Saturday, 19 July 2014

Saturday show cards

Good Morning folks.

Well Not so exiting as the night before however we did still manage to have a little thunder again last night but nothing like the night before. I am not sure what direction the wind is moving the storms in now but enjoy it if you like it and hide if you don't. When I was small my mum had a thunder bolt go through her roof just as the milkman was walking up the path and he got thrown down the path so my mum and brother who was home at the time are terrified of the thunder but I love it and so do my children as I explained to you all yesterday. Isn't it funny some of the tales you recollect as you get older I would love it if we all lived near enough for me to do classes and we could all tell each other life tales in the breaks haha. gosh I don't think those sessions would last an hour do you ?

Well on to the matter at hand again another piccy or two for you to feast on today.

This one I loved as although it has a bright pink in it from the Damask Delight pad it was mixed with a black pattern and I used it here just as a frame so at home do gut out the centre of the page to give yourself enough for another card, it is hard to do that while prepping for the shows as of course time prevails etc but out of a piece say 8 by 8inches here you can cut 7x7 from the middle to use on another project. I am sure a lot of you do do that but sometimes we just forget and do it the other way and then realise later so just a little reminder with all the up cycling we do now.
So I stamped my gorgeous Iris's labels Four image from Just Rite in Cranberry Adirondak dye ink and then used a water brush to simply drag some colour into the centre of each of the flowers featured.
I blasted it with the heat gun and then added a tiny clear sparkle glaze over the flower heads and a little Meadow ink on the leaves and stem. I cut it out using Just rite vintage label four then flipped the die over onto black card and drew around it with my trusty white pen and fussy cut it out by hand to give myself a mat for the focal point to sit on. I also used a tiny Happy mothers day greeting from the set on a small flag cut piece of card to go with my bow.

Here is a close up of the colouring which of course hasn't picked up the sparkle on the Iris's but you can see how crisp the image stamps out even using a dye ink and not a pigment one like we normally use I also pulled the colour into the little dots in the trellis intersections but you could use tiny little stones or pearls if you wanted but I think they would have to be 2mm to not detract from the image.
You can also see under the focal point I incorporated the fudge embossing folder length ways with a tiny bit of Raspberry sorbet ink to match the very bluey pink of the paper, I think you can just pick up the tiny line of glitter on the edge of the embossed piece too. (what is that saying now. "The devil is in the detail").
I used several layers of seam binding around the embossed coconut white card toward the bottom end to look almost like a ruched ribbon in pink and tied a three layer bow from it also and added pearl strings and my little flag sentiment and a small luxury pearl embelly in the centre. I use several mat and layers as usual with foam in between the back double mat and a black mat to bring out the black in the pattern paper and to mat the fussy cut mat under the focal point, this ties all the colours together and keeps it neat as you look at the entire card pulling you eye centrally.
Here is that longer shot I like to use to show off the layers and give you a look at the dimensions, this finished up a fairly large card of around 8x8 inches in the end but I did enjoy building this one.

Next one I have for you today is another one I really enjoyed.
I just loved the packaging on the Just Rite stamp set here so I mixed up the colours to match from the colours on the show only as I didn't want you to have to use things you wouldn't have or similar items.
 Again I chose another of the gorgeous papers to match in from the Damask Delight pad By Couture Creations on the show and chose matching  Silky crush ribbon and the pearls on the show in sprays and embellishments. I used coconut white and black cardstock in between and used Vintage labels three to cut out the focal point and a black mat also. I cut a large piece of the paper for my focal point to sit on one side and wrapped a piece of the ribbon on the left with the focal point just over lapping it slightly.

Here you can see the added sparkle which came out in this picture , typically. Again when colouring use the inks darker in places where there would be a natural shadow this always makes it look more dimensional of course.
The bow is a double layer of ribbon with fork cut ends and another of those pearls in the centre and a couple of the pearl sprays tucked in behind the bow itself. I used the large 8mm pearls just in the corners too.
Obviously this card with its bow etc is fairly feminine but just a couple of tweeks for instance a hessian and raffia strip down the side and not so many mat and layers maybe no sparkle on the image and it would instantly look masculine, you could use some of the metal embellishments we do for the corners and it would look quite regal but definitely masculine too, these pads really are very versatile , well done Couture I say.

Ok folks well that is Saturday's twofer and I will be back of course tomorrow with Visible Image and If you go to their site today you will see they are having a wonderful launch of some fab new images which are gorgeous so I hope they do well with them for sure.
For all those lovely blogglies asking if I will be at Ally Pally in September after having to pull out with the operation this last time the answer is a resounding Yes so I would love to meet some of you if you can and I look forward to that immensely.

Hugs to you all and look after each other.



  1. Hi Kim. Another wonderful Two-fer today. Again the pink card is lovely, the iris stamp is beautiful. The second card is so elegant, the colour and pattern on the paper is gorgeous and I love your bows : ) Great to hear that you will be at Ally Pally. I will be going, fingers crossed, so hopefully we will get to have a quick natter : ) Take care.

