Monday, 24 February 2014

Monday feeling...Inspired by...

Hi Folks.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and at least we didn't have so much rain well we didn't in Hertfordshire how about you?

I want to thank all you lovely ladies for such kind words with the loss I had last week etc, You are all such lovely and amazing people and I am inspired as much by you guys as you are with me so blessings to you all. Also welcome to the couple of new ladies that joined this week too, If you are new please try and pop back after you leave a comment on a blog post as I always try to answer you as I like to get to know you all asw well as you knowing me.

I have the winners numbers drawn with as usual for my card give away Friday , I have also left comments on the posts from Friday so you know who you are as I have several ladies with the same names so it would get confusing,  if you check back on your comments from the twofer post you will see I left you my email address to send your addy to, then I can post you your cards out.

The numbers that were chosen were.

                            Pat for the Red first card.          &             Sue B for the blue card.

Ladies as always if you send me your addresses to my email at:    I will then get your cards out to you.

Today's card is the one I used for my first demo on my show and I repeated it with pinks and purples on the show which was sent to one lucky lady already so I have the green/orange version still unblogged so I thought I'd show you that one today.

 I loved showing how easy this one is but how tricky it looks  and it shows again how no matter how you choose your distress colours they are all designed to blend well.
 Here is a close up on the butterflies which I simply adore.

 And the sentiment that just seemed to be perfect and I loved the writing style on this one too.

I had lots of my teams on C&C this weekend all with shows , there was Visible Image on Saturday and Craftwork cards on Sat and Sunday and also our lovely Sue on the tool shed  Sunday with lots of Just Rite goodies and they were so good to relax back with my tea and the neighbours kitty on my lap (I have been adopted) I needed a proper rest and certainly feel refreshed after that.

I was so Pleased for Mark and Helen from Visible Image too as It takes a very long time for them to prepare enough stock for large shows like C&C as Helen writes all the beautiful verses and markets and packs all the stamps etc, and Mark designs and makes,plus hand cuts all the stamps too, I am so proud to say I work with a true family team. Helen was very emotional when her verses became limited within the first show, She writes beautifully and is very humble.So a huge well done to them.

I have another little thing I am going to add to the blog as a few of you sometimes like to share your cards inspired by what I have done on air or on the blog and email them to me for a look so I thought how lovely would it be as you are all very supportive of me and my work if I showed cards inspired by something I did on here so today I have the first card that I have permission to show from a lovely lovely lady you see posting her comments to me regularly on here and has become a very special lady to me. I will be calling this section Inspired By. I hope to have a regular day each week but it depends how many get sent to me of course.

So today is the turn on Inspired by, for Patricia Howarth who made her husband a birthday card with Visible Image stamps after seeing a card I made for my weekly Design team post that week, she did a fabulous job and I love it so here it is.

 By Patricia Howarth

Didn't she do a great job, Please let her know what you all think as I am sure you will agree with me and join in to congratulate what a lovely job she did.

This was my card that she was Inspired by.

                                                                 Kim Robertson

So if anyone else would like to see their cards here on my blog then feel free to email me a picture with a little email telling me what item or card inspired you and that you are happy for it to go on the blog and I will do that for you. I love seeing your work but I like to think of ways to thank you as you always visit me and I appreciate all of your comments no matter how small.

As you all know I also draw stamp designs for a couple of companies and this week I was proud to say I received from Heartfelt Creations the manufactured stamp piece I drew for their April launch so I cant show it to you yet but I will as soon as I can. Over the moon is a total understatement when you have the actual stamp for others to use in your hand. WOW.

Have a great day everyone and I look forward to reading your comments later.

Big hugs to you all



  1. Hello Kim, love the butterfly card, and both your card and Patricia's card are superb. love the colours. Glad you had time to have a rest. Bx

  2. Morning Kim, Wow !! I wasn't expecting this !! haha. Thank you for the kind words and all the inspiration you give to me. I'm quite shy with my own work, so I was really pleased that you liked it, Thank You.
    Congratulations to Pat and Sue B, you lucky girlies winning a 'Kim original' each, you will be 'over the moon' they are stunning on the Blog but 'in person' they are 'magnificent' !!
    Your butterfly card is stunning, Kim, I loved watching you demo this one in the other colours, and was blown away with how easy you made it look !! haha, especially how you did the butterflies, loving the colours on this one too, and the sentiment is fab, I wish all our 'dreams' could come true.
    I'm 'over the moon' for you with the Heartfelt Creations April stamp, 'made by you', no wonder you are in ecstasy, you are such a tease !! can't you just give us an 'ickle clue, I have zero patience hahahaha.
    The Visible Image shows were fabulous, the Craftwork Cards Weekender sold out early and were fabulous, and Sue's shows were fabulous, it's been a great weekend, no wonder you were a 'happy bunny'.
    Have a lovely day.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  3. Well done Patricia Your card is lovely I'm quite new to your blog Kim but I love it I'll definitely be trying some of your techniques More goodies needed for my stash! The butterfly card is lovely & well done you on the stamp I can't wait to see it

