Thursday, 22 January 2015

Creative Expressions Thursday.

Hi Folks/Blogglies

Thank you all so much for all your kind wishes and lovely messages on yesterdays post as always and miraculously I think you all made the cold go away  as this a.m the car had no ice on it at all , you are all totally magic my friends.... hehe

Today I have a little fella for you to meet hehe, as you all know this month on The Creative Expressions DT we have a bit of an animal/friend theme going on and so today I have little Charlie for you to meet.

I have used my favourite colours of card and colouring technique with distress markers so without further ado ( does anyone know where that saying came from 'Further Ado' I mean who just suddenly said that ? I bet all his or her friends looked at him with an ... ooooo get you type look hey...? ( can you see where my mind diversifies off too hehe)

Here's Our little boy... Meet Charlie.

 I have lots of closer ones as we go through the post but isn't he just adorable. I used my fav Plum card paired with Milk card stock. I used Cornflower blue and coffee Archival inks to stamp my background and my sentiment respectively.
So to start I stamped out the little fella twice and snapped a photo so we can compare at the end.

 I chose my colour of distress pens as I knew I was going to do him a browny sand colour so I chose three browns and I wanted his ribbon Purple so I had a couple of purples and a white I will add a photo of all the colours used as we go along too.

 I took a piece of Milk card and stamped my Paw Lattice background around the edges I wasn't fussed if it over lapped or anything like that as long as it was not twisted in the pattern.
I then added a piece of plum over the top in the centre to create a base for Charlie to sit on.
I also Mounted the whole thing onto some more plum card and them milk again to give a nice frame around the whole thing. I set this aside to colour Charlie next.

I started with his bow to match him to the backing card so I used Dusty Concord, Seedless preserves and Picket fence to spread some colour from the darker ones to give us a third shade of purple for dimension. Whenever I choose colours I always work in odd numbers like three of 5, the same as flowers etc added to a project it just seems to sit better in odd numbers.

The colours I used for Charlie were.
Antique Linen,Brushed Corduroy and Gathered twigs which is one of my fav brown combo's for hair too.


I started by adding antique linen to all the areas with shade lines and shadowy areas, ie: on the edge of his paws and under and folds in his coat etc. Then I used Brushed Corduroy to add some extra hair strokes on top of the areas just coloured and once dry go back in with the antique linen and colour over the strokes and areas just done, as you all know distress markers are water based so you will need to have good quality card or the paper will disintegrate as you colour over it a few times But foundations card stands up to all my inky Bullying very well. Once I had those two colours done and dry I brought in some of the darkest shade, gathered twigs, I used a few hair strokes on his nose and ears and places like paws and tail and any shadowy folds too.I also used a white pen yes my trusty white pen I couldn't manage without this and my white drawing ink and fine paintbrush too. I use these to highlight eyes and noses and any shine i need on fur/hair etc all the time.

So here is how the two pics looked together for comparison.

Bit different? 

So I cut him out of the card and mounted him onto a larger square of plum card, I used a white ink pad to stamp the paw print lattice again onto the top of that plum card and then mounted the whole thing onto more Milk card. I used my reversible brown and blue Ribbon from Creative Expressions and wrapped one piece around the gap where the two card stocks met.
I raised this piece up on foam and added it on a jaunty angle onto the card base we set aside earlier.
I took a small piece of milk card and stamped with archival ink a sentiment from the Paw prints on your heart sentiment, clear stamp pack. It says.

" Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. Anatole France."

True true....

So I mounted that also onto plum and foam and added that onto the top right of the piece just added to the card.
So I wanted to add a tripple bow with this lovely reversable ribbon so I tied my bow but of course one of the tail sets always ended up Brown so once I had secured it into place with a sticky glue dot I added some double sided tape to the front parts of the brown tails and added some ribbon the right colour up and trimmed it so it looked like the other side. I added a Peach opaque dazzler to the centre of the bow as it seemed to match Charlies coat nicely.
So lastly was just a few extra embellishments as always, you know me I just love embellishments of all kinds.
 I used this little Wendy Vechi resin heart  for the bottom right It had red spots on it so I coloured them in with purple chalk paint and added a little  wax in gold to bring out the carve marks on the resin ( you never have to use embellishments just as they come, doctor them and change them to suit your projects.

