Thursday, 5 February 2015

Creative Expressions Thursday

Hi Folks

Happy happy Thursday and today is the start of course of another month on the DT and so a new set of stamps to play with , this time we have a silhouette type theme and humour thrown in to boot, you will see what I mean once I show you the pictures of the card I have created for today.

I have a huge thank you and a shout out to my lovely friend Carol Clark and hubby David here on the blog for my birthday card, she did a fabulous job on my card and it was so very nice of her to remember so thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will keep it forever as it means such a lot to me. Carol you have a huge heart, bless you.

So who has had Snow then? oh I was so disappointed when I looked out a couple of days ago and there it was all glowing taunting me and twinkling, of course it looked soooo pretty but those of you who are aware of the recent ish foot op you will know I just panic the minute I see any thing remotely slippy so I was hoping I may get out of work that day but no such luck haha.

Ok so here is today's offering lovlies...

Something a little different isn't it.?

 So this is a nice easy one and  just has a little inking and die cutting i used an embossing folder for the background and a gorgeous ribbon and embellishments.

I started with a piece of Milk card which I ran through my Couture Creations embossing folder called Large classics from the Ambassador collection. I cut the card to size and left a section on the bottom to stamp my sentiment which I did using Archival black ink from Ranger.

 I used Vintage photo embossing ink to shade the edges of the card and drag some colour in towards the centre gradually getting lighter on a gradient toward the centre.
I mounted that section onto a piece of black card leaving just a small border to be seen.

I stamped out my lady from the set called 'Chocolate'  I think she stamps soooo chrisp the lines are fab..
I coloured in any parts I wanted blacker and then added some white pen highlights and dots etc on the cakes and shiny things like hair and shoes, I knew I would add a sparkly pen later but thought I would add the white to brighten the sparkle later.

 I cut her out using a die and while it was still in the die I took off the tape and inked it with the same Vintage photo.
 I wrapped the red ribbon that I also got in my DT pack around the edge where the sentiment is and added foam to the back to raise it from the next level on the card

I then cut a black mat for my lady to sit on and added lots of sparkle to her and her cakes and dress etc. I added her to the black mat too and added a bow toed from the ribbon to match

 I tied a double bow and shaped it into a nice chocolate box type bow with little pointed legs and added one of the black embellishments  I love these, they sparkle so much in any light. I also found my black marabou feathers. So I slipped one of those floaty things under the bow also, They always amuse me with the way they fluff about lol daft I know

Ok I thought I would show a  close up after I had coloured the cup cake and dress and hair shoes etc with their sparkles.

My finishing touch was just to add a few little black pearls in the corners and voilla all complete.


I hope you like this card and the silhouette image.

 Have a great day. 
lots of love



  1. Good to see you back Kim and a really cute card too!
    Love the colours and design.
    Keep warm and belated birthday wishes to you!

  2. Morning Kim

    Lovely card again, and thank you for those kind words. Hope you celebrated on
    your birthday.
    I was hoping for more snow here in the midland - but not much at all
    Carol x

  3. Hi Kim, So good to see you back blogging, and I hope you had a lovely Birthday.
    Your card is lovely, I especially love the background 'words' embossing folder, it looks fabulous.
    We have had lots of snow, in fact we still have some outside that doesn't want to melt at all, I personally hate snow, it's lovely on a card but I personally don't want it hahahaha !!!!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  4. A truly pretty card Kim and love the highlights on the figure and the added sparkles too. The background EF works perfectly, and the ribbon and feathers finish it a treat! Snow is pretty to look at but not pleasant to be out in in my opinion. Luckily here in Somerset it has been very cold but the snow seems to have missed us up to now. Hopefully it will stay that way! x

  5. Great card love the stamps and embossing folder x

  6. Hi Kim such a lovely card , the silhouette is great, love the sentiment and the background words. There is little snow left now thank goodness. It is so pretty to look at but since I had a really bad fall I am so nervous about falling again on the ice. Happy belated Birthday wishes to you and hope you enjoyed it.

  7. Great card love the stamps and embossing folder x

  8. Love the card. The stamps look good with the sparkles-good idea!
    Hope you had a lovely birthday,
    love Jan x

  9. Hi Kim,
    beautiful card, just my colours. Hope you had a lovely birthday and got my e-card as I hadn't had time to make one.
    For the next few weeks it'll continue to be hectic but should be worth it if all goes according to plan.
    We never had snow in Chester (apart from 1 day) and I'm not sorry, hate the white stuff.
    Hugs, Rose

  10. Evening Kim, great card you've shown us today, I especially like that sentiment, very amusing. Hope you had a good birthday. We had snow but nothing disruptive this week thank goodness, personally I've seen enough of it now and can't wait for Spring.

  11. Good to see u r blogging I like these silhouette stamps I saw John's the other day and the sentiment he was was amusing too but this one would suit my friends more as they love chocolate

  12. Hello Kim, love this card, the stamps are so cute, and the sentiment is brilliant. Belated Happy Birthday, hope you had a fab day. Bx

  13. Hi Kim
    What a Beautiful Card I Love The Embossed Background and The Stamp is just Delightful I like how you've added highlights etc.
    Take care my lovely
    Love and Hugs from Sam xxx

  14. Hi kim lovely to see you back I love the card the colours are fab belated birthday greetings darling. I know how you feel about slippy pavments ect I can't go out too many replaced joints to look after. Take care love always nanna June xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx