Thursday, 10 July 2014

Creative Expressions Thursday

Hi Everyone

How are you all, we have had so much rain and today, just for a change.. it was windy too. Although the sun did poke his nose out here and there so I am guessing we must not complain haha ( I just did, oops.)
I am so sorry I have been a little slow to answer comments this week with prepping the cards for Sundays shows 9a.m and 3p.m and doing my DT cards too plus a bit of drawing I have definitely been on the busy side. Plus of course resting the foot does take sometime with all the swelling etc but still at least I can do that at the moment.
Today I have a card which is some what different for me but this month the Creative Expressions team were sent some Glitter texture paste and a couple of masks plus we could use any stamps that we wanted so I went for a look that is not my usual as I like lots of details as you all know but here it is see what you think anyway. ( I am waffling as I am really not confidant on this one girlies, don't be too harsh lol )

I started with getting out my stencil tape and a palette knife to scrape the paste through the Mask which was a 6x6 mask of Ali's of course and I could not choose which corner I was going to use as they are all different so you know what I thought I would use them all. lol (why oh why would you ) I am obviously having a funny evening haha

 That special touch Art Deco Mask.
 Here are the colours I chose which as you all know I love my berry shades Hence the blackcurrant coloured hair so I thought Id use these 2 together for a little contrast. They are called Lavender Mist and Rich Plum very yummy.
I took a piece of black card about 7x7inches to give me a little room to straighten up if  I needed to after and I taped it down to my desk with my very low tack masking tape, if you don't have low tack and you have that purple stuff or even the removable tape we use for dies booth of them work well but I would de tack them a little more as they can pull the coating off your card which is also another reason to leave a border so you can cut off any uneven bits if needed, just expose a bit of skin and stick your tape to it a couple of times and the oils in your skin will de tack nicely so you can then use your not so sticky sticky tape ( If you think that's hard to say you try to type it haha).
At this stage you can scrape your paste through your mask in any fashion you wish depending on how much thickness you would like, I only wanted mine thin so I could dry it with my heat gun but it is best really to leave it to one side to dry on its own then make up into a card but I was in a whirl with show cards to get done too. Actually Julia did a fab demo on one of her recent shows of how to do this if you managed to catch that.

So here is a close up on the sparkle but it never picks up how glittery it really is in the pictures ( which is why I want to do videos , soon peoples soon.)
Once I had dried it all I did some matting and layering with simple black and white to keep the Art deco theme ( although I am sure Art deco didn't have felt flowers haha) oh well .
I used my Blossom pack of felt that our lovely Sue sourced for us and I love the colours so I made up a few flowers.
My tip for this is while you are relaxing at any time make up a lot of these and put them into a jar, if any of you were watching the last show you would have seen my Jar on the  counter with my shabby chiq flower on the top , I also have a box for all the ribbons I use for Creative Expressions work and I spend some time tying up lots of the chocy box bows that you all comment on that I do in all colours so I always have them to hand for while I am prepping for shows as the little things are the huge time savers but they also look really pretty in jars on a window sill or shelf . I will take some pictures one day and show you the room I work in If you would like to see of course.
So back to the card I added some pearls and attached a couple of the pearl sprays to 2 of the flowers so I could keep that V shape we know works so well in corners on cards.
I used some small word stamps and created just a small tag which I matted onto black but drew on in my trusty white pen a deco feel frame on the black mat.
Lastly I matched up a ribbon bow and placed the larger darker flower in the centre and added it to the others in the corner to finish.
So there we go 4 different corners and a centre which can all be used separately but I managed to mix them all together and although ideally you could maybe do 2 corners of one design and the other 2 in another or all the same I don't think it looks too out of place with the finished card here as it is. I think if you just stick to one or two colours that helps the design a lot too.

Well my lovelies I am off to go back and answer your comments now as I don't ever want anyone to think I didn't want to answer you all as I love to read your comments and answer your queries especially when time allows me to.

Have a great day and I hope if you can,  to see your emails  on Sunday ( it so lovely when you feel you know the people that write in) remember the shows are 9a.m and 3p.m and I hope you get to win a card from the shows too I will try to give away a few and then the following week on the blog I will giveaway some too.

Hugs to all.



  1. Hi Kim, I think this card is stunning and very unusual with the different elements of the mask together. Love the colours. Bx

  2. This is a lovely card Kim, don't know why you were fretting!
    Love the colours and the flowers are gorgeous!
    Glad you are resting your foot and looking forward to your shows!

  3. Hi Kim, I Love the Card the matting and Layering is excellent, I really Love The Mask that you used and The Truly Awesome Colours you've Cosen they are so Rich, I Love The Felt Flowers, I'm so pleased you are still resting your foot.
    Take Great Care Kim
    Love and Hugs
    From Sam x

  4. Hi Kim. Love the card, you can stop worrying now : ) I love the Glitter pastes and the colours you have chosen. The mask is very pretty, great choice of corners. I would love to see your craft space, it is always interesting seeing how people work, what storage they have etc. Well. I say interesting but I'm not sure if it is that I am just nosy really : ) You really are very busy at the moment aren't you! I hope the shows go well, I will be recording them as we will be away visiting family in Devon. Won't be able to send an email into the show but I will be thinking of you : ) Take care.

