Thursday, 16 April 2015

Creative Expressions Thursday

Hi Folks

Happy Thursday,

Today I have been using one of my favourite colour combinations in card stock, Yes you all know it cream and plum. It doesn't seem to matter how many pieces of Card stock I use to make these cards I always still love the Plum and Coconut white or milk foundations card together the most.

So today's DT card for Creative Expressions is using the Elements Lotus flower stamps by John Lockwood. It also is using the new coloured Cosmic shimmer glitter glue and embossing powder Lustre in Decadent Grape as part of the Phil Martin Line of colours. I have also thrown in some gorgeous Guipure lace and some white Satin ribbon in two thicknesses as you can buy these days which makes this card a feminine one for today.

So for this little number, well mine are rarely little to be honest, this is about 8X7inches haha....

 So I cut a piece of plum card and wiped over with my anti static pad first, I then used one of the tony stamps in the set to stamp a pattern around the edge of the page and used the Decadent Grape embossing Lustre powder and heat set it.

 Here is how it ended up it is a shame I didn't have a mirror image swirl so I could have used it for more of a flow but once the rest of the card is together you will not notice it,  I chose the Grape Lustre embossing Powder to use on plum card because although it doesn't show up the same as say using it on a light card tone on tone is really pretty especially in the Lustre colours , when you turn it in the light and you catch the colours shining through it is so pretty.

This image below shows the sparkle a little from the light taps of glitter glue I added to the petals after I coloured them.                                                                                                                                

Next I took a small piece of Milk card and stamped one of the lotus images and again heat set in the same Lustre EP which shows up a lovely pale shade on Milk card and I used my black archival ink to stamp one of the sentiments from the same Lotus elements set.
To colour the image I took 2 green and three purple shades of Distress water colour markers and blended the colours into each other on the petals. I blasted with the heat gun to set it all and then went in with the coloured Cosmic shimmer glitter glue in the same Decadent Grape colour chosen by Mr Martin. I trimmed the card to size and used cut and dry foam and some Dusty Concorde Distress ink to colour the edges with a fairly light hand.

I matted a larger piece of Milk card on Plum and then down both sides added some Guipure lace in an Ivory/cream colour and used a fairly thick , about 18mm I think of Ivory white Satin ribbon to run down the sides too. I added thick foam to the back and layered that onto a double mat of the same milk card with foam in between to create the piece below, ready for our front section to be added to it with the trimmings which make a cart pretty and complete.

 I always love how elegant this looks as a card backing at this stage it could easily be the start of a wedding card or engagement even, the plm card could be switched to red and it could then be a ruby anniversary, well as you all know the list is actually endless in how a card could go from here.

But this is the way I chose to go, I added my middle section that we stamped and embossed earlier onto the base we just created. I also then added the Main image piece that was left at this stage for this very simple card was to tie a triple bow in matching thin coloured

I zoomed in a little so You can see how the mid section looks once in its permanent home as it were haha.

 Here is the Triple bow with very thin maybe 6mm matching Satin ribbon and the last steps were a large 8mm pearl in each corner on the satin ribbon, I used the normal cosmic shimmer glue to hold the pearls to the ribbon which it did with no effort at all.

This angle shows the mat and layering perfectly for this one and how feminine the lace makes it feel.

Here again is the last view  for this one in all its glory, I went back and using tiny tapping motions and barely squeezing the glitter glue bottle I added some tiny dots on the plum card around the swirls we stamped to give a nice sparkle.

I hope you liked today's card , it was a much simpler card then yesterday's technique card but that is how I love to blog so that you can see a total variety of styles and tutorials so you can recreate it however you choose and at any level you are there will be something for you.

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In my town centre the last two days they have been filming a zombie film with some of the Game of Thrones actors the last couple of days and coming out of work has definitely been interesting and good fun, this is the second film they have used our town centre for, The first one was with Simon peg and Nick Frost a couple of years back called , The World's End. I am unsure what this new film is called but I look forward to catching it when it is released and seeing images that I recognise.

Have a wonderful Thursday lovely friends and I will see you all very soon.

Love as always to all.


P.S   Thank you as always for my lovely comments  I really do appreciate every word you take time to write me. Your a wonderful bunch of ladies and couple of gents I think haha  xxxx


  1. Gorgeous card Kim , love the colours , love the stamping !
    Have a good week,

  2. Morning Kim
    Another stunning card, thank you for your tuition, again love the stamps you have used
    Carol x

  3. Hi Kim this is a gorgeous card. I love the colour I can see why it is your favourite. Hugs Jackie

  4. Rose in Chester16 April 2015 at 11:35

    Hi Kim, lovely card, that lace is BEAUTIFUL. Colour combo is very different from yesterday's but equally stunning. I love the way you've used the lotus flower - would have never thought of that in a million years.
    Yesterday's card was equally stunning - personally, I liked the colours more.
    Hugs, Rose

  5. Hi Kim, A stunning card, beautiful colours, beautiful stamping and colouring and beautiful guipure lace, a stunning card.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  6. A really lovely card Kim, one of my favourite colour combos.

  7. This is a gorgeous card Kim and the plum and cream is so pretty. The lotus image is beautiful and is complemented so beautifully with the lace, satin ribbon and pearls and love all the layering too. So sumptuous! x

  8. Wow kim this is beautiful love the colours so much. If you recieved this card it's the kind that makes your heart sing. Love you lots nanna June xxxxxxx

  9. Hi Kim, a gorgeous card. Love the lotus stamp and the colours that you've used.