Sunday, 25 May 2014

Visible Image Sunday.

Good Morning my lovely crafting buddies.

Well yesterday was a wash out , I went for another little drive in my car, still trying to get this old foot moving again but my goodness it was torrential  rain, hail stones gosh not at all nice. I finally got home and the sun came out for all of a couple of hours and then it rained again. Lets hope for something a little nicer today.

Hope you are well and those of you going away over bank holiday I hope you all have a wonderful time and you will be missed so I look forward to hearing about your adventures.

Today is my day as you all know to post for Visible Image officially, as yesterday was a new launch we did an extra day so here is the card I made for today.

Here I used another couple of the gorgeous new fantasy range stamps, although I did change it up a little and it is absolutely covered in glitter , two different ones too. This stamp set is called Myrddin Magick set and The forest background The set I got the amazing sword and rocks from is Myrddin and he is a wizard and is amazing but I chose not to add him to this one as I have another idea for him so I thought I'd do this and do something different with the trees, but up close you can see they are fading into the background but it just wouldn't come out on camera, and really just picked up everything I added to the top but I will explain how I made it anyway.

I took the Forest stamp and white card and I also added a mask to the upper left so I could have a moon in the corner.I stamped the forest several times but I used lots of greens and browns in the distress pens and drew directly onto the stamps so it was more subtle, I breathed on the stamp each time just before I stamped it as distress is water based it reactivates the ink, I kept them all very even and ended up with a straight line at the top where it says Magick.
I decided to start added a few grass type strokes above the line to break it up a bit.
I added milled lavender and dusty concord shading and lots of walnut stain to the bottom to make it really dark at the bottom, I stamped the rocks in the bottom corner and made 2 masks for the rocks too, so I could make it a pile of rock s rather than just one small rock, I then coloured them in and kept them really dark at the bottom and light where the moon would shine and added some highlights too. I re-added the mask to the top rock and stamped the sword and coloured adding a really sparkly sakura gel pen to the blade and a white highlight all the way down like a halo in the moon light ( you see it now I said it don't ya lol).
I took the mask off the moon and added some dusty concord very lightly in stages moving the mask a little at a time so you can almost see rings as you look at it.
I dried everything thoroughly added more highlights etc til I was really happy with it and dried it a bit more , I rubbed over the top right corner with an anti static bag as I wanted to emboss in white the sentiment form the set and if any distress was wet or even a little damp it would grip the embossing powder too so double check it is completely dry then used versamark to emboss with true white embossing powder. Believe in Magick.
I added a self adhesive sheet to the complete picture but only peeled half the backing off and added a chunky glitter all along the bottom then i took off the top part of the backing and added a slightly smaller but not too fine glitter as it faded up.
I then took some distress pens and coloured over the things i wanted to pull forward in the image, Like the sword, you just dab the pen on the glitter and it kinda sucks it up and darkens the glitter but the gorgeous sparkle remains, yummy.

I held it up here in the hope you could pick up the trees in the background, you can but only just. Anyway I matted the picture onto a purple/plum card ( not blue as is here), then cream and back to the purple to finish off.
I didn't take lots of tutorial pics for this one as I did yesterdays and also I was doing a card ready for Wednesday for heartfelt creations post this week. But I hope you like it .

These are the new stamps part of the new fantasy series by the amazing Visible Image.

                       Myriddin magick set                                     Forest background stamp

 What is everyone up to this bank holiday then, anything nice or will you be home crafting along with me?
Have a lovely day.

Huge hugs



  1. Hi Kim, I really Love this range of Stamps it's something that's been needed for a long time, it's great for Teenagers Cards I Love The Vibrant Colours you have chosen, I Love The Wizard and The Stone and Sword and The a Fabulous Forest background Stamps The Forest Stamps can be used in many other Projects.
    Thank You for sharing Kim
    Take Care
    Love and Hugs
    From Sam x

  2. Hi kim the weather was awful yesterday in Warrington none stop rain all day makes you feel so blue,it better behave next Sunday it's my birthday it was lovely when my dad was a alive it's was his too a he used to say I was his birthday presant. The card is beautiful kim the stamps are exciteing and new and what you have done with this one is magic indeed your very gifted kim you know I make my cards for charity I have awful trouble with layering I wonderd what you thought of those rulers.have a lovely Sunday take care with driving slowly remember thank you for the brill tutorial June xxxxxxxxxxx

    1. If it helps I use the rulers all of the time I think they're brilliant

  3. Hi Kim,
    Love what you have been doing with the Fantasy range of stamps and the colours you have used today are great....wonderful card!
    Hope you manage another little run in your car sometime soon and your foot is well on the road to recovery now.
    Just chilling today as we did so much last we when we were away... a bit of crafting is on the cards probably....oops sorry about the pun! Have a good day.

