Sunday, 2 September 2012

A Little Bit Macrame

Well Tonight I thought I'd leave the inks alone as I have work in the morning and with inky fingers working in a hospital may not be  a good look.
I didn't have any black cord so I looked for some beads that went with my purple cord and there they were little lilac and pink roses. So pretty.

I decided to do a Square Macrame knot, very simple with double knots in between each bead. I will post a full instruction of how to do each knot. and some earings etc.

I used the moving adjustable knot and  left the cord free on the ends with little knots rather than add beads etc as I want to wear it tomorrow and didn't want to clank the glass beads on the tables at work all day. That's how to get told not to wear jewellery at work, But in stealth mode no one knows.. shhh!!

I did a close up on the knots and they may be a little blurry, working on a better camera but for now  I wanted to show the knot as they look complicated but they really are very easy.

This took 20 mins from the first thought to the last knot, why not try it!.

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