Sunday, 29 December 2013

Discover your wings tutorial.

Hello lovelies

Well I hope you have all had a lovely few days over Christmas relaxing chatting and well lets face it eating haha. I certainly have,  my son's home from University and so Both the kids and I are all together, well until Monday and my special son will be off again. I can get used to him being at home that's for sure and it doesn't matter how many times he leaves and goes back its just as horrible as the first time (soppy mum).
Right enough of that today I have The card for you from Sue Wilson's show on C&C as I had promised a number of ladies a step by step and haven't had chance until now so here we have the card to look at finished to refer to.

 Discover your wings.

So here we go we are working with the gorgeous Taylored Expressions stamps called, 'Discover your wings'.
  • Hold the large stamp in your hand and hold your finger over the head of one of the dandelion clock heads. dip it into your perfect medium and stamp it randomly onto white card , Mine is A5 and I wiped an anti static bag over first to stop finger prints and other problems occurring.
  • Take your time as the perfect medium is just a sticky ink and takes a while to dry, pour over the clear embossing powder and heat with heat gun until all  melted

So choose your colours, you can see I chose 2 shades of 2 colours and black soot.
I have Faded jeans and Chipped Sapphire in the blues and Wild honey and Rusty hinge in the oranges. Have also 2 largish piece's of cut and dry foam or 2 blending tools at the ready too.

Remember this first layer of Ink that goes down will be patchy which does not matter.... This is where folks give up but try to ignore it and just keep circular motions going and get the ink down and damp so you can move it round well. If you manage to get a corner or tool mark then use that spot to place one of your butterflies when we get there and do not worry about it. If it really doesn't work all you lose is a bit of card. Start again, make tea, grumble but don't give up. (not on my watch girls lol).

  • So just to explain as I did on the show I always work with the two corners and a side rule, now in no way do you have to do this but for me it always works if I do but as long as the colours are random it will work, However if you try to make it all neat for some reason it will not look right, I suppose because nature is random and certainly isn't perfect and even just beautiful.
  • You can see the white of the card showing through the clear embossing from the flower heads that we did earlier and now you can see the 4 colours that I have emphasised around the those embossed parts which is a basic resist technique. ( I will be starting some simple videos very soon on how to do all these things so you can save them and follow along)
  • Next take the smaller butterfly from the set and stamp about 2 of each colour and stay with in its own colour eg. used wild honey and stamp 2 butterflies randomly in the orange section, then take faded jeans and stamp 2 randomly in the blue section.
  • You can see those butterflies now in the background and some depth is needed so use some black archival ink (or versafne) and stamp the same butterfly around 3 times once in the grass and a couple times higher up, leaving room for 2 white dragonflies too. 
  • Take your largest stamp and wipe the perfect medium off the dandelion clock and dry then use the same Archival(versafine) and stamp the long grassy border to the bottom of the card, it does not matter one jot if you miss a bit or it doesn't reach the bottom cos we can take a black pen and fill it in or use some black ink to create little black half circles like in the bottom of the grass above.
  • Next take some of the inspirational words like Dream or Beautiful , pursue happiness etc and stamp them in black randomly also. This is the time to just very lightly go round the edge of the card with your black soot with a very light hand. Now take a cloth or a semi dry baby wipe and clean off the resist clock heads done in step one and just buff them up with a bit of kitchen paper to remove the ink off the resist and make them shine up.
  • Stand back and admire what you have achieved so far.. little tap on back me thinks.. well done guys.. now you have depth, colour composition, a resist technique with inks and perfect stamping too. yay
  • Next layer. 

