Sunday, 16 March 2014

Visible Image Sunday.

Good Morning lovelies

Well I have thourally been enjoying waking up to feel sunshine again, hasn't it been a gloriously sunny fresh week? Even just one day of warm sunshine does so much for my well being and I see it all around me, does it affect you the same ?
I had a very nice evening making my piece well I should say piece's as you have a Two- fer today as I am now on track this week and then went into have a sort out mode , it is now 6.22 a.m and I am doing  my blog piece as time just disappears when you are crafting doesn't it.

Before I dive in to show you Today's cards I wanted to do the picking for the card I made Last week and the number that came up is

The winner is Beryl Treble who was the 2nd person to comment therefore wins that pretty card made using the get well stamp new out from Creative Expressions. Beryl please can you email me at my usual email with your address and I will get it in the post to you , I promise I will get it there a lot quicker than the last ones too.
I also just wanted to add , it does not matter how many cards you win I will always add all the comments in to the draw fair and square which is why I use a random picker so it will always be fair for you ladies, I have a huge build up of cards just now so we must do some more give aways this week or if you know someone special who deserves a little card, email me and tell me and I will send one off to them.

Right, I have been using another of Helen and Mark from Visible Image's gorgeous flowers and verse combo's this week, I chose to use this one as none of us enjoy making sympathy cards but the words Helen wrote truly are endearing without that hopeless feeling some cards make you feel so I decided to make 2 very clean cards.. for me , as I haven't used lots of inks and waxes etc as is my usual style, I kept them both simple and clean as I feel that is all that is needed on such a sad occasion.
I will show them both and then go into the more detailed pictures folks.

 Card Number one 'Sympathy Flower'.
Card Number two 'With Sympathy '.

Both cards were made with the same stamp set which was of course The With Sympathy set.
 I Started by taking a small piece of Milk card and stamping the head of my flower with Vintage sepia Versafine ink, then the verse then I could add With Sympathy as the title and keep it all lined together and neat.

 Helen's verse again is just right here.
 A small purple bow on top of seam binding was enough I felt, and as you can see I had embossed the backing sheet of milk and pierced the next layer to give some texture and elegance without looking too cheerful if you know what I mean.
 And a little close up of the tiny pearls attached in the centres of the flower junctions. I matted and layered the card several times very simply , an embossed layer, a pierced layer and a couple of plain layers in a corresponding  shade.

The next card I made using Kraft card and milk.
I started with a long narrow ish piece of kraft card and stamped in several place using a second generation stamping, with Versafine vintage sepia again, as it picks up details very well. So Ink , blot on scrap and then stamp on your card stock and repeat til you have several on the page then dry them well with a heat gun and rub over with your anti-static pad.
Next use Versamark or perfect medium etc to ink up the same stamp and stamp in the gaps with the embossing ink, once all done tip on your true white detail powder for embossing and heat set.

 I added 2 mats in milk and Kraft then wrapped a piece of seem binding around it first and secured at the back, then I used some thin stitched ribbon that matched the Kraft colour and wrapped that over the seem binding before adding the next few layers . I then stamped out the lovely verse onto a long thin piece of Kraft and Heat set again with true white powder, I matted this onto some Milk card and added 3mm foam to the back to raise it up from the thinner mats below.
 I also stamped out my 'With Sympathy' title and cut it out with a straight side and a forked side like a flag or ribbon end, I also matted this onto Milk card and added it with a slight curve in it raised one end on foam and the other end just on cosmic shimmer glue and pushed it together slightly to create that bend. it then sat just over the verse.

Of course I couldn't leave out the verse as it stamped perfectly as always.  I added a jute string bow tied simply and fanned out into a figure of 8, and added a gold ribbon rose to the top and some dainty white pearls to the flower and slightly larger to the centre of the ribbon rose and corners.

Well I hope you liked them, which really does seem an odd thing to say with the sad theme of the card but we all have to make or buy then at different times and I think this is a beautiful verse and flower to tribute to a friend who suffered a loss.

Congrats again to Beryl Treble for winning the card and don't forget to send over your address so I can post it to you , as I have a week to go before I have to have an operation on my ankle and will be in plaster for 6 weeks so when you ladies come to Aly Paly to say hi you won't be able to miss me as I will be the one hobbling to the stage haha.

Have a great Sunday all
and big hugs from me to all.

