Thursday, 19 June 2014

Show cards for Creative Expressions Thursday.

Hi my lovely Blogglies.

I hope you are all having a good week so far and enjoying the sunshine still.
My garden looks like a jungle nowadays , I really believe the grass is over three feet. I can't remember it ever being so overgrown out the back.
Thank you all for your lovely kind wishes regarding my hospital visit, The surgeon said he thinks that my ankle is healing well and is in a very good position but I need to elevate it as much as possible but that all the swelling where my foot actually looks like I have a nasty case of elephantitus and the pain will actually continue for 6-8 months minimum as there is a lot to heal and I mustn't under estimate the severity of the op I endured. I guess deflated was a little how i felt as I really just thought i would have this huge op and be in plaster then it would all be better after so many years in pain but although I can see the light at the end of the tunnel it seems I have a little bit of a hill to climb just yet. I am always over whelmed by all your wonderful kind messages so a huge thank you to you all for that.

Today I have a couple more of the show cards  and then next Thursday I will have a twofer on my DT pieces for June.
So here is card number 1

 You may have seen this one as a sneaky peak on C&C the week before the last show, This one features the gorgeous Sew Jo pad that I took on , I think this paper pad is simply adorable and I love every sheet in it. It is also amazing for men's cards as there are so many double sided sheets that are generic and do not have the sewing theme on. Of course I have used lots of Vintage Photo Distress ink and the are real wooden buttons with the paper attached on with cosmic shimmer glue of course.
 Here is a close up on the Little tag which i pushed under the edge of the paper which I rolled back wards and added the matching paper underneath, You can see the buttons a little closer here too.

 I also made a bow just from Jute string twisted into a figure of eight and a Beige gorgeous zipper rose sitting on top. I hope you managed to get yours as it was a huge pack.

Here is card number two.

 You can just see the shine on the top of this card but when it is in front of you the whole of the frame is covered in adhesive sheet and very fine glitter so the sparkle is just beautiful. The frame was actually the waste from cutting the larger Couture die from the show again using the gorgeous Sew Jo pad again. I also cut several of the die cuts from the little Mannequin die also couture creations. I stamped my lovely set of scissors and fussy cut them out by hand. i filled a little of the vials with dolls house doll buttons and stuck it to the inside of the frame also.
 Here is a close up of those Creative expressions scissor s and how easy they are to cut out by hand.
Oh and you can just catch a bit more of the tiny sparkles on the frame too.
 On the show I also had the Crochet ribbon which I just love so I thought I would make a couple of flowers and today I am showing a couple of them too. Here is the white one with its little frayed burlap and button centre,
And the black one with a tiny baby's breath flower and 5 tiny 10 mm rose buds and lots of seam binding and ribbon to dangle below.

More of these tomorrow as I still have a few bits to photo from the show.

I also have to say a huge thank you for all of you that had a little fun playing along with the blog hop, I had a wonderful time reading all your comments, I don't answer those ones just simply because it would make it hard to use to pick the winner of the prizes if i left lots of replies too.
The full post is up on the Creative expressions Blog here
And the winner chosen with is Maxine Jones on my blog and you win lots of goodies so go along and claim your prize on the main site as soon as possible Maxine and a huge congratulations from me. 
I would also like to say if anyone knows anyone who would like to join my blog I would very much appreciate you telling them about how we are a little community here and how much I appreciate my lovely Blogglies as I really need to raise my profile this year if possible.

Have a great Thursday everyone and I will see you very soon




  1. Hi Kim, I'm Truly sorry for your disappointment at The Hospital, but try to think of it this way if it takes a year to heal it's better than the rest of your life being in pain, I wish I lived nearer as I'd come and do your Garden for you, but you must not worry about that just think about getting better.
    Today's Cards are Beautiful I so Love these stamps and your Cards always have so many Beautiful Embellishments on so there so Tactile, I really love The Papers and The Fabulous Sentiments that go with these Stamps.
    Thanks Kim for sharing and the wonderful Crochet Flowers thanks for great breakdown and the photography. I will mention your Blog on Facebook as I have mainly Ladies that make Cards on there, and it will mention it to The Ladies at The Craft Class I go to.
    Kim you take great care
    Love and Hugs
    From Sam x

  2. Hi Kim, me again I meant to say I will mention your Blog to The Ladies that go to the Craft Class that I go to not how I phrased it the first time!! (Early morning)
    Love and Hugs
    From Sam x

  3. Rose in Chester19 June 2014 at 06:57

    Hi Kim,
    These are lovely cards - I really must get sewing again (but I've never had as little time as now when I've retired from work!).
    Your compositions are excellent and that black crochet flower is GORGEOUS.
    Don't lose heart Kim, the worst is over and just think of the reward for all that pain - NO PAIN ANY MORE. That'll be the time for CHAMPAGNE.
    In the meantime, could I suggest you get yourself a hunk of a gardener with a decent six pack?
    Hugs, Rose

  4. Hello Kim,
    These are lovely creative, inventive and sew good cards!
    Love them and all the little finishing touches.
    So sorry you are feeling down about your foot and ankle.
    It will take time , I know I had a foot op 6 years ago , but it will get better .
    We take our feet for granted and when you think all our weight goes on them.
    The swelling will settle down but remember to elevate it as much as you can.
    Take heart , will be thinking of you ,