  • Dry all your layers of ink , make a cuppa tea. (2 sugars please) Blast the whole thing with a heat gun( careful over the embossed bits though) then rub over the whole thing with your anti static pad again. If you do not, the next step is  more heat embossing to pull out your front layer with the dimension aspect but if the ink isn't dried then the powder will stick to the inks and you will have white powder all over everywhere and it will look mottled. So do the drying and this is why I make a cuppa at that point as you won't be tempted to play too soon.
  • So stamp each dragon fly from the set , tip on the white embossing powder, I use the True white from Creative Expressions but you use what you have.
  • Melt it on with your heat gun. If you keep a dry old paintbrush handy  before you melt it on you can brush off any strays (hairs not dragons or flies u understand).
  • At this point I took a black pen with a tiny point and went around the dragonfly patterns inside the wings and around the tail and outside of body too, it just makes it stand out a little.
  • I also used a white pen, just a few dots on the plants and grasses, butterflies etc for some Highlights.
  • I ran a thin strip of double sided tape along the bottom of the card and tipped on Iced snow which is a chunkier glitter and really pressed it onto the tape well.
  • Now I took a glue quickie pen or you can use a fine nib glue applicator or anything and I used diamond sprinkles a white iridescent glitter very fine and sparkly , I dotted it all over the silhouette flowers and dandelion heads and up the grasses on the wings and anywhere really, you want lots of sparkle but classy sparkle.
  • So next matt your picture ( once dry) onto some blue then custard card stock. measure out a larger piece of white and stamp in the corner, 'Discover your wings ' from the set and layer this once dry onto a piece of blue as your last mat.
  • You could add a ribbon to hang up the art or put it into a frame or even a box frame would look good around it. I chose to make a felt flower in the off white that was on our lovely Sue's show in the vintage I added glue and dipped in sparkly and added a large 8mm pearl in the centre, I also stamped water coloured and cut out some of the Heartfelt Creations classic leaves dies. 
So voila there it is guys all done. This week I have a project for Visible image to complete  using a similar technique and so we can get a bit more practise in I will take a lot more pictures and steps for you to see, I will also start to get to grips with some video's for you. I also have the other tutorial to do for the baby card I did on air so I will do that in the next coupld days too.

I also have another of the cards from the show to put on today for you to comment on and let me know what you think, I loved this set I must admit and water colouring it was really easy. let me know anyway and have a great Sunday lovelies.

Sunny Days.

Well there you go , I will get round also to answering all the questions that are left and I do try to answer the messages you leave me too when I can and there isn't too many as I think it's nice to try to get to know you all too.

Lots of love for Sunday and see you soon



  1. Morning Kim, Thank you, thank you, thank you, for putting up the tutorial for this fabulous card, I will be giving it a try very soon, I love this card.
    Your second card is stunning too, loving the colours and the stamping, hopefully you will be telling us what you used on this one ? pretty please.
    I am now looking forward to the 'baby' card, I'm in 'seventh heaven'.
    Have a lovely day, I was busy furniture removing into and out of my craft room yesterday, and boy was it an exercise, now I just need to organise !!!!!!! easier said than done haha.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

    1. Morning Patricia. You are very welcome and I would love to see it when you are done.Im on C&C on the 30th jan all being well so email in and show us what you did with it.I will be keeping all my ladies emails and pics. Yes of course I will if you want tutorials for the cards thats why I am here.Glad you are enjoying what I do. have fun organising the stash I love doing that bit (its keeping it that way )haha. Have a great day. Kim xx

  2. Hi Kim,
    Many thanks for the tutorial, I loved this card when I saw it on your show so it's great to see how you made it. The second card is just as beautiful too. Lokking forward to seeing you back on C&C in Jan.

    Love Sheila xx

    1. Morning Sheila. Thanks again for commenting. have a great day. Kim xx

  3. Morning Kim and Kimettes !
    WOW. I loved watching you 'work' on this card on your first show - work indeed, Id love to say I work in this area, but work ? The most enjoyable job EVA !! : )
    A beautiful card Kim. And it brilliant that you not only write step by step you show the ingrediants needed, what a fab blog, all the companies you work for and with are extremly lucky to have you on board, as are we. Thanks for replying yesterday Kim. If.I email you as you asked, would you also 'try' and help with my 'package' question please ?
    Sending Sunday Smiles to you all.
    Lancashire Steph xxx : )

