Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Visible Image Wednesday.

Hello my lovely friends and a huge welcome to all that have visited since the show on the weekend.

Today I intended to show you the other cards I demoed in the tent over the weekend but it seems the photos are corrupt so I need to get them re-done so for those of you who have not seen all the photos from the show or do not have facebook I thought I'd do a Visible Image homage with piccies from the weekend.

Mark & Helen are fab at taking pictures and I zoomed in a little so I could show you our Team Awesome faces haha, this was actually Sunday a.m and we were just enjoying a cuppa before the first lot of crafty friends were due through the doors to the make and take table.

Here is the stand, we were at number 36 and had one gorgeous bright ,sparkly colourful stand, people were gasping coming up to the DT work on display which made us all so very proud. I am also in awe of the work that goes in putting the stand up and taking it down at each and every show and Mark and Helen are like a well oiled team , they go into the zone and all of a sudden the stand is there or next it is gone and packed away. Team work at its best guys for sure.

So here we are in full swing at the table enjoying the make and take, I had a gentleman here who had never crafted let alone use ink or UTEE and he was so so chuffed at the end when he had his tag and it was Masculine and inky and he had achieved it with just a little guidance. Well done Sir...! .

Here I am explaining away why he should heat utee from underneath lol ... (no cats were covered in UTEE  during the making of the make and takes lol)

Having a good old chat and giggle here with two lovely ladies , they had already done the m&t and were chatting and asking lots of questions as the others were finishing. I had a great time with these two and hope to see them again as I did feel I didn't get to give them as much time as I would have liked.

I was saying on Facebook I look like I had dropped off here but It was just deep in concentration and getting on with the task at hand of course.

So next I have Pauline, Erika and Debbie who all achieved so much with little time left. wow , beautiful ladies with beautiful tags. I was soooo proud , I wish Id got a picture with you all though. Here is there fabulous tags.

Aren't they fabulous guys and dolls? I just love them, everyone did so well , amazing.Wooop Woooop!

Here is again Debbie, Erika and Pauline but on the left we have Stephen and on the right Jilly.
Both Jilly and Stephen helped me immensely in the demo tent, Jilly with her presence and being there and Stephen running around collecting a few bits for me, thank you guys... You were all awesome help go team go team.... Proudly displaying their tags too...

I also was doing the Christmas tag Make and take and I met a lovely lady called Jemma and here is her tag too. I tried to get everyone to do their own individual extras , like choose their stamps and which colours they would like and this is a lovely example. We had so many varied colours at the end and everyone with big smiling faces that they achieved so much. I loved it .

I will finish this post with a lovely picture of Helen and myself , If I find any others I will of course add them at a later date , thank you again to all who came and took part in the make and takes and to those who tried to book in but missed out (spaces went so fast ). A huge thank you to Mark and Helen not only for asking me but for helping through out the two days and for building a Kimmy wall so people could see lots of my work together, that was a lovely surprise as I didn't know they were doing that and so many people asked me to show them how I achieved it all so that was so very special.

If you are down in the Exeter area or near there and you have any time over the next few days or couldn't make it to Aly Paly then why not pop along and see Mark and Helen on The Visible Image C05 stand for yourselves and see not only our fab artwork from all the team but the stamps we are all so inspired by. 

The show is called :

The Stitching, Sewing and Hobbycrafts Show.

Westpoint Centre, Exeter

24-27 September 2015

Last time I counted there was 174 exhibitors at least... wow I wish I was there as I didn't get to nip round at Alexandra Palace, I needed sooo many bits and pieces and had not a minute in the end to collect it all, ah well lol least i met lots of smiley happy people too and I loved that.

Ok folks give Helen and Mark lots of hugs if you get to Westpoint and if not I will see you very soon for more crafty moments here on the blog.

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I hope to see you all very soon with more show pictures and some new goodies too. Happy Wednesday 

Love to all




  1. Fabulous post Kim, so love reading more about the wonderful event!

    1. Hi Kim
      Thanks for leaving your comment and it was fun even though a little less exhibitors it seemed this time.
      Kim xx

  2. hiya luvly lovely post you've written thanx for the make & takes inspiration loved getting inky messy with you :) & the mention helping in the tent really loved being there to help & then watch. great work over the weekend luv you did fabbytastic xoxox here's the link for pic of Meee holding tag from the 1st M&T on Saturday XXX

    1. Hi Stephen
      Glad you enjoyed the post and the photos and I am so pleased you enjoyed the Make and Take, you did so well and were kind enough to hel too, thank you again young man.
      Hugs Kim xx

  3. It was a great weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed your make and take sessions and demo. I especially enjoyed learning a new technique, for me, stamping into UTEE to create a topper. Awesome.

    1. Hi Jilly
      I am so pleased you had a good time, and I know we were squeezed in but at least we were all together and having crafty fun. Thanks again
      Kim xxx

  4. Hi Kim I love your photos it was a brilliant weekend. I met so many lovely people. I do Maybe I will manage it is the future. Hugs Jackie

    1. Hi Jackie, I hope to see you again and make something together too.
      I am sure we will .
      Glad you had a good weekend
      Hugs Kim xxx

  5. Thanks for showing these lovely photos Kim and some of the lovely tags made at the make and takes. I would love to go to the Exeter event as it is quite close to where I live but I have so much else going on at the moment it isn't possible to get there I'm afraid. x

  6. Morning Kim
    Just found the above pictures from AP and didn't they all have a wonderful time with you, their tags were all beautiful thank you for sharing them with us.
    hope to get there one year and to meet up with you Kim

    Carol x