Thursday, 14 May 2015

Creative Expressions Thursday

Hi folks

Here we are Thursday again already , it seems the weeks truly fly by don't they lately, 5 months into what still feels like a new year to me already and my brothers wife told me she has started her Christmas shopping already, I cannot possibly repeat the words that came out of my lips gals but I can say the air went a feint shade of blue for just a moment... haha what would you have said haha.....

A) Oh yes I started mine this early too
B) Ouch, I cant consider Xmas shopping just yet.
C) Oh how wonderful I wish I was so organised.
Or My choice which was....
D) Helll Nooooo, oh my god... do not say another word ... I refusssssssssse to talk about the C word even a second longer lol (or added blue words that stresses the same point haha....) .

Add your Letter choice into your comment below for a giggle so I can let her know the result from my fabby blog folk... all in a bit of fun of course.

Right then
On to today's Creative Expression's DT card for this week..

So I wanted to expand a little on my flower tutorial from last week as lots of you commented and sent messages asking for more in depth how too so I made up a simple but elegant card using Blush and Milk Foundations card with a simple die cut aperture , to show off the flower and embossing.. Of course your card can be as elegant as wanted but for this week I chose to show you understated and elegant.

So again this month we have some of Phil Martins Decadent Damask stamp sets to use so I used the Occasions sentiment stamps to create the 2 corners and the flower petals.

So to begin...

I started with a piece of milk card and stamped Phil's Decadent Damask Occasions sentiment thinking of you from the afore mentioned pack of stamps I like this one as it is simple and straight to the point. I stamped in the top right of the paper so that I could have an aperture in the embossed card for the stamp to sow through.
I matted that piece onto a layer of Blush card. I then took another piece of white card and cut it to size marking exactly wher I needed the aperture to be then talking Spellbinders nestibilities  Royal circles I cut the middle die in the pack , it actually has little Fleur De lye's around the centre of the circle that I trimmed off as they were interfering with the sentiment below as lovely as they are.
Then I used Sues embossing folder I believe called cascading hearts and embossed that entire piece .

I added another Mat of blush card raised on foam and inked the edges of the  piece we just embossed with tattered lace distress ink gently as you can see in this close up shot.

 I also inked the edges of the aperture we cut out around the sentiment for a subtle pop of colour near the writing too.

Next I took Phil's Decadent Damask corners and icons stamps and used the smallest corner and stamped it out twice in the same Tattered lace distress ink and hand cut them out to the size needed for the top left and bottom right corner of the card, raised up on foam.,

 So to make the rose. Stamp out lots of the small decadent Damask shapes from Icons and corners,

 Cut them out as it says on the tin lol
 Use a ball tool on some foam and push on each piece and rub it round and round til it cups as above.

 One piece roll into a cone and glue , next two piece glue together like two cups facing each other and curl the tops back then glue the first piece the little cone into the middle.

 Keep adding petals, overlapping the next onto the bud and wrapping the top back until it is about the size above on left , I added four extra petals to get that size. then punch or cut out a 1inch circle to work on and cover in glue. start adding the petals one by one slightly overlapping as above bottom right. Once you have once complete row use the ball tool again and foam to really push down in the centre so you have a deep cup which also pulls the petals up again instead of looking a little flat now. add a big blog of glue and some cheesecloth that you have frayed and scrunch it up in the centre, Mae room for two more petals opposite each other and glue them on top of the cheesecloth
Let set a little and with again a big blob of fast grab glue, I used our cosmic shimmer one of course glue in your bud. there it is a completely hand cut handmade rose from Phil's damask shape stamp.
 The completes rose can be spritzed with some glitter or ink anything just as normal and looks really pretty and no die cut to be seen haha.

Here it is in situ in the corner on the finished card too.

The last thing I added for some finishing touches is everyone nowadays seem to be adding x's and o's onto letters and cards which apparently means hugs and kisses so I thought for this one I would play along
I tucked them near the rose and finished the whole card with some tiny  seriously tiny diamante stones on the xo and the corners we cut out earlier.

So I hope you like this one totally different again from yesterdays piece.
Please let me know your feedback and if you like the tutorial.

Lots of love to all

Kim xxxxx


  1. Morning Kim

    Just love it - this card is stunning and the flower beautiful, never thought of using frayed cloth on the flowers - it is lovely.
    My Xmas sentence would be
    d. wait until I have had my holidays before I think of Christmas - although I
    am in the process of making a long going project for a Xmas present.
    Carol xx

  2. This is really pretty Kim and the embossed background with that lovely bit of colour and the aperture with the sentiment and the pretty corners are the perfect foil to that gorgeous flower which looks so realistic. I have made one or two cards but with regard to shopping I would be a 'D' too. I could not start thinking about it until at least October. x

  3. Hi Kim, I didn't even want to think about the 'C' word right up until December last year !!! so I wouldn't even want to heart the 'C' word being mentioned in the 5th month of this year, blue, blue, blue, the air is blue hahaha.
    A lovely card, great tutorial, especially the flower making.
    Now that I've recovered from the mere mention of ...............
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  4. Lovely card Kim, very delicate and the flower is beautiful. I need some sunshine before I even think about Xmas.

  5. Pretty card Kim and lovely flower.
    As for Christmas ....I just want to enjoy summer first!

  6. Love the card kim the flowers are brill thank you for sharing I loved yesterday's card it was beautiful the eye stamp was quiet something hope you and yours are well love always nanna June xxxxx

  7. Who's a clever girl then? Love how you've done the rose. Also like all your other creations but have just returned from Germany hence no comments.
    As for the "event", of course D) with blue bits peppered through..............
    Hugs, Rose