  4. Morning Kim x the butterfly card is awsum colours beautiful have a lovely week Kim congratulations to the card winners also Patricia for her beautiful card. Love June xxxx

  5. Morning KIm, the butterfly is stunningly beautiful, love the colours and the butterflies they are ready to fly away. Congrats to Pat having your card shown.
    Carol x

  6. Hi Kim. I love the butterfly card, the colours on this one are as beautiful as the pink/purple demo one. Congrats to Pat and Sue B. It has been a great weekend for us watching so many wonderful people on C & C. We know that they all work so hard before the shows making samples etc. Mark and Helen deserve all of the praise that they get, well done you two : ) What a lovely idea to share our work and Patricia's card is going to be a hard act to follow as it is fantastic. I love it Patricia, you must feel very proud of yourself. The colours blend so well and I love how yo have framed the card. Congratulations : ) And congratulations Kim on getting a new stamp. It must be such a moment of pride when you hold it for the first time : ) Can't wait to see what it is, I do wonder if you have given us a clue today. Glad you got a rest yesterday : ) Have a great day. Take care.

    1. Thank you so much for those beautiful words, Mrs B. xx

  7. Morning Kim,
    Thanks for showing this lovely butterfly card again -I saw you demo it and thought how beautiful it was.
    Well done on your very own stamp- you must be thrilled-stop teasing!!
    Patricia -lovely card -how nice of Kim to show it .
    Have a great week Kim and all ,xx

  8. Hi Kim
    Hi kim gorgeous card as ever and well done to Patricia also a gorgeous card. Congratulations to the winners and I can't wait to see your new stamp design Kim.

    Love Sheila xx

  9. Hi Kim, "WOW" you are such a wonderful talented caring person I'm sure you were Truly Thrilled with your design for Heartfelt Creations, I can't wait to see it.
    Today's Card is Beautiful I Love the Colours and I really Love Butterflies, but then who doesn't! I really hope you stay with Creative Expression as I'd miss your exciting projects from them.
    A Huge Congratulations to the fabulous Blog winners.
    Patricia Your Card is Truly Stunning I'm sure your thrilled with the wonderful Kim for sharing it with us, great work! Love and hugs Kim from Sam x

  10. Hi Kim
    Your butterfly card is stunning as is the card that inspired Patricia ,congratulations Patricia your card is beautiful and you must be so proud to have it shown
    Big congratulations on the heartfelt creations stamp, can't wait to see it
    Best wishes, Pat
    Congratulations also to Pat and Sue on winning one of your fab cards!

  11. Morning Kim,
    I really love this card as you know because it inspired me to have a go at something similar. Great news about the heartfelt stamp you must be so proud, can' wait to see it & probably buy it.
    Congratulations to Patricia on a beautiful card also, you see Kim it's all down to you. Hoping it's me that has won the blue card as I don't remember seeing another Sue B on here woohoo!!! Sue x

  12. Hi Kim
    Love the butterflies and sentiment on your card. the colours go well together, as did the original one you demo;d on C & C. Congratulations on having a stamp done by Heartfelt Creations. I love the stamps they do and you must be very proud that they accepted your offering. Can't wait to see it in April. But you are one talented lady so why not. Congratulations to Patricia for makes such a masterpiece inspired by one of your creations. I'm glad that you sent this card in Patricia, and it shows what masterpieces we can be inspired to do. Congratulations to Sue B and Pat on winning one of your masterpieces. Glad that you managed to put your feet up and were able to watch not only Visible Image, Craftwork cards and the fantastic Sue Wilson. We were truly blessed with seeing the fabulous demo's that they all did.