  5. Hi Kim,
    both cards are gorgeous. Love the detail you have put into them both.
    Sorry you were disapponted with your hospital visit. I know its easier said than done but try and elevate your foot as much as you can.
    Very happy and lucky to be a winner on Tracey Laughton's blog hop .
    Take care, hugs, Beryl xx

  6. Hi Kim. Gorgeous two-fer . Love both of them. The Sew Jo papers look beautiful, I love the colours. Your embellishments on both cards are so pretty.
    Glad to hear that the surgery has gone well, but sorry that you have a few more months recovery. I had a bunion op about 10 years ago and it took nearly a full 12 months before it was totally healed and pain free. At my 12 month check up the surgeon said that was normal but they don't tell people it will take that long as it may put them off having the op! I would rather have known before hand, it wouldn't have put me off as it was causing so much pain before, but at least I woud have been prepared for a year of recovery. Sounds like your surgeon thinks the same as mine! i still think it is better to have all of the facts before hand. The positive thing to remember that you are over the worst and looking at how quickly time goes by it won't be long before you are all healed and pain free : ) Take care.

  7. Good Morning Kim
    I hope you are managing to elevate that is taking your body weight along with the other foot lol!..So healing needs time !
    Lovely card, and techniques Kim...... thank you for your replies that is so nice to read !
    Take Care
    Love Marg

  8. Hi Kim,
    Beautiful cards and I love the flowers to have made they are gorgeous.
    So sorry the news was disppointing about your ankle. The main thing is that it is healing so I hope that gave you a bit of hope. Keep fllowing the surgeons instructions and hopefully you won't have to suufer for as long as he said.
    I know it must be hard but try and not to worry about the grass and other things just let that ankle heal....your health and fitness is far more important.
    Take care.

    Love Sheila xx

  9. Hi Kim,
    It's me again I forgot to say I won one of the Creative Expression Blog Prizes on Kerry' blog.......I'm chuffed to little mintballs!

    Love Sheila xx

  10. Shame bout hosp news but at least it's all going the right way I agree with Mrs B I think they do it on purpose sometimes but I'd rather know beforehand At least then you'd know it was "normal" and not panic/worry that you think there's something wrong The cards are gorgeous I did miss out on the roses (I'd spent too much on crafty goodies for the month!) Hopefully they'll be on offer again We're all going to nag you now about elevating that foot! I'd come and do your garden if I was able but am in a similar position at mo with a (very) painful calf strain

  11. P.S. love the way you've covered the buttons in matching paper

  12. Morning Kim, Loving the cards as always. I do have a couple of friends who craft so I shall be telling them all about your blog, especially as it really does feel like a little community and you're so talented! I'm so sorry to hear the news was not as you had wished from the hospital. Having lived with a very rare and painful disease since I was 2, I do understand the frustration when things don't go quite as we'd hoped. Do hang in there, I know it seems like it will never end, But it will. And don't be too hard on yourself if you have hard days and feel "down". If you ever need to talk to someone who's been there, and still is, i'd be more than happy to give you my private email or phone number. Just an offer. Hope you manage to raise your profile! Love Sarah

  13. Morning Dear
    Lovely cards again and your flowers are beautiful. Sorry about the hospital news but as they say time will heal so keep that leg UP ha ha !!
    Carol x

  14. Afternoon Kim, I can understand your deflation at the hospital with that news, at least your ankle is progressing nicely, but you will just have to be patient (I must admit this advice is from a person who has no patience whatsoever haha !!) at least there is a 'light at the end of the tunnel'. Do as you are told !! and elevate your leg as much as you can, and hopefully your ankle will repair itself 'a little quicker'.
    Your cards today are gorgeous, as always. I'm loving the colours, and I must admit your fussy cutting the scissors looks like you used a 'die' to do it, it is even all the way round, you are so clever !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  15. Sorry, almost forgot, Congratulations to Maxine, enjoy your goodies xx

  16. Hello dear kim I'm late today I have been to see my baby brother in hospital. Please don't be sad about the hospital you have had a big op and like Patricia says it takes time and I know you can see light at the end of the tunnel your awful pain from the past will slowly be so much better. I love the cards today kim and the beautiful accessories you have created are so lovely my clever girl. I will tell the staff from a craft shop near me to spread the word about the blog xxx love you nana June xxxxxxxxxxxx

  17. Evening Kim, great cards as always, these sewing stamps make such cute cards, makes me want to get my sewing machine out again. I used to make all my own clothes once upon a time and even treated myself to a new machine when I retired but never seem to get the time for sewing anymore. Don't be too down hearted about your ankle you are heading the right way and I am sure you will see gradual changes for the best over the coming months and don't worry about the garden, get a Gardner to tidy it up for you and spend some time sitting out there (with your foot up of course).

  18. The stamps are lovely and both cards are beautiful. I adore the colours and all the extra bits on the first card, and the gorgeous dress you made with that cute tuille skirt by just covering one of the dress forms, on the second one. It must be very frustrating for you that it is going to take a lot longer than you thought to get back to normal. I know from my own experience when I ruptured my achilles and had to be in plaster for three months, the recovery time was a lot longer than I thought, and the swelling around my foot and ankle took many months to improve, but just sit with your feet up when you can and the wait will be worthwhile, just think of a pain free future. Lecture over. Take care. xx