Sunday, 18 May 2014

Visible Image Sunday

Good Sunday Morning to you all

Wow did you see the big yellow ball in the sky yesterday? Wasn't it lovely.

Today is my first day back with Helen and Mark's lovely Visible Image so I have a little card which Vere's off to the masculine side as we gear up to make all those father's day cards.I must admit I do love to make male cards I really enjoy the challenge of it and the fact that I love to use ribbons and flowers with bows and gorgeous prettiness and so to start I tell myself I must not use ribbon, flowers , lace or anything girly then I have a look through my stamps and I limit myself to 2 backing stamps , my sentiments and a focal point.
Here is  ' Believe '. 

I have quite a long step by step tutorial for you today so I hope you don't get bored haha, please tell me if you think I am putting in too many pictures won't you ladies,I know you aren't beginners most of you but I am hoping to also encourage the newer ladies to get stuck in  using up bits of left over hessian for a male card for texture etc.
I love to inspire you all and can't wait to run some classes too.

 So here we go then, Step one.

 Do you all remember my colour rule with the distress Inks, 2 corners and 1 side ? Here i used dusty concord, antique Linen and just on the very edges Walnut stain, Once I have 2 coats of ink down I then go to my tone on tone technique with the Grunge Harlequin and Grunge Polka dots Backgrounds , just do the edges as that is all we will see, make sure to stamp off the page as keeping it all neat on the page just doesn't look right at all and you won't get it all match ( this would make me go into OCD over drive haha) Once done mat it on to a piece of black card , I have chosen to opt for a very thin amount of black showing but it really is a choice thing.

Here is the inks I used but you can use any, they are all designed to go together but since I knew I wanted to do the car green, I went to its opposite on the colour spectrum which is Purple and so it will always sit perfectly together.

I took a piece of card smaller then the backing section I just complete and stamped the 'Follow your dreams' sentiment with black Versafine ink and embossed it quickly with clear detail embossing powder ( technically if you are embossing an archival ink isn't the right Ink but if you move very quickly you can still do it) I just love how black and deep it goes and of course it is also lovely and shiny (touchy feely)
 I stamped out the Classic sports car and coloured it in with Distress pens, I started it by scribbling a little Peeled paint on a tile and using a water brush I gave the whole car, except the windscreen and light green wash over whole of body work.Dried it with the heat gun and then applied the darker shabby shutters to the darker areas  , along the bottom of the car , around the wheels etc, I went in with some white and gave it some highlights where it would shine in the light.I then used some sparkle glaze on the head lamps and windscreen, wheel trims too. again once dry I went over the whole thing with a shiny but flat glaze and let dry while I was doing this I moved on to later steps then came back and added Glossy accents to the head lights, wind screen and wheel trims.

Here is a little bit of fun,I took the Tyre marks stamp and curved it as much as I could before it buckled on the block and stamped it again In Black , try to make sure you join the stamps together evenly when you stamp them more than once, I saw Sue do this on the show I went on with her before Christmas last year and was amazed at how great it looks so i thought I would give it a go, but she does make everything look easy doesn't she ladies. Cut out 2 or 3 pieces to make a set of frames whatever size you would like to fit on your paper, I just went for 2 layers as this was all that would fit spot on on the card front.

 The two Pictures above shows you that I made a little card mask for the sentiment and used a tiny rolled up peice of Removable tape on the back of it so I could ink really close and evenly around the sentiment, I wanted your eye to go to the sentiment but not be over powered for it as I also wanted to add another word in and some little embelishments too.

 I took a piece of hesian (which I love love love, wait til you see the flowers I made from it)
Anyway I frayed most of it but as you can see some just need to make it fit with a little showing for the illusive texture we all search for hey.( looks off at this stage I know. You can also see by this photo and the one below that I stamped the 'Believe' sentiment and emossed with true white embossing powder so half of it will be split  but still look like the gorgeous font it is in.

 You can see even with a very thin mat in between and it was raised on foam it makes no difference.

I took this one to show you how raised up it actually is and because I have cut around the front of the car it looks like it will come out of the card haha.
See the effect you get by simply turning it.
The finishing touches were simply using glossy accents I added a few little wheel insides and little flat back screw tops for centres , I also found a couple of tags that say 'journey and destination so I chose a little flower brad with a ring attached and threaded it through the  hessian and then glued it into place. I then made a little chain from the tiny rings I had in my stash and added the smaller tag.                                    
                                Grunge Harlequin Background       Grunge Polka dot Background
                                Tyre mark                                           Believe  &
                                                                                      Follow your dreams.
                                                                   Classic race car

So I hope you liked today's card , it was a little bit different and as I said I have a thing for fabric the frays at the moment, specially on flowers , they look so gorgeously shabby.

I must just correct you guys on My upcoming show on C&C, It has now changed to June 7th at 10a.,m and 4 p.m  I hope you can join me during the show and email in , I still have the ones you all send in to that very first show I did , I am very lucky to have you all with me.