  5. Morning Kim
    This card is beautiful, I have watched Julia do it and I must have a go.
    Your colours are of the masking and flowers match beautifully
    Really looking forward to your shows
    Carol x

  6. Hi Kim
    Your card is beautiful so no need to worry! Have never used texture paste before so thanks for all the great tips. Hope the shows go well may not get to see them as am on holiday in France
    Best wishes, Pat

  7. Hi Kim, a lovely card. Love the colours of the texture pastes. It amazing how they look different on black card. Love how you have used different corners. Will record your shows so I can watch them in peace. I'd like to see your craft room(being nosy)! Take care and rest your ankle as much as possible. Love Beryl xx

  8. Rose in Chester10 July 2014 at 12:53

    Hi Kim,
    Your card is lovely - who says that corners always have to be of the same design?
    The felt flowers are lovely, I'm sure I've seen Sue demo these but have forgotten how you do it.......... any instructions?
    Keeeep elevating.
    Hugs, Rose

  9. I love the berry colours of the glitter paste Kim and the pretty felt flowers and ribbon embellishments. A gorgeous card. x

  10. Hi Kim, I hope you are getting some time to elevate your foot, it will definitely 'tell you' if you are doing too much haha.
    I love your card, the colours are my favourites, so that's a 'hit' straight away. I adore the felt flowers and the pearl sprays are gorgeous.
    I'm just taking a 'breather' as I have just finished doing my 'clean all' housework and washing etc, and the weather is sunny and windy, so I have taken advantage and taken down all my lace curtains and my lounge curtains, and they are all washed and on the line blowing away, I have also cleaned my windows inside and my lace curtains are back up, and all my ironing done. So I think I deserve a 'breather' haha.
    I'm getting myself in the mood craftwise as I have a 29th and a 17th Birthday cards to make for my Grand-daughters this month !!!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  11. Lovely colours and using all 4 corners from this beautiful mask does work Does the texture paste come in metallic colours without the glitter? I'm not into glitter unless it's at Christmas! Looking fwd to shows Hope foot/ankle is continuing to improve and sorry I've not been onto my google mail account recently I'm commenting with my iPod - husband has commandeered the laptop at mo - long story! And I can't access my Google account on here Take care x

  12. Hi Kim. I think you've done a lovely job there! I'm not really into all this glitter paste stuff, sorry, but I think that the added flowers really make it special.
    I'm sorry that your ankle still troubles you. I guess you should be keeping it up far more than you have done. Be careful not to do too much on Sunday too. Not sure whether I'll be able to watch-may have to record instead but hope all goes well. Take care, Jan

  13. Evening Kim, I like the card, think you've done a great job with the mask and glitter paste. I used something similar to the texture paste when I first started crafting about 6 or 7 years ago now, with a metal stencil. I remember the paste was just plain white and I made a nativity scene on some dark blue card and sent them as the first Christmas cards I ever made. I've bough some past and mask to make Christmas cards this year but the paste is glitter now of course.

  14. Hi Kim your card is gorgeous I love texture paste the colours you have chosen are lush. The new mask looks interesting. It sounds like you are very busy. Don't forget to rest that foot. Have a great day. Hugs Jackie

  15. Oh kim this is lovely the mask is a beauty must have and try this the colours are Ritch love em. Take care Hun try to rest love you xxxxxxnana June xxxx

  16. Hello Kim
    I don't know why but this is the 3rd time my comment has disappeared!
    Love the card and look forward to Sunday!
    Feet up too!
    Take care Kim
    Love Marg

  17. Hi Kim
    Just loving.texture pastes and these colours are gorgeous.
    Just watched your show (Sunday) with Jacqui and you made me get out the Winged Vintage labels and 'copy' my style with the butterfly and the gorgeous glitters.. even black and white it is so elegant.
    Sorry I didn't email in - I would love to win one of your cards but C&C are not my favourite people as I was drawn to win one of Julia's cards but it didn't arrive (I eventually received a consolation prize certainly not one of hers - which I was not pleased with at all - it looked like it had just been picked up and posted to me to keep me quiet- ah far from it)!!!!
    Anyway I shall continue to check in more often to your blog.
    Best wishes
    Sheila x

  18. Just to say the shows were great yesterday Kim, so were your fab samples!
    Can't believe my name was first out of the cup in the morning, so I won your fab frame creation!!
    Just sorry they did not read out mine or any messages during the show , although they did in the afternoon.
    Hope your foot is ok today,

  19. Thank you for sunday kim thank you it was great loved your tips and the demos were brill I hope your ankle wasn't too bad after your shows love you nana June xxxx