Monday, 23 September 2013

Tea Dance Pink or Blue?

Hi Guys

Today is my turn to blog for the lovely Craftwork cards and I chose the Tea Dance collection to make a matching pair of cards, I hope you like them.

I was routing through the papers in the pack and saw these two the same in Pink and Aqua so I decided I'd have a go at it and hopefully you will like it , they are very pretty and not at all grungy for me but still I loved doing them and they were simple to do.
  • Firstly I chose my paper and which frame I would use. 
  • Then I Inked the frame lightly to pick out the pattern and help to tie it in with the project.
  • I then added the frame with foam to raise it up a little off the base.
  • The next mat I chose , I cut out then pierced all around the edge before adding it to the Tea 
  • The the last layer I choose the dotty one but added the ink again to tie all together 
  • All of the above then is added to my 8X8 base card.
  • I added my Craftwork cards sentiment and my flower and leaves.
  • lastly I used a quicky glue pen and sprinkled lots of gorgeous sparkly glitter to the edge of the frame and the flower (this is really hard to see in the photo but the close ups do show it a little).
 Its such a shame the glitter doesn't show as much it looks so pretty sparkling away.

While I was Ally Pally yesterday I was chatting to lots of people and the subject of Inky fingers came up , There are so many different products on the market now to try and clean dirty mitts but my favourite item is Grime boss wipes. I was at the stand chatting to them Sunday as I use them for the cooker hood and the window ledges etc so not just ink but I used to have to bleach my fingers at night so you can image how sore they were but now I use these wipes and they are fab but that got me thinking as to what other people use and what better way to ask, can you leave me your comments and let me know please.

OK back to  the pics for today's gorgeous Craftwork Cards 
 Inside 'pink'

Inside 'Aqua'
Its lovely to match the inside of the card to your project and in this pad there are so many papers that you don't feel like you have to scrimp and save it .

So here they are in Large format so you can have a good look .
let me know what you think.

Have a wonderful Monday and I will be back for Heartfelt  Creations Wednesday post so please come and join me also if you fancy chatting feel free to add me on Facebook and we can have a good old chin wag bout anything crafty or even not so crafty things haha.

lots of love 


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