Monday, 10 September 2012

The colour of Purpleness.

So, Monday again already, although a few hours before work yet... My temperature a little more settled, I thought I would make up for the lack of posts last Friday/Saturday with an extra one!

This card is another that was featured proudly (look at it puffing out its chest) in this month's Create and Craft magazine.

It is a complex little character although not instantly recognisably so... oh dear, you would think I was discussing some fine wines... No, but a fine card it is! I have another picture and you may see from it why it is more complicated than first thought:

That's right, it is partly acetate. Therefore, me being slightly OCD about details and covering up workings and bits, find it slightly more challenging to make an acetate card as I can't possibly have white showing in the centre unless it is the part left to write on. Therefore I used a lot of dusty concord in this one and lots of backing paper too.
  • I started by taking a Dawn Bibby stamp and stamping her flower image and leaves all over a piece of A5 card. I stamped a few extra onto a scrap piece and cut them all out and inked them, I took the smaller size and stamped another three and cut and inked them too. I curled the edges glued them and left them aside.
  • Then I inked the stamped page and using a water brush took some extra ink and coloured in the edge of the flowers and some leaves too. I attached my acetate to the A5 card and took some purple Papermania Capsule collection paper edged the side and covered the working edge of the card too. 
  • I measured a smaller piece of card for the front middle panel and inked it a lot, I then stamped on my same flowers and coloured them as before, then took the flowers I had made and curled and attached them to the newly stamped ones and found something pretty for the middles. I had cut a pretty wavy edge on this card which was of course the unpearlised side of centura pearl, Anyone who knows me knows I love to use the back of this to stamp and the ink blends so perfectly on this too.
  • I used four sparkly Brads to attach this to the front of the acetate card. Then I needed to cover this on the inside, so I took a matching piece of paper and covered the inside. I stamped out the sentiment, and inked the edges to match and attached this too.
  • My ribbon was an ivory/cream colour so I inked this too and dried it carefully as I didn't want it to wrinkle or burn. I wrapped my card with it and added sparkly pins to the knot. I matted and layered sentiment for the front of the card and the cover on the back was my last touches.
It was featured on page 20 right at the top which was very nice and I hope it will be the first of many. Have a great Monday, don't forget to come back, feel free to comment and chat or ask to see anything, I will always help.
Kim x


  1. Ahhh this is my favorite so far. So pretty!! I love the gold accents. Hope everything is well. xx

  2. Well Thankyou my lovely and as yours is my first comment I would like to send you a card. send me your address privately and it will wing its way over to you xxx

  3. Beautiful! Congrats on the publication!

  4. Thanks again Greta I didn't see your other comment before but I do now yay.. xx