Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Fly away with me/project space

Good Morning Bloggers!

Well I say good morning, but it depends where you are...
Anyway a sweet little 5x5 card is a quick offering... I finished off my 30 "thank you" cards and made a box wrapped in ribbon to go with them! Very pretty.

Anyway... How quick do we deviate from the original plot... I blame it on my age but it is probably more the craft brain running 100 projects at once, then new ones queuing at the door waiting to push the brain cells over for an inch of new project space... hmm

So my little card is made out of leftovers from the backing diamond mirri card, which I had used to make my bauball card too. The flowers were left from using a Chloe stamp and making some cards with it after stamping embossing and cutting out. I used different levels of foam pads to raise up the frame and topper in the centre. Bling in the flower centres.
A little way to use up some of the huge leftover stash we all collect.

Exciting news for me... News of more exposure and a little more publication of my cards coming soon
It makes me so proud to see anything that I make published and to see my name written in print, and I will never tire of that moment when someone thinks your work is nice enough to be included in their company's flyers or magazine, I really want to be able to do this as a full time job, and won't give up trying to get to that stage! And we all never stop learning and growing so I'm thankful to all the people who have enjoyed my work so far and have asked to publish it and all the special people who support me, especially my editor-in-chief Son Andrew and My clonie Daughter (she knows)  Mandy and my late husband who was always my biggest supporter and would be patting me on the back for every tiny step.

Have a great Wednesday already half way through another long week...


  1. Congrats on more publication! This is such a pretty way to use up part of your stash. Love the flowers.

  2. Thanks I will post when I know more. Yeah sometimes pretty is nice an it good to challenge yourself to just use elements from your left over stash x