  2. Afternoon Kim, Two fabulous cards, as always your colour combinations are 'spot on', I especially love the colours in the second card, truly gorgeous.
    I, too, would love it if we all lived close enough for classes, it would be fab-u-lous !!
    I've just dropped off my eldest Grand-daughter's Birthday Card, it's her birthday tomorrow, I was on the last minute because it was unbearably hot in my craft room, so didn't want to do any crafting haha. She is moaning because it is the last one before the big 30 !!. Now I have my youngest Grand-daughter's to do for the 30th, she will be 17 this time (but 40 in the head haha).
    Have a good weekend, I'm wondering if I will get any gardening done this weekend looking at the weather !!!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  3. I love both of these cards Kim, the pink and the blue are both nicely co-ordinated with the embellishments, and the iris label stamp is so pretty in the pink. Both cards have lovely shaped label dies and these look very versatile and would be good on all sorts of cards. x

  4. Rose in Chester19 July 2014 at 20:43

    Hi Kim,
    Not being a pink person, I LOVE that pink card. I don't mind the cranberry colour as that is a stronger colour, likewise with the strong cerese tints.
    Your second one is equally beautfiful, LOVE that colour.
    Weird you should show these today, have just made a remembrance card for my ex father-in-law, to send to my ex mother-in-law. I'll send you a picture.
    I've been very disappointed on the thunderstorm front - apparently we had a decent one last night and I SLEPT RIGHT THROUGH IT! RATS!!!!!!!!!!!
    It's still muggy and not nice to be out but marvellous crafting weather.
    Hugs, Rose

  5. Love them Kim, just love them! A bit too painful to type any more but just wanted to say hello! Love Sarah

  6. Evening Kim, 2great cards today that Iris stamp may have to go on my wish list, I like the way you have pulled the colour out to fill in, I will have a go at that myself. Even though I am a massive pink fan I live green and think the second one is definitely my favourite today. Yes it would be brilliant if we all lived close enough to have classes with you.

  7. Hi Kim, We had the Horrible Thunderstorms last evening and one of my wonderful Dogs is Petrified so I was up most of the evening with him, what makes it worse I'm quite frightened of it myself. Well onto Two Beautiful Stunning Cards, I Love the first one as I love The Fudge Embossing Folder and The Fabulous Iris Stamp from JustRite, looking at your image I now understand the importance of placing your image onto a mat it makes your focal point stand out much better. I Love how you've used several layers of Seam Binding at bottom of your Card along with you Bow and Pearls.The Second Card is Truly Stunning as I Just Love The Fabulous Colours I Love the Damask Paper from Damask Delight Pad by Couture Creations I so Love your Awesome Silky Bow with Pearl Spray and your amazing Focal Image Stamp from JustRite both Cards are Outstanding.
    Sadly I won't see you at Ally Pally in September as I'm on Holiday I really hope to see you soon possibly at a workshop if not, I'll see you at Ally Pally in April.
    Rest That Leg
    Take Great Care
    Love and Hugs
    From Sam x

  8. Two beautiful cards Kim and it's hard to pick a favourite , so I won't!
    Thanks for the detailed breakdown as this helps and gives one ideas !
    I love the colours and stamps on both the cards and as you say the second one could easily be made more masculine.
    Amazing story about the milkman !
    I like thunder and lightening but my old cat gets scared and hides under the bed , poor thing.Despite the storm it's still very sticky isn't it?
    Take care and look forward to your visible image post , they are always a bit different,

  9. Morning Kim
    WOW two beautiful cards, and thank you for the breakdown which is very helpful, you have some wonderful ideas. The Damask Papers are a must.
    Carol x

  10. Hi kim wow the cards are just stunning love them both. And the pictures explaining your work is brill for us all. My mum was on her way home from work walking down a steet not far from home when the lightning flung her against the wall she got up and ran into a strangers house. The state she was in scared us so much of storms.
    I made a baby naming card this week I will send you a picture love you nana June xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Another two lovely cards Again I slept through it all! I will have to investigate Ally Pally coz I'd like to go

  12. PS Caught up with the shows (at last!) and Carol's bracelet is stunning

  13. Hi Kim
    Love both of your cards, and of course your great explanations, wish I could go to AP maybe should start saving now for next year!!
    Best wishes, Pat

  14. Hi Kim, beautiful cards, love them both, but I think the green one is my favourite. Bx

  15. Just to say , hope you are ok Kim,

  16. Hi Kim. Just wanted to say Hi and I hope that you are ok, long time since we have heard from you. Take care.

  17. Hi Kim
    Not to sure what's happening on my link to your blog. But the last one I had wax from the 5th June. However, just looking on the heartfelt blog I've found this on their blog. Are you not doing your original blog?. I was just wondering if you are ok, I've seen you on C & C so you might be Orishas but not up to blogging yet.
    Just hope you are ok.

  18. Hi Kim, Are you ok? Haven't seen anything on your blog for about 3 weeks. Really hope that you are alright and just too busy to blog. Hope that your ankle is not playing up too much? Really miss you and hope that you're ok. Love Sarah

  19. Do hope you are ok Kim , thinking of you,

  20. Where are you kim I miss you hope you are ok love you xxxxnana June xxxx

  21. Hi kim please let us know you are ok miss you so much just want to know you are well love you nana June xxx

  22. Hi kim still worried where you are Hun hope all is well love you
    Nana June xxxxx