Monday, 3 December 2012

Birdhouses and Santa.

Hi All.
So sorry haven't been blogging so much, I have had so many orders to get done that I have gotten a little slow with it, but I really miss coming on a seeing your comments so here I am, I am still making a few items to give to Craftwork card for Christmas and tonight I thought Id use one of their lovely bird house blanks to make up so here it is then I got a flash of inspiration an thought Id turn it into a box haha, so here it is... hope you like it, let me know.

So for this card/box I took my birdbox card and snipped it in half to start and covered both halves in corresponding papers from of course the brilliant Craftwork cards, the lovely Julie Hickey had sent me a big bag of bits to make some Christmas goodies and so I have been making them up but have also had some commissions for artwork to get done, I have been working on a line drawing in pencil of an MG motor vehicle for a guy I work with.And yet another lady is pregnant so another crochet blanket is in the offering.
Anyway back to the card...
  • After covering each half , I took some very sturdy black card and used my Crafters companian ultimate pro to make a box up that is smaller than the card but still large enough for either a bag of goodies or to put in a false bottom and have some birdies pop up as you open it like a suprise box, something like that, may have even a little faux nest but then I would associate that with Easter more than Christmas .
  • I seem to be waffling tonight maybe it is because its 12.38 and I should I suppose be attempting sleep as Its work tomorrow, really wish My job was in the craft industry, I'm working hard on that but it is very hard to get into. I would love to bring out my own stamp range so who knows maybe one day I will get that chance.
  • I also covered the black box I made just on the outside with again the matching papers, amazing quality they are too.
  • I then attached the front and back to the box and made sure all the adhesives were covered.I added some American seem binding as ribbon around the outside of box and also all over what would be the eves of the house near the roof. Making also a sort of bow on the top inside the roof area by making up 3 loops in varying sizes gluing them in place and adding a small piece of binding around it to look like a triple bow.Finishing it with some candi here and also along the eves again inside and out.
  • Next i die cut the circle from Spellbinders splendid circles for around the window, I was going to cut it out and leave acetate in the aperture but last min I thought I'd use it for the sentiment but I may make another and do that so you can look into the box.
  • I cut out lots of leaves with my Grand calibur too and and the pack of flowers that came with the birdhouses I rolled them and embossed them a little to make them rounder , then rolled them or curled them up, one I made up into like a rose by gradually sticking down each set of petals one at a time. It doesn't show on the picture as I took these photos just before I decided to make 3 tiny flowers with the Donna Salazar bitty blossoms dies from spellbinders (amazing).
  • I made sure my box opened and closed and added some finger holes to make it easy. Glued all my flowers with Pinflair and there we have it, I am still in 2 minds regarding the sweetie or little birdy things popping out but anyway the main thing is done.
I hope that you get chance to come on and have alook If so leave me a comment I don't bite.
Have a great Monday and   hopefully I will get chance to pop on and added the other card I made today.
Love to all
K xx


  1. Absolutely ingenious, Kim! Fabulous project! Wish I could sit with you to help me create something!

  2. You would be more than welcome to sit with me, maybe one day we could do some kind of web chat link up thingy as i realise you aren't just down the road. But your work is gorgeous as it is and I'm sure you could show me a thing or two also, we all learn from each other.
    Kim x

  3. Maybe I should think about a you tube video post.. let me know what you think x