Thursday, 11 December 2014

Creative Expressions Thursday

Hi All

Today's card is from my last show on C&C and as chalkboard stamps are so very popular we are using them for our DT projects this month. I really liked this sample and it was one of my very favourites from my show with Nigel he is such a fun host isn't he. We took a picture together actually that day, does anyone remember this?

And look what is this I am holding in my sticky mitt haha... the very same card.

So here it is close up and I just love the clock from the Wendy Vechi line of embellishments isn't it just gorgeous , it is very heavy though as is is solid, so couldn't be used on a thin card I don't think, so the foundation cardstock is just fabulous for the heavier items such as this.
Also I just love the dies I used on this one too, look at my little tiny T bag lol the spoon is just darling too.

Here is a close up on the clock , I stamped the backing stamps with white chalk paint as I demo'd on the show and then once dried with my heat gun I used a white pen to highlight the edges of each element in the backing stamp to make it pop from the background more. Me and my white pen hey....

This photo is tilted back a little more so you  can see the highlights from this angle more.

Have any of you tried any of this type of stamping in a chalkboard style? if so how do you do it?

It doesn't rain when it pours hey ladies?
My daughter had an accident yesterday with a cup of Green tea that had just been made and so she now has a bad burn on her leg and tummy so yesterday was fraught with worry for her too, I got a call at work saying she had done this, thankfully there is a gym on the premises with showers so one of the guys helped her to them and she stood in cold water for 20 mins so we think that helped alot or I would dread to think of the consequences.

How is everyone getting on on the run Up to the dreaded C word. I have had no chance to even get a xmas card for anyone let alone anything else as yet as you all know but I would love to hear your tales?

Love to all my blogglie family



  1. Sorry to hear of further life problems for you. It was lucky there were showers handy to help diffuse some of the burn. Poor love, your daughter must have been in such pain and I hope she will soon be healed
    Love the picture of you and Nigel and the show was good. Wendy Vechi 's products are lovely, and I just love the teaspoons, knife and fork. Done a little chalkboard but think I need more practice not to smudge the words. Take care x

  2. Hi Kim,
    lovely card and lovely photo, even if you look a bit stern! CHILLAX................
    So sorry to hear about your daughteer, hope she'll be fine - WINE is so much safer to drink LOL.
    Hugs, Rose

  3. There is a saying Kim about rain and pouring!
    Never mind, things WILL get better, hang in there!
    Hope your daughter will heal quickly.
    I haven't done any chalk board but must give it a go.
    Nigel, is I think, my favourite presenter!

  4. Morning Kim
    Yes the old saying I hope by the time you read this she is a lot better. It was the same here last week, I hurt my knee, then on Saturday morning David tell down the last four steps of the stairs - and isn't he in pain - or is it the man thing much worse than us ladies would be
    This card is lovely I saw it on the show and yes Nigel is a darling
    Hope you are not working too hard
    Carol x

  5. Hi kim so sorry to hear of your daughters accident the cold water will have helped hope it heals soon.i rember the show with Nigel and the lovely cards hope you are well and your m is comfortable love nanna June xxxx

  6. A gorgeous card Kim and Nigel looks duch a sweetie. Sorry you had more worry and stress with your daughter's hot gea burn, but hopefully quick thinking helped to minimise the after effects. Personally my Christmas card output has been a bit pathetic. I enjoy making Christmas cards but not in vast numbers, but will keep going til the last posting date. x

  7. Another lovely card Kim. I couldnt do the chalk board effect justice so Im not even going to try !
    Sorry to hear about your daughter, thank goodness someone was there to help ! What a worry our children are (no matter what age they are)
    Ooooh C !!! If I could postpone it for a month or so I WOULD !!! Does that tell you how Im getting on ??!
    As most people will have their cards I presume by the next market im racking my empty shel thinking what I can do to make and sell (enough to cover the 20.00 to cover the table) !! Boxes foe cd/dvd's/computer games is all Ive come up with so far, that wont bring much in... Larger boxes to put scarfs/pashmena's in maybe ? With a very limited crafty/artistic bone in my body that is that ! Oh, and the usual gift tags, but you cant ask people to spend much on those can you ? So as far as C goes, lots to do on my 'to do for market' list plus the special cards we all have to make... Christmas ? Bahumbug lol.
    Have a good day everyone.
    Lancashire Steph xx

  8. Hi Kim, They certainly did the right thing with your Daughter, as you say it would have been a lot worse. Here's hoping she will feel better really soon. I bet you are wondering when this will all end eh !! Don't worry (these words from the person who is a born worrier haha), things can only get better, as the saying goes.
    Your card is beautiful, I adore the WV clock face, and the darling spoon and tea bag, really beautiful. I haven't tried any chalk board cards yet, but I love seeing this technique.
    Christmas is coming up so fast, it is scary, I am being overwhelmed with batch cardmaking haha !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  9. Dear Kim, Gosh you've had a lot to deal with! I do hope that your daughter recovers quickly with no lasting consequences. I'm chilling re; Christmas this year. My sister-in-law nearly died last month with blood clots on her lungs and heart, and she's only 31. So it sort of puts everything into perspective really. What doesn't get done will just have to wait!! Still have a few important cards to make though, so I better get on with it! Sending you lots of love and best wishes. Really love reading your blog, so I hope you'll be well and free enough to continue in the coming year. Love Sarah

  10. Hi Kim
    My post seems to have come out on yesterday's. Must be an age thing. I said that I just love the chalkboard effect. And to say that I'm glad your mum is at long last at home. Even if she's going to be looked after more so now than before. I also said that I look forward to receiving my goodies at long last. Hope the postie delivers them soon. I don't know if you did send an email to us or not as we had very interminent internet access and it might have got lost in the cloud in the sky, where they all pass through. Hope your daughter is going on ok with her burns. My my you are having a tough time of it lately. Make sure you take care of yourself.

  11. Hello Kim, you are certainly going through the mill lately. Hope your daughter is ok, and things with Mum are ok too. Love these chalkboard cards. Due to work and home pressures, I will probably only make a few personal Christmas cards this year, but will see, as I do have an order to finish, and seeing as that is money coming in, must finish them. Take care and look after yourself. Bx

  12. Sorry to hear about your daughter I hope she's on the mend now I don't do stamping but want to try I have tried a similar effect with serif and love it I only make cards for friends and family (to give to!) so I've made about 40 cards Every one is different although some are variations 99% are happy accidents! Take care Hope to meet sometime Perhaps after the Christmas/New Year rush