  13. Hi Kim, really love this card. I have the butterfly stamps so will definitely be trying this. Is the card 8x8? Congratulations about your heartfelt stamp, I've promised myself not to buy anything else but I think that will be changing in April! Congratulations to the card winners. Patricia..a beautiful card. You should be very proud and to be first person to get your card shown! xx

  14. Hiya Kim and Kimettes. Oh Patricia, why are you not in a design team ? Your card is BRILLIANT that's all I have to say apart from look out for design team calls, cuz they NEED YOU xx
    Many congrats to Sue B and Pat on winning your cards, stunning, both of them, and you wont believe that they look even more stunning in real life (although you wonder how) !
    Did record all show's you have involvement in Kim, just need a few hour's to catch up !
    Well done with CE and your stamp, what did I say ?!!? : )

    Love to all.
    Lancashire Steph xxx

    1. Thank you, Steph, I just wish I could come up with ideas myself, but sadly I need the inspiration hahaha xx

  15. Good evening Kim
    Sounds like you've had a pretty busy time in the run-up to this weekend. I watched most of the shows and did a good job at spotting some of your cards (I'm getting used to your 'style') - even if I do say so myself, he he. I LOVE, love, love your butterfly card. I saw you demo it on C&C. What distress inks did you use, Kim? (I have a very short memory). I'm going to try and make something similar and if it turns out OK, I might send a photo of it too you. Yes, you've definitely inspired me!!
    Congrats to the card winners, I'm sure the real thing will impress you even more than the pics.
    Sharon Kirkwood x

  16. Hi Kim,
    I love the colours on your card, they are beautiful. As is the card itself. But then, one can never go wrong with butterflies.
    Congratulations on your stamp, can't wait to see it.
    Hopefully my bank balance will have recovered somewhat by then, what with Sue Wilson's beautiful dies, it's amazing how quickly £100 disappear!!
    Sounds just the ticket - relaxing with a cuppa and a kitten on your lap!
    Hugs, Rose

  17. Hi Kim
    Many Congrats on the stamp design xx
    you must be chuffed to pieces. I'm looking forward to seeing it,
    when will we see it ?
    And Thank you for taking the time to reply to all your posts. it's like being in a class or workshop with you, learning so much xx
    Patricia's card is gorgeous and good idea for your blog also to show other people's cards.
    I liked the Visible Image stamp, Once Upon a Time, thought the castle could really be altered into medieval or pink, sparkly, pretty and fairy tale like.
    Regarding your own butterfly card, I don't think I'd ever think of using green and orange as my first choice but I absolutely love how it blends and this card is really gorgeous.
    Weather is picking up a bit here too. x

  18. Morning All, I just wanted to say a very big Thank You to all you lovely girlies who left comments on my card, very greatly appreciated. Kim does some truly stunning cards, and I get real inspiration from her creations, and with her help I managed to get my piccies from my phone onto my laptop (I am rubbish at 'techy' things haha), and was able to send a piccie to Kim. My hubby's Birthday was on Valentine's Day and he loved his card.
    Thank you all, once again, and I look forward to viewing all your beautiful creations 'inspired by Kim', although I must admit it was nailbiting when I saw my name haha.
    Lots of love to you All from Patricia xx

  19. Hi Kim, what a beautiful card, I love using butterflies at the moment, I can't seem to stop doing my own backgrounds with distress inks, stamps etc, since you put the purple and green card on you blog with butterflies and the script stamps, I'm actually using stamps I've had a while, like Lavinia which I love, sorry I'm rambling now. Can't wait to see your new stamps, how amazing, I would be excited to. A huge well done also to Patricia, your card looks amazing, I bet your husband loved it, I'm definitely going to have ago, adapting to what crafty stash I've got.
    Happy crafting
    Jean x

  20. Hi Kim, really love this butterfly card and remember it from your show on c&c. Fab colour combination, the wood effect background goes with it so well & really like that sentiment too! Love seeing Patricia's card for her husband, thought she'd done a fab job & I'm sure he loved receiving it. Great idea to show your original alongside what your followers have made after being inspired by it.
    Really looking forward to seeing your stamp design for Heartfelt Creations & what you have made using it.
    In your reply to my comment on your last post you asked where my shop is, it's in Chipping Sodbury near Bristol & is called 'Out Of The Blue' & yes we are hoping to have someone from the creative expressions team come & demo for us soon!
    Amy x

  21. Patricia your card is superb! Loving the colour tones and how you have made it your own. You're a fantastic inspiration Kim, well done! Great to see a post like this. xx

    1. Awww, Thank You Visible Image, for those kind words, I'm glad you like my card made with your stamps, they stamp beautifully xx

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