    Love Sheila xx

  4. Kim you have created a really magical looking card with lots of atmosphere, I think it's very clever of you! Have seen all the new stamps and think they are great for kids especially who are into fantasy tales , but this card could be given to anyone.
    Had a fall yesterday and twisted my ankle , it's bruised , swollen and sore so can't do much this weekend BUT I can hobble into my little craft room!
    Have a great weekend Kim,

  5. Morning Kim
    What a great Harry Potter type cards the kids they would love this as adults also. I think it is stunning.
    We dodged the weather yesterday in Oakham, hope to have a better day today
    Off on holiday Tuesday
    Carol x

  6. Sorry Kim should have said I hope the ankle improves whilst we are away, don't run before you can walk as they say
    Carol x

  7. Hi Kim. You have made a fantastic fantasy card here. Love the colours and thank you for the in depth tutorials, they are so helpful. I am crafting today as the weather is awful again! Take care.

  8. Hi Kim, another stunning card, love the stamps. Have a lovely day. Bx

  9. Great card I love how you put colours together Bank Holiday ..? What's one of those? My husband works Bank Hols so I've never had one! Now children are grown up it's not a prob Just means I get the tele remote, can craft to my heart's content AND a bit of a lie in coz don't have to get up for work - bliss Off to a 4 year olds birthday party later today

  10. A stunning fantasy card Kim. Thanks for the tutorial.Take it easy Kim driving and rest as much as you can. Not doing much again as still in a lot of pain with shoulders. Hope your ankle gets better Ruth.

  11. Hi Kim,
    home crafting is the answer, and possibly an hour in the garden, weather permitting. We have truly paid for the little bit of sunshine that we had with all this rain, hail, thunder and other nasty weather that followed it.!
    I don't know whether it's the camera not picking up things but this card is very dark - before reading the text, I thought it was a grave with a cross and thought "that's an odd choice". But then I read how you made it and was reassured. It's certainly a striking card and I love the colours.
    Don't forget Kim, ease your foot into full mobility GENTLY.
    Hugs, Rose

  12. Evening Kim, It has been torrential rain here today, we have been up and down the motorway looking at used cars, at one point the wipers couldn't keep up and we couldn't see a thing through the window, it was so scary. All to no avail either !! We are both ill at present, so the day didn't go down well for either of us haha !!
    I love your card, very mystical, and gorgeous colourways, loving the glittering and especially the 'sword in the stone', just sat there waiting for King Arthur !!
    Please do watch what you are doing with your ankle, 'baby steps' , and rest when your body tells you to !!
    Lets hope we all get some sun tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your day.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  13. Clever card and very striking. A soggy Bank holiday here in S Yorkshire too but I've spent it with my daughter, son-in-law and 3 year old grandson, who I get to see probably once a month! We've been crafting-he loves to paint and stick-and I now have a little gallery to last me until the next visit!!! Start 'em young!!!!
    Take care and take it steady, Kim. Thanks, Jan

  14. A beautiful scene you have created here Kim, and love the self adhesive sheet over the top on which to add the glitter. We are having a quiet weekend at home and unfortunately the good weather we have had seems to have disappeared recently. Yesterday it poured with rain all day, but today has been mainly overcast but the sun did come out this evening so perhaps tomorrow will be better and we may get out to do something tomorrow. Hope you are having a good weekend and that your ankle is getting stronger. x

  15. Very striking scene Kim, love the glitter it gives a mystical effect. Wet start here but finished the day with sunshine and blue skies. Had a little party at my daughters with my grandchildren for my birthday. The cake and cards said 65 but I'm sure they got that wrong, or perhaps not!!

  16. Hi Kim and all Kimettes.
    Just back from a very wet n cold hen party in York. My brain is non compliant and neither is my body (compliant ? - where the heck did that come from considering I can barely remember my name) shattered is an understatement and Im so looking forward to bedtime, but have a bag to unpack (my usual trait - a months worth of packing for 1.5 days !!!

    Both cards are soo clever Kim, such an imagination. I shall pop back later when I can focus properly and zoom in on your wonderful work ( if I dont end up sleeping the day away) !!

    Love n hugs to you all.
    Lancashire Steph xx

  17. What a clever and beautiful make! It's absolutely stunning and I love the magical sparkle on it x

  18. A very atmospheric card Kim, I love the colours you have chosen & the glitter over the top adds a lovely mystical touch.
    No crafting at all for me this weekend. We went camping!! I was working in the shop all day Saturday though while our friends very kindly took our tent & set it up for us, then we joined them early evening by which time the rain had eased off (felt bit guilty as they had got soaked!) Massive down pour through the night then a lovely day Sunday with a long walk stopping at the pub for a pint. At least we know our tent is water proof! Glad to get the wellies off when we got home yesterday as had lived in them all weekend :-(
    Amy x