Thank you  to you all

 Much Love


P.S, I am seriously hoping that this post is all ok, because it took hours to write, due to problems with adding the photos etc. fingers crossed. u99


  1. This post is definitely all ok Kim!
    I am sure it took ages both to make the card and do the post-so thank you so much.
    I love this and all the different layers and stamping you have done-a true guys card .
    I too love hessian and am looking forward to seeing your flowers!
    Have a great day,

  2. Good morning Kim it is so nice to see you crafting again. This card is fabulous it has so much detail I think any man would be happy to receive it. Your blog post is brilliant it was well worth the time and effort. Have a great day. Hugs Jackie

  3. Hello Kim
    Lovely and sunny again today so more gardening I think!
    This is a clever card love the layers and it is so masculine with the Hessian .
    Looking forward to seeing you on C/Craft !
    Take it slowly before then Kim!
    Love Marg

  4. Morning Kim,
    This card is absolutely gorgeous it must have taken you an age to take all those photo's and to write the instruction, you are first class my girl. Any man would like to receive this card. Where are all the stamps from and the hessian.

    Yes lovely and sunny today, potted 12 plant pots yesterday and will put the remainder flowers in the borders.
    Carol x

  5. Good morning lovely lady hope you are ok. The card is wow I love it thank you for the tutorial it's great to have you back. I'm glad the dates are. Changed to June there is a big craft show in Bolton I'm being taken on the 31st May as it'sy birthday on June 1st it's a treat fry daughter I can watch you now on cc. Love always June xxxxx

  6. Welcome back I've just looked back on the other recent postings and they're all lovely That butterfly idea is amazing I'm in Dublin at mo & can't wait to get back & remind myself which one of the Spanish collection I bought at Ally Pally to see what shapes I can make out! Diary changed - check! Lots of love Karen

  7. Hi Kim,
    WOW! A great man-card but could be girlie with a few flowers for a friend who loves spotes cars. I love all the different techniques you have used ....the split 'Believe' and the way the car looks as it it's coming right off the clever and such an informative post too Kim.
    Have a lovely day

    Love Sheila xx

  8. hi Kim
    Another stunning card today. Hope your feeling well today, and try to work your way in gradually. how on earth do you manage to think up all these designs is beyond my imagination. I say designs because your cards are a work of art. hope you have a great day.

  9. Hi Kim, I hope you're feeling a bit better and the pain is gone (or bearable) Its a stunning card. Just shown it to my husband. He said that he's not keen on the car...he'd rather have an E-Type!!

  10. Hi Kim, I hope your well! This Card is Truly Tremendous, I really Love all The Textures you've used, I Love all The Fabulous Colours, and The Tutorial is wonderful.
    I wish Create and Craft wouldn't keep changing dates with
    The Creative Expression Team, I look so forward to watching you guys then they change the dates it's So Extremely annoying.
    Thank You for all The Fabulous Photograph Shots, Kim Thanks For Sharing It Means So Much To Me I Really Appreciate It As I'm Sure All Others Do.
    Take Great Care Kim
    Love and Hugs from Sam x

  11. thank you Kim, for looking after us this well. I appreciate all the trouble you take with your shots and tutorials - especially for a card like this which has so many interesting features. It's absolutely stunning, I love everything about it.
    Hugs, Rose

  12. Evening Kim, I love this !! I love the colours and the stamps on the background, yes I did remember your '2 corners and 1 side' haha, I always do this now too. I love how you have the frames with the tyre tracks (genius!!), and I adore how you have the car coming out of the square (double genius !!), all finished of perfectly with gears etc. I love it !!
    Hasn't the weather been fabulous, I have been gardening both afternoons, and my back is complaining bitterly haha.
    I'm so looking forward to your shows on C&C, bring it on !!!!!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  13. Hi Kim, great card, I would never have thought of using purple and brown tones together but it looks so striking. Thanks for the tutorial, there can never be too many photos as far as I am concerned. 7th June is my fathers 90th birthday and we are having a family party so I will be pressing the record button for your shows.

  14. Hi Kim, another fab card! Love all the layers & textures & what a great idea to bend the tyre stamp!. Wonderfully sunny here yesterday so had no time to play with any of the Visible Image stamps that arrived at the shop on Saturday :-( gardening took priority. Itching to get started though.
    Amy x

  15. Hi Kim. Great card for the men : ) I love the colours together and the hessian. looking forward to seeing you on C & C in June. Enjoy another day of wonderful sunshine every one. Take care.

  16. These stamps make a terrific male card, and I love the way you have coloured the car and the shadows and highlights are just great. There are so many layers to this card and the hessian is something I have never used but looks really good. Hope you had a good weekend. x

  17. Hi Kim and Co. Almost there now. I really love your written tutorials and the amount of pictures you show us so please dont stop unless it takes up too much craft time. That car, wow, I love the colouring effect, it looks like its jumping out at us, its just great.
    Im not a lover of doing male cards, yawn ! I do like ripping up book pages though and distressing them to make them look aged (like me) lol and I also tore an out of date atlas to ink and use as backing to a driving test good luck card (I actually suprised myself) as I dont usually think like that !! It looked quite good when finished and it takes a lot for me to admit my project is ok !
    So now Im off to the next and cant wait to see what follows. Hope your Wednesday has been a good one for you Kim and all Kimettes.
    Lancashire Steph xx