Monday, 27 August 2012

Botanical Paper Flower

This started as me walking down to the local shop to buy tea bags. Hmm... You now think: how did the flower come from a tea bag? Well, it didn't. However, I bought a magazine too and it had free botanical papers, which I thought were rather nice but a little plain.

So, I got out a simple flower stamp, (part of Dawn Bibby range) and stamped it several times. Next, I got out my trusty Tim Holtz distress inks, which I can't be without, and  blended some colour that matched the papers I thought. I even added some Sakura pen and water brushed it out, a little mica and there were the flowers! I then set about cutting them all out and creasing them, spritzing a little too, layering them up and sticking with the best clue on the planet (well I think so at this time, til anyone changes my mind... what is your favourite?).

The glue is cosmic shimmer glue; it grips almost immediately, dries clear, and is strong. I just wish the pots were bigger, as mine seem to have a hole in the bottom... Or I use them up too quick haha... Anyway I made a few of these little guys today and added them to today's very simple card, but I think it at least looks very pretty! Again, all thanks to the teabag trip... Pic below...

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