With love


  1. Morning Kim, I'm so sorry that you are having to go into hospital for an op on your ankle, but hopefully the op will help you, although I have this image of you sat at Ally Pally with the leg sticking out from behind the counter haha. Sorry for making fun, you can give me a 'smack' later haha, but the image just popped into my head !!
    We are being 'treated' today to a twofer, the really beautiful sentiment is heartening. These are always cards that we don't like to make, but you have made two really beautiful and sensitive cards. I love them both equally, and Thank You for the inspiration you always bring to us.
    Have a lovely day. Although the weather here is horrid at least it isn't raining haha !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  2. Sorry, forgot, Hearty Congratulations to Beryl, you lucky girlie xx

  3. Happy Sunday Kim both cards are gorgeous. It is amazing how changing the colours gives such different results. I'm sorry to hear that you are having an operation I hope it all goes well. Also I am really, really hoping to come to Ally Pally but just the week before we are staying in London to see Angela Lansbury in Blyth Spirit. So I have some persuading to do. Congratulations to Beryl you are a lucky lady. Have fun. Love Jackie

  4. Congrats to Beryl Lucky thing! Both cards are lovely The wording very effective, just right My favourite (but only by a slim margin and we are judging by a photo) is No1 only because it's on white, more traditional & that touch of purple (the colour of sympathy) just helps say what we need to say Hope op goes well & it does the trick Pain is so debilitating & tiring If you need a helper/go-fer at Aly Paly please ask I'd be happy to help

  5. Hi Kim. You have made two beautiful sensitive cards. I must get this stamp set, the verse is perfect. I'm glad that your op is coming up soon as I know you said that you have been in a lot of pain with it, and the painkillers haven't helped your migraines have they. Just an idea, You could charge everyone a fee to sign your plaster to raise some money for a charity. Someone I know did this and they raised loads. (They used a tubigrip bandage to cover the plaster when they wanted to cover it up when they went for a posh meal) The sunshine we arehaving is gorgeous isn't it. It just makes you feel so good doesn't it : ) Sorry for Patricia and others that aren't as lucky : ( Have a good day. Take care.

  6. Hi Kim, What a Wonderful Sunday Two Cards from You and both Extremely Beautiful, I really Love the Sentiment, I'm so looking forward to meeting you
    Ally Pally take care love and hugs from Sam x
    Congratulations to Beryl for winning.

  7. Hi Kim, these cards are perfect for sympathy cards, I don't like making them, but have had to do a few in the last couple of months. Weather has been gorgeous lately, it does make you feel better. Hope the op goes well, and congrats Beryl. Bx

  8. Love the cards Kim no one likes to.make these cards I lost my best friend 3weeks ago but I couldn't bring myself to do the card but these are beautiful I hope all goes well with your op my grandson had an op on his ankle 3weeks ago he's doing ok now have a nice weekend dear Kim love always June xxxx

  9. Hi Kim, beautiful cards for very sad moments in life. Fingers crossed that all goes well for your op. I can just picture us bloggers pushing you around in a wheelchair at ally pally doing wheelies. The sun is shining in Southampton but not that I will see much as in craft room today finishing off order of cards. Oh well no rest for the wicked. Lol lynne m x x

  10. Hi Kim
    These cards a really lovely. Nice and simple with they words saying everything. The words are so apt. I love this stamp set as well, just a shame we have to make these kind of cards. You are one clever lady. Thanks for the offer of looking for a snow cap ink pad for me. It's not so much the price I would pay, but that every where is out of stock. Won't be at the Ally Pally this year I'm afraid. we had a large mini bus go last year, and this year we went to Farnborough. Where guess what, no Snow cap ink. glad the sun has finally put in an appearance, hope it stays for a bit longer. Had a bummer of a day yesterday, as we went to the Churchill to see the consultant for my partner's cancer. We were told that his cancer has got smart,( didn't realize that it had a brain. And some of it has found out a way to get past the drugs he is taking, Hence tablets as well as monthly injections. We had to go to the hospital to pick some up and we go back in another 6 weeks to see if it's working. he looks so well as well. As this is his second bout of cancer he feels very hard done by. Feel better for getting that off my chest. Wow what a long post today. Just ignore me I'm feeling fed up today.