 I took this picture of charlie on an angle simply to show with shading in the correct tones and areas you can actually tilt a picture and it will look like it is coming out of the page like the car I did back on the blog ages ago for Visible Image if any of you remember gradients of shading is what pushes an image back or forward the rule to remember is  Dark recedes an item into the back ground, Light highlights and brings it forward. I will do more on this in the coming items on the blog to help you all colour better.

So here is the finished card again with just a few pearls to finish off the corners. I hope you liked it and are getting to grips with my colouring explanations ok.

A nice little card with a few tricks but nice and not too complicated to copy should you want to do something similar. 

I have answered all yesterdays comments left so far so if you left a comment please come on and check for replies as I do try hard to keep up with them all, I know it isn't always possible but I do try every time.
Keep warm everyone and have a wonderful Thursday my Internet family  I am planning to have a review day on the blog where I review a craft item possibly weekly or every other week and so I am looking for thoughts on things like inks, stamps , embossing etc  so we can see what is well made etc. Please let me know if there is anything specific you would like to see. 

Lots of warm hugs 




  1. Morning Kim, this image is very cute, and your colouring is super. Great colour combination, who would have thought that browns and purples go so well together. Hope you have a good day. Bx

  2. Hi Kim glad your car not too icy this morning. Such a lovely stamp and a cute little Charlie. Love how you have coloured and shaded him and how you show the side view. Really clever of you. The sentiment is so true, I love my pooch so much. Would love to see more ideas on colouring, can never work out the dark and shade angles. Hope the days gone well for you and the heating is on x

  3. Morning Kim,
    Not quite as cold today, but still cold enough!
    Lovely card and I know you love this colour combo, it works really well on this card.
    The little heart is very cute and just adds the finishing touch.
    Have a good day,

  4. Morning Kim, So glad that your ankle is on the mend. I have my good days every so often and when I do I make sure that I use them for crafting! Love the little cute dog! Your explanations are great so keep up the good work, we love it! Have a lovely day, God bless Sarah

  5. Morning Kim
    Again a lovely card the dog is a cutey.
    Perhaps one day you could help with things we buy after watching a programme and then forget how to use them I purchased Shimmer Paints, Matt chalk paint, shimmer pearl glaze, clear gloss finish glaze and crackle glaze Can you give me some help in using these.
    Hugs Carol x

  6. Hi Kim,
    I Love today's Awesome Card, I Love how you've Coloured the Dogs Coat, those Pens work so well, I Love the background, thank you for explaining things in such great detail and the best thing is you share your Fabulous Cards with us.
    How are the plans for the Videos coming along!
    Take Care
    Love and Hugs
    From Sam xxx

  7. Hi Kim, A lovely card, beautifully coloured, and Charlie's fur looks fabulous.
    I've just read your Reply for yesterday, wouldn't that be brilliant, we'll both go to Australia next year eh !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could certainly cope with 6 months here and 6 months there, just wish I could win the Lottery hahaha.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  8. Evening Kim, we were covered in snow yesterday which made for a difficult day but just about clear now. These are very cute stamps and I like your colour scheme on this one. Anything to do with creating backgrounds is of interest to me and using the different types of inks available.

  9. Hi Kim,
    this card warms the cockles of my heart, it's lovely. As ever, your composition and colours are great, and those little embellishments really add something to the overall look! You are a clever clogs!
    Keep warm and I'll write some more soon.
    Hope all's as well as can be hoped. HOW IS YOUR FOOT??
    Hugs, Rose

  10. Great card I really shy away from colouring I just know that although I know the principles dark/ light etc I'm it'd still look rubbish! Great idea to do reviews Can you do general ones e.g guillotines, craft knives, paper trimmers or does it have to be specific like Krylon pens I've heard about?

  11. Love charlie kim your colouring is awsum the words are so true my little great grandson Bailey has formed this wonderful friendship with my dog Dudley Bailey is autistic the dog is such a comfort to him. Love you kim we have had no internet no phone for two weeks it's been awful but I'm back!!!!!!!! Xxxx

  12. Hi Kim.
    Just wondering if you have managed to organise the prize gifts yet from since before Christmas ?

  13. Replies
    1. Anychance of getting our prize plese

  14. I seem to have missed this one along the way. I love that cute little dog Kim and love the way you have co-ordinated his neck ribbon with the plum theme and I love the trellis stamp echoed on the topper. That teal coloured satin ribbon really sings out too. A beautiful card! My suggestion would be for anything to do with stamping and the use of inks and paints for background. The artier side of things appeals to me personally. x

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