Thursday, 23 April 2015

Creative Expressions Thursday

Hi Folks

Thursday again..

Before we get started I just wanted to address something and to thank you to the lovely ladies who emailed me to let me know the comments on the blog were acting up yesterday.
Last Thursday infact I did my usual post for CE and all you lovely ladies left your comments as always but unfortunately I also received a very nasty comment aimed at me personally which was not pleasant so I deleted it, this week I decided to play with the settings and remove the ease for anonymous people to post such need to be haters for want of better words. It obviously caused other issues which I think I now have ironed out so thank you so much Pat and Patricia for letting me know you had tried to comment.
It is sad when some individuals who do not know you or your life think it is ok to be personal but of course I have so many more of you who are real and kind and very special to me each and every one of you and of course my son who sometimes helps me with the admin when he gets chance amongst doing his PhD and running a business and teaching at uni etc lol reminded me how easy it is to collect the IP address from the nasty comments to know who it is and to pass information onto the correct authorities etc. With that said I simply do no want this to upset any of us as it isn't worth our time.

So lets get started on this little gold and pink number shall we....

I really did not have a plan for this one I wanted to be very randam and so I started by getting a few mats and layers with Blossom Foundation card and using the lovely soft gold card too, I find it so much nicer than full on mirror card which is lovely for small edging and for die cuts but on a subtle print paper I think it can over power and steal the show somewhat lol...
As you see in this full picture I chose a couple of the papers from last months paper pack Vintage rose garden as I still had lots left to provide interest in the backdrop.

 I started with this printed piece on blossom card, the backing has writing in feint green letters , towards the end of the card I actually stamp the little lotus in the same colour green from John's Lotus elements stamp set to add interest along the bottom too.

 Here are the other mats and layers in varying sizes to work with too.

Back to the first piece I added a line of thin double sided tape and some pink seam binding in a  blush colour which I did by folding up like a concertina and sticking down then adding a dot of cosmic shimmer glue beyond the folds to hold them down so they didn't sit straight up like in this picture.

At this stage I lined up the mats ready for sticking down to see if all blended together nicely which It did. you can just see those feint little lotus shapes on the bottom of the mat with the concertina ribbon on.Once I was happy with the placement I went ahead and added foam to the back of some of the mats and not others or it would be wayyy too thick as you can see I use a lot of mats as I think it looks so much more professional than just a couple for some reason although that is a personal preference ting and of course if it needs to fit in an envelope is another issue along with P&P charges ( shall we not get started on that one lol)this post would be wayyyyy too long then wouldn't it folks hehe....

So for my little front focal point with the sentiment I start with a little piece of blossom card which on here really looks cream but in fact if you have seen it it really is a very subtle shade of pink as the name suggests and I stamped out the little sentiment also from the lotus Frames clear stamps set but I used it without any of the little frame shapes as I wanted it to look like it was almost running of the bottom of the page. I then matted that onto gold card, on the right of the picture you will see part of a piece of left over paper scrap from the Rose garden pad and i liked it but it looked wrong lined up as it was on the top of the sentiment piece so I cut the bottom very roughly around the leaves which can be as fiddly or not as you want but it is more about getting that flower garland away from the pink paper so we can have it almost hanging (as a garland would be). Once I had the size I wanted I cut it shorter and added it to the card with some Cosmic shimmer glue, I also went around the bottom in white pen it sort of lifts the image from the backing slightly. I also added some little white dots around the top of the pattern which you can see better below.

 This shot is a little blurry so I apologise for that but you can see the white under the leaves pulls it up from the page and the white dots just add a little something, something lol to the pattern I don't know in may all be in Kim's inky mind but to me it makes it look prettier than plain, then I added a few white faux stitches too to this section and one of the other mats on the card too.

I tied a little bow to match in the same seam binding and spritzed it with a little water and scrunched it up just a little, then thought I would like a little tag so I stamped out one of the little lotus' that I had used faintly in the backing but this time I added some colour with distress Markers and a little sparkle, of course. Trimming it into a tag shape then placing it under the bow. I also used a wooden natural button and tied a little hessian twine through the stitching holes and added a few little strands under it too.
Finishing touches then consisted of some smaller wooden buttons and pearl half pieces to the centre of some of them and just plainly on some of the corners. I also found a button in my collection that looked like a clock so I added a pearl in the centre and popped that on too.

So that completed today's card, I hope you liked it and that you can let me know if you did today haha

Here is the full Image again

I hope you like it, it is a little different but still has my style , without too much inkiness i think.

Have a wonderful Thursday my lovlies and I will see you very soon .

Lots of love 



  1. Pretty card Kim, love the central panel especially and all the colours.
    Also tried to comment yesterday and guessed it was a tech thing!
    Take care ,

  2. Morning Kim

    Stunning card, love the papers you have used.
    Some people need to get a life - put it to
    the back of your mind Kim


    Carol x

  3. I'm glad it's sorted kim I tried yesterday as usual but it wouldn't post. I love this card so pretty looks a very busy card and very hard to do but as usual you guide us and all is well x. Please don't let people upset you the ones who know and love you are here for you xxxxx love nanna June xx

  4. Morning Kim, So glad you have managed to sort out the problem. Some people absolutely amaze me, it's a pity they haven't got anything 'useful' to do with their time !!! As in your sentiment (which is fabulous), they should certainly 'cherish' their own, and everyone else's, life, because we only get the one !!!
    Your card is very beautiful, lovely earthy colours which 'marry' beautifully, and the gorgeous sentiment, I love it !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  5. Hi Kim,
    So sorry you had to put up with the nasty comments - unfortunately we DO have some absolutely stupid (and sad) people - they must feel like absolute rubbish themselves to make comments like that. It's smashing of your son to help you out and also to tell you how to obtain the IP addresses of them.
    So glad you've managed to sort it out now.
    And now to more pleasant matters which is - YES, your card. it's lovely and as per usual, you have put a lot of work into it. But I suppose to us crafters it's not work, it's creativity. Thank you for giving us so much inspiration.
    Hugs, Rose

  6. Hello Kim, another lovely card, vintage sort of colours, love it. Glad you managed to sort out the comments. Take care. Bx

  7. Sorry I've not been in lately Busy at work,home life! All the recent cards are lovely Shame u weren't at AP wud s been great to have had a chat I have just started my own blog and to hear u and another blogger experiencing some nasty stuff is very upsetting and a bit offputting But like you said there are too many others appreciating your stuff to worry about it Easier said than done I know

  8. This is a lovely card Kim using these vintage type papers and in such pretty muted tones. I love the pleated ribbon with the button and twine, and the extra button with the clock face on it looks good with the pearl in the centre. The angled mats with the extra corner embellishments work well too. x