    1. Dearest Pat, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your partner, stay positive !!
      Lots of love from Patricia xx

  11. Hi Kim,
    Two wonderfully elegant cards today and a beautiful sentiment.
    Fingers crossed for a successful oeration and congratulations to the lucky winner of your beautiful card.

    Love Sheila xx

  12. Morning Kim, You say it is 6.20am, I hope you have just got up & not still up from crafting all night lol! Two lovely cards today, you spoil us, like you say we all have to make these at some point & it's never enjoyable but the stamps do it all for you, another for the wish list. Good luck with your op, hope all goes well for you & you can spend your recuperation making more beautiful cards for us to see. Sue x

  13. Hi Kim, I can't believe It..I've won a Kim original! Had to check a couple of times to make sure it was my name! I feel very lucky!
    I really like the two cards. I always find them difficult to mae. I think the verse says it all.
    Pat Witney, I'm so sorry to hear about your partner. Fingers and everything else crossed that the injections and tablets work.
    Hope your operation goes well Kim, will be thinking about you. xx

  14. Morning Kim,
    Yes a beautiful weekend we have had with the weather.
    Love the two cards, the sentiments say it all, just beautiful
    Contrats to Beryl - you will love receiving an original card from Kim
    Carol x

  15. Firstly congrats to Beryl for winning one of your wonderful cards. I won one last time and it has pride of place on my mantlepiece so I can look at it all the time.
    These two cards hit just the right note as sympathy cards Kim. I love the little touches of purple and pearls in the first and the twine and gold ribbon rose goes perfectly with the Kraft card on the second, and the Visible Image stamps are so versatile and this sentiment fits this just right. I hope your ankle op sorts the problem and the good thing is that even with the plaster cast you can still carry on crafting. xx

  16. These two cards are beautiful Kim. That's if you can say that about sympathy cards. I can't pick between them as I love both the same. I must get this stamp set making it another to add to my ever growing list, lol. Good luck with your operation I hope things go well with it. Take care xxx

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  18. Good evening Kim
    Sorry to post late again.
    I agree with what you say Kim about a little sunshine warming and brightening the soul. This week has been glorious. It's lovely to sit outside and just listen too, and watch the birds - I notice that they are all starting to pair up. Your two-fer cards are as usual, perfection. I've never had to send a sympathy card and wouldn't know where to start. Your cards are simply stunning. They have lovely details, for instance I love the pretty little bow and posy on the white card and on the kraft card - the watermarked alium. The verse selection is so touching and I'm sure any recipient would understand the care and thought that went into making it.
    Congrats too, to Beryl.
    Sharon Kirkwood x

  19. Hi Kim,
    These are two lovely cards-my favourite is the second one -I just love kraft card with white !!
    Wishing you all the best for your ankle surgery -once you get through the first day or so you will be crafting away!!
    Take care Kim,
    Dear Pat S-so sorry you have had a hard time and pray that your partner soon feels stronger in all ways -hang in thereXx

  20. Hi Kim, as you say difficult cards to make but I think you have hit the mark with these examples, both very tasteful although the first one would be my personal choice. Congratulations to Beryl. Sorry to hear you have to have an op but hopefully it will put you on the road to recovery and freedom from pain.

  21. Hi Kim
    Sympathy cards are very difficult but yours are beautiful and the lovely words of the stamp help.
    Sorry to hear you have to have surgery and hope all goes well and you'll soon be back on your feet.
    Congratulations to Beryl, lucky winner of your card
    Best wishes, Pat

  22. Ditto! Ditto! to what every one else has said!! Mabex

  23. Hi Kim,
    Such a special and meaningful verse for a Sympathy card.
    It's sometimes hard to find the right words to say during these times and this says it all.
    Sorry to hear about your ankle too and hope your surgery goes ok.
    please keep us posted. xx

  24. It's me again with a message for PAT S WITNEY. I just wanted to say that I hope that the tablets do the trick for your partner. And I'm glad that you can get your feelings out. We all need to have a moan occasionally, it's not healthy to bottle it up for too long, then you can hopefully pick yourself back up and look on the bright side again. Take care.

  25. Hello. A late post again but the only time the family has allowed me this weekend!!
    Two beautiful cards, Kim. I'm sure they would be well received-both pretty but elegant and restrained. They are love;y stamps.
    Hope your op goes well and life improves after your convalescence.
    Pat-sorry to hear your news. You're in my thoughts. Please let us know how things go for you, too.
    Love Jan x