping by yesterday to see my little travel/theme Visible Image Inkiness and today as the title suggests haha is the turn of Creative Expressions of course.
This one looks easier than yesterday as I am really am into my inks, paints etc but it took quite a while.
Those of you that are following the blog will know over the last few weeks I have been playing a little with stitching paper for some of the designs just to add a little extra zing as it were to my creations, I don't like things looking really flat and do not feel that clean and simple is really my forte as it were, so I do like to play with embellishments and extras.
Anyway I have a tutorial for you  on today's card too for those who don't like so much ink etc.

This card actually has a lot of components so bare with me as we go along.

Here I took a piece of paper from the Romantic Garden Couture Creations paper pad and this is actually the back of it, I stitched all around the edge in a simple hand stitched running stitch, I do not have a machine as I said last time but what I do is make lots of hole in a straight line and then stitch through them it keeps the line straighter. I also distresses the edges with the little Tim Holtz distressing tool but scissors will do the same job, just be careful. Then I used the Bundled Sage Distress Ink and used it all over the edges and the stitching, so the cotton picks up the colour too.

 I then took the middle circle from the Spellbinders Royal circle set of 3 dies and cut out this circle , I then used the bundled sage again all over the edges I also decided that as some of the Fleur de lis were breaking off I would nick ever  other one out so I could add something else into those space but I didn't end up doing that stage til later.

I thought I would use the negative piece I cut the circle from and inked through it just subtly with the same Ink, for a little added interest.

 I decided to cut the die cut in half and add it to each side of the central panel and I used my cosmic shimmer glue for that.

I then added a layer of milk card under that piece and a layer of soft gold card too. I then thought the circles needed something to make them stand out a little so I cut a piece of black and adhered each to the back of the die cuts and cut around the edge to make sure it was hidden other than the little windows. I took a larger piece of milk card and attached that across the entire back , I cut out a strip of burlap and frayed it, I stuck it down to the left hand centre panel and added a strip of Green ribbon to the top of that.

I added a few more mats here in this picture, a black one then some foam and another soft gold one to tie in all the colours. This is our base completed .

 Using Perfect medium embossing ink and Bright gold embossing powder from Cosmic shimmer I used Phil Martin's Decadent Damask inspirational Phrases stamps  and created the main sentiment below.

I inked the edges with the same ink of course and gave it a very small matching black mat.

I also added lots of tiny glue dots all around the edge and used The Glitter Jewels Diamond sprinkles which is my fav glitter from Cosmic Shimmer actually.
I made another mat from the back of some paper again in a similar pattern but Gingham this time, it was  one that would blend well anyway  I did a double line of stitching and inked it around the edges a lot I also  mounted it onto a piece of milk slightly larger and added it on an angle to the base we made earlier using foam to raise it up.

 This is what it currently looked like with all the elements so far other than the sentiment we have ready to go.

Here is a close up of the double row of stitching on this last piece and I took the decadent damask  Corners and icons stamp (the mid size) also from and just before I added the centre panel I stamped it on the top right and bottom left of the centre edging. I used a quickie glue pen and the same glitter  which I added a little colour to with distress inks and added that to the design, I snipped out the Fleur de lis as set out before and snipped  every other little flower  circles , I also did the same to the bottom left too.

You can see the pattern on the bottom left poking out as you see it here and I added a small bow in green ribbon like usual. I then took one of the small flower cameos from Creative expressions and added some wax to the high points of the pattern. I also added a little bow out of the same ribbon.

I added a blob of glue and a piece of wide burlap which I gave a small frayed edge  I pushed in  4 pearl string trimmings in white then I took one of our White satin flowers and added it to finish this corner. I also added a 5mm pearl to each of  gaps in the circle die cuts on both piece.

I added a little pearl in each corner and the centre of the little bow and lastly I added 3 tiny fabric roses to the top right corner and then glued a little pearl in the centre of each of them too.
So that was it all finished.

Oh except....  some glitter , I used some more of the diamond Sprinkles on each of the round pieces, just subtly on the dots rather than all over , I never like to go too far and try to keep things tasteful rather then gaudy ( If you know what I mean). ( Oh and I am quite sure I should stop far quicker than I do sometimes haha)

So that's today's post folks , I hope you liked it and even if green isn't your colour you could do this in any colour and it would be great for an inspirational gift for a friend , It actually isn't too raised so it still fits into an envelope this one which will hel with postage etc.
Thanks for all the comments yesterday on here and on facebook , and a huge welcome to the new subscribers , I am sure they sniffed out the cinnamon haha ( you will know what I mean if you looked at yesterday's post guys.)
I absolutely appreciation every comment whether you comment once in a while or once each post  I also love your input and ideas so if you can come follow on here or on facebook and we will keep building this blog together as it is our blog my Internet friends and family.

Have a lovely Thursday and I will see you very soon.

Love to all