  4. Morning Kim
    Thank you for this tuition, my stamps have arrived and I am itching to have a go at the dragon fly card, your cards are beautiful
    Looking forward to seeing you again on CX & C
    Carol x

    1. Hi Carol Oh good glad they have arrived , nice arent they and the qualiy is so good to stamp with. Thanks so much for your lovely words , really nice of you. I will do something special on the show with inks and maybe some paints this time if i can. Kim xx

  5. Morning Steph. I wish I did just work on the cards Steph. I have a full time job in the NHS too. I hope to work in the industry full time eventually so fingers crossed for me. Of course I will help I am just having a little think about what I'd use in an ideal world, at the moment Im thinking, A layering die and a fancy die or flower making one that can be used to layer aswell like labels 24 spellbinders, a versatile set of stamps with a few sentiments in too.A couple of inks one for water colouring like distress that reacts with water in your colour choice and one in an archival depending on whether you use alcohol inks or not depends on the ink though. I also think a couple of embossing powders clear,white and maybe black. so this is where I am at with it just now. lol
    Have a great day Steph. xxx

  6. Hi Kim,I love the first card and the detailed explanation is brilliant. I have stamps that are similar so I'll try using them. Also love the second card. I'm thinking about getting the sunflower stamps.

    1. Hi Beryl. Glad you are enjoying the cards. I love them for sure. Kim x

  7. Hi Kim
    Loved watching you make this on C&C and your great tips on blending the inks, also love your second card with the sunflower stamp, would love to have them all but I bought the ops-a-daisy set of stamps and dies so will have to put them on my wish list
    Best wishes, Pat

    1. Hi Pat
      Thanks for the kind words. It is so hard with Heartfelt creations and just rite stamps cos it so easy to want them all isnt it. I look at times and think wow this is amazing i want them all but we have to limit ourselves or wed have everything and no house to put them in hey. haha.
      Have a lovely evening Pat xx

  8. Hi Kim
    I think your demo and this clear explanation will prompt people to have a go at blending the colours of Distress inks, the Taylored Expressions stamps look fantastic quality, and the card is just stunning.
    It becomes harder and harder choosing what to buy as there is so much good choice, not that I'm complaining! as I love to see what's out there.
    Great blog and I've added you to my favourites.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, yes I agree and am hoping that my lovelies with have a go and sene me lots of pics ext time im on C&C and I will be keeping and treasuring them all as I really want to know what levels people are and what help they need on the blog etc. You are right there are some gorgeous things out there and I too look and think I want this and that lol and everything haha. Glad you have added me and you continue to enjoy what I love to do . Kim xxx

  9. Hi Kim. I love the dragon fly card. I saw you demo it on Sues show and I am so glad you have done this tutorial for us as I want to have a go. The second card is also very pretty, love the colours you've used. Take care.

    1. Hey Mrs B.
      Thanks for your comment , Glad your going to give 'discover your wings' a go. Id love to see it when done. Im on C&C 30th jan all being well so email in if you would like to show it.
      love Kim xx

  10. Happy 2014 Kim. Will be with you every step of the way : ) I also worked for the NHS from school until I was pensioned off due to bad health, and I loved it, couldn't wait to get there, didnt want to leave ! But Im sure it wouldn't be like that NOW, not after what my friend in Bham reports back ! Oh well. A New Year, and a new blog to love.
    May 2014 continue to bring you sucess.

    Lancashire Steph xx

    1. Thank you Steph, I will beblushing soon all the wonderful comments you leave me, it is so lovely of you ad I thank you very much. No the NHS definitely isnt so good with all the closures and figures etc. As you say a new year, with lots of excitig challenges and goodies. I too wish you well for 2014 and who knows we may even meet at one of the shows. Hugs.Kim xx

  11. Love you HC card ....your flowers are made so are very talented.

    1. Thanks so much Jenny, I really appreciate you saying that. Bless